3 Reasons to Spend Your Saturday Nights at Dartside

We had so much fun at our first ever Davis County Dates event at Dartside this past weekend! If you weren’t able to join us, we’ll be having other events in the future and you can still enjoy some adults only time at Dartside every Saturday night through May, and maybe longer depending on popularity of the event. You will want to grab a group of friends and hang out at Dartside together on at least one of those Saturdays because it’s a whole lot of fun!

Where: Dartside at the Layton Hills Mall
Cost: $10 per person. Watch for buy one get one free or half off deals on social media or coupon mailers.

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I love this adult night promotion that Dartside has going on for a lot of reasons.

adult night at dartside

It’s a fun way to extend your date

Do you ever finish your planned date night activities and find that you have extra time left to fill? A lot of couples will hire a babysitter to tend until 10 or 10:30pm and other couples who don’t have kids yet or have kids old enough to be responsible for themselves have no “curfew”. When your date night ends earlier than you thought, you could head to the grocery store or go home and watch a couple episodes of your favorite TV show. But what if instead, you headed to Dartside for an hour of fun?

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date night at dartside

It’s great exercise

During your hour of play time at Dartside, you’ll find yourself running back and forth, crouching behind walls and doing everything possible to stop yourself from getting hit by nerf darts. Games move a lot faster when you are playing with only adults so you won’t spend much time standing around. We were sweating running back and forth across the arena and our legs were sore the next day from spending so much time hiding behind barricades in a squatting position. Playing at Dartside is a great way to get in an hour of physical activity together and a lot more fun than the gym.

dartside discounts layton utah

It’s a great group activity

We’re looking forward to putting together a few groups of our friends and family and going to play and compete for an hour after we’ve grabbed dinner or dessert. I love that this is an activity we can all enjoy together and that it brings out the competitive side in everyone. Our group on Saturday included siblings and their spouses and they had a lot of fun running back and forth, shooting at each other with nerf guns. Dartside is a budget friendly and fun activity for groups of any age and size.

group dates at dartside layton hills mall

We’ve added all of Dartside’s future Adult Nights to our Upcoming Events calendar and will continue to add more if they extend them past May. You’ll find us at Dartside at least one more Saturday night over the next couple of months. Whether you were able to join us on Saturday or not, I hope you’ll support a locally owned business and get out and do something a little fun and different for date night on Saturday nights!

Inexpensive Local Date Night Ideas

I shared these tips on Fox 13’s The Place today. I wanted to link to some of the date ideas mentioned in a place where people could find them after the show if they didn’t get a chance to write them down. Click here to watch the segment on Fox 13’s The Place.

One of the biggest reasons that couples note for not going out on dates together more often is their budget. We have young kids and understand how difficult it can be to find room in the budget to hire a babysitter and have money left to enjoy your time while you're out. Date night is a great way for couples to connect and make their relationship a priority throughout every stage of life so we hope to provide great ideas for date night that are less expensive and still just as fun.

inexpensive activities in utah

1. Grab appetizers or dessert instead of a full meal. A lot of restaurants have happy hour when appetizers and drinks are discounted. You can even make a meal of some things on the appetizer menu and share those for less than the cost of a full entree. Dessert only eateries are a great options as well. We love going to Last Course because the atmosphere is perfect for date night and they have options for everyone including gluten free and vegan desserts and ice cream flavors.

budget friendly date night davis county, utah

2. Look for deals on local activities. Trampoline parks, bowling alleys and other activity centers often have deals for date night. You can also find deals on websites like Groupon or in local coupon mailers. One of our favorite activities is nerf dart wars at Dartside in Layton. They have an adult hour every Saturday night where only 18+ are allowed in the arena and couples can get in at a discounted price. It's a fun way to stay active and young and have fun together.

fun things to do for date night in davis county utah

3. Bring the escape room experience home. Escape rooms are a really popular activity right now, but they can be pricey. We discovered a local company, Lockbox Mysteries, whose crate rental is equivalent to one person's entry to a regular escape room. We love to get a group of two or three couples together and split the cost. The mysteries are really well thought out and we love to take on the challenge of solving them in an hour, but appreciate that by doing it at home, we can still continue on and solve the mystery, even if we don't hit our goal.

at home date night ideas farmington, utah

4. Enjoy free outdoor adventures together. Hiking is a great date night activity and an awesome way to explore new areas around you. The Wild Rose Trail in North Salt Lake is an easier trail and perfect for hiking to watch the sunset during warmer months. We also love geocaching because it keeps us active and is a scavenger hunt that we can enjoy together. There are great apps you can download to help you find caches in your area.

family activities davis county, utah

5. Catch a matinee or discount movie. For couples who love movie dates, going to matinees or taking advantage of discount days can dramatically decrease the cost of date night. We love to go to Cinemark theaters on Tuesday when tickets are just $5 all day. They also have recliners in all of their theaters so that's a bonus!

Whatever you choose to do for date night, I hope you find a way to make date night more of a priority in your relationship, regardless of what your budget looks like!

The First Davis County Dates, Date Night Event at Dartside

I’m really excited to be teaming up with Dartside in Layton for the first every Davis County Dates, date night event!!! I hope you’ll join us for a little friendly competition and fun with your significant other. We’ve planned this date to take place after little ones will be in bed, and not to last too long, so that you can make date night a priority and sneak out for some quality time together!

Where: Dartside at the Layton Hills Mall
When: Saturday, March 9th 2019, 9pm-10pm
Cost: Admission will be Buy 1 Get 1 free
What: nerf dart wars, life size board game, refreshments and a few surprises. This event is for adults, age 18+

dartside utah

Dartside has started hosting adult night every Saturday through the end of May from 9pm to 10pm. During this time, anyone age 18+ is welcome to come play, buy one get one 50%. I love this time and this idea because it is often difficult to play during the day when there can be younger kids around. It’s the perfect opportunity for a fun date night activity and the perfect time of night to finish up your date night after dinner and a movie or a lower key activity. We look forward to nerf dart wars with each other over the next few months.

date+night+at+Dartside+in+Layton,+UT (1).jpeg

I hope you’ll join us for our first ever Davis County Dates date night event! We’re excited to hang out with all of you and play!

Burly Burger in South Weber

I’ve mentioned before that we tend to stick to south Davis County when we’re going out to eat. It’s the area that we’re most familiar with, and what we both grew up doing. I made a goal this year to explore restaurants in more of northern Davis County and we started the year out about as far north as we could go! If you haven’t heard about Burly Burger yet then you’ve probably been hiding under a rock because I swear we were one of the last people to go. Burly Burger has been all over social media and we’ve been wanting to try it out! I’m happy to be one of those people who have experienced its greatness so I can share it with you!

Where: Burly Burger (2572 E South Weber Dr, Ste 4, South Weber)
Cost: Plan on about $10 per person when you order a burger, fries and a drink or a shake

burly burger south weber

I spent a lot of time drooling over the menu online before we went on our family date to Burly Burger. And even though I’d prepared ahead of time, it was still hard to pick the one thing off of that menu that I most wanted to eat that day. Every single thing on that menu sounds so delicious and watching everyone’s food come to their tables while we were there, it all looks and smells just as delicious. I knew what my husband would order before I’d decided what I was going to order.

The Swanson Burly Burger Menu

My husband ordered The Swanson, named after one of his favorite TV characters. It comes loaded with bacon and an egg and he said it was just as good as he imagined it would be. I think he also debated ordering the Mr T (pastrami burger) and The Duke (onion rings and bacon) but I don’t think the decision was too hard for him. I ordered my favorite kind of burger, one with pineapple and teriyaki sauce (The Rock) and it did not disappoint. You know you have something good going when you can’t put your burger down after you start eating because it’s too messy and there’s a big pile of napkins next to your plate after you’re finished. Our kids got chicken tenders and the lil burly burger kids meals. We also ordered Battered Fries and a basket of Onion Rings to share.

The Rock Burly Burger Menu

If you asked our toddlers what the best part of dinner was, it wouldn’t be the food, it would be the fire. They were so intrigued by the flames that would flare up every so often from the grill. It was the best dinnertime entertainment and I credit that for how well they acted at the restaurant. My husband and I were entertained by the art on the walls. In addition to their floor to ceiling chalkboard menus, Burly Burger has a large wall covered in fun quotes and decorations that are unique and interesting. I wish we’d picked a different seat so that I could have looked at it more without having to twist in my seat and be so obviously staring in the direction of other people who were eating.

family date burly burger

Burly Burger’s food is classic, delicious and uniquely theirs. The atmosphere of the restaurant is fun and friendly and inviting. The staff was wonderful and the owner stopped by each table to see how everyone’s food was and thank them for coming in! I hope that Burly Burger moves their restaurant to a bigger location soon because they are popular and the tables were constantly full, even when we arrived before 5pm. If they wanted to expand south, we wouldn’t complain about that either ;)

Have you tried Burly Burger yet?

Burly Burger art

Valentine Date Nights in Davis County

This post will be updated as we become aware of more Valentine's date night worthy events going on around the community. Bookmark it and come back to check as your date night gets closer.

The fun thing about Valentine's this year is that you have the opportunity to celebrate a couple of different times. You can choose to celebrate the weekend before or after Valentine's day and then do something smaller at home as a couple on the holiday. Or you could go out mid week and celebrate on the holiday while still maintaining your weekend date night routine. Whichever way you choose to celebrate, extra date nights are always a win!

Valentine's Date Ideas

Valentine’s Date Night Ideas in Davis County

Click here for our list of romantic date night locations around Davis County. This post was written for anniversaries but these date night ideas are perfect for Valentine's day as well. You'll find great suggestions for dining out, fun activities and a few ideas that won't require you to spend a penny.

The Northern Utah Marriage Celebration is a great opportunity to reconnect and learn with your spouse. Workshops will be provided by professionals from northern Utah including topics such as intimacy, communication and staying connected, and a keynote presentation will be given by Darin Adams. This event takes place the weekend before Valentine's if you're looking to celebrate early. Click here for more details.

Farmington City is hosting their first annual Sweethearts Dance the weekend before Valentine's Day. Click here for more details.

Caffe Torino is hosting a romantic date night dinner on Valentine's. The menu includes Insalata Caprese, Chicken Marsala, Cesar Salad and Pana Cotta. Text inquiries to Michelle (801.430.8896)

One of my favorite Davis County spots is Beyond Spa. They never fail to deliver with holiday specials and they definitely didn't disappoint this year. Check out their list of seasonal specials here and pick one of the couples packages for a relaxing and romantic date night this month.

Dartside in Layton has a Date Night Special every Saturday this month. Buy 1 get 1 50% off, must be 18+ years old.

Layton City is also hosting a Valentine's Dance for families this year. It will take place the day after the holiday. Click here for more details.

For a fun and romantic night at home, a lot of pizza places in the area make heart shaped pizzas, or you could mix up some pizza dough and make your own! Making pizza at home is always a fun date night activity. Click here for more at home diy pizza date ideas.

Another one of our very favorite at home dates is Lockbox Mysteries. Click here to read about having your own escape room date at home, either with just the two of you or with a group. You'll also find a discount code in the post!

davis county romantic dates

Gift Ideas

Valentine's gifts don't have to be the cliche stuffed animals, chocolate and flowers; unless that's what you like of course. I love to go beyond the usual and find gifts that will really mean something. With a romantic holiday like this one, I especially like to find a way to give the gift of love.

Click here for a post on how you can use your significant other's love language to pick the perfect gift this Valentine's and for your anniversary, their birthday and Christmas later this year.

I'm always a fan of gifting date night to the one you love. Pick up a gift card for one of the places on your date night bucket list or a restaurant or activity in the area that you know your spouse has been wanting to try out. You could also plan out a date, something fun like a concert and dinner or even an overnight getaway and wrap up all of the elements of your date to gift them with on Valentine's.

I mentioned Beyond Spa as a date, but it's great as a gift as well. They have a lot of great "for 1" packages and specials as well as some great services that you can purchase gift cards for. Send your significant other off for some pampering, they won't complain! Click here for all of their specials.

romantic gift ideas for Valentine's Day

We'd love to see what you end up doing for date night! Use #daviscountydates on your social media posts so we can check it out or comment below and let us know!