A Quick Romantic Getaway to Salt Lake

Our anniversary was last month and we planned a little getaway to celebrate. I ended up with a cold over the weekend, so we didn't do the fun things that we had planned, but the weekend ended up being really relaxing and I'd suggest this to anyone looking for a quick and relaxing getaway with the one they love! This would be perfect for couples who have really busy lives and feel like they never see each other or have a moment to sit next to each other on the couch to hold hands and talk.

Where: Little America Hotel (500 South Main Street, SLC)
Cost: Varies based on room rate and food ordered.

Below you'll find a recap of our night away and the things that we enjoyed. At the end of the post, there is a short list of things that I would do differently the next time we stay at this location!

little america

I had this getaway planned a year ago, as a little mini babymoon before our second child was born. When my water broke the weekend before our night away, I had to cancel those plans, but I've been wanting to make those plans over again ever since and our anniversary created the perfect opportunity for us to have that getaway.

When the idea of a babymoon popped into my head, I asked my Facebook friends for suggestions for a romantic night away different than our usual escape. Quite a few of them suggested Little America, and a few others added that they'd upgrade to the Romance Package in the Tower King room. We didn't splurge on the Romance Package this time around, but we did book a Tower King and we did not regret it.

romantic getaway little america
Little America romance package

This room did not disappoint. The room itself felt cozy and inviting. The bathroom was large, with two mirrors/vanities, a large soaking tub and a large shower. If you look closely at the shower picture, you can see some canisters hanging in an alcove on the shower wall. That was oddly, one of our favorite features. They're little containers filled with shampoo, conditioner and soap and we want a similar set up in our future bathroom. Weird request, I know.

The view from our room was amazing. We had a stunning view of the mountains and the Avenues of Salt Lake. If we had been up for waking with the sun, the balcony outside our room would have been the perfect location to watch the sun rise in the morning.

room with a view downtown salt lake
little america tower room view

We had decided ahead of time that we would order breakfast in the next morning. I was excited when we got to our room and found that they have a convenient door hanger you can fill out and put on your door and breakfast will be delivered right to your room without you having to do more. That breakfast was so delicious! I'm not a big fan of potatoes (I know, I'm weird), but the cottage potatoes that came with Joe's breakfast burrito were amazing!

We chose to leave the hotel for dinner the night before. Across the street and around the corner is a delicious little burger placed called Cheddaburger that came highly recommended and did not disappoint. There are a few other great 

Little America breakfast burrito
Little America room service

Whenever we plan a romantic getaway, there are a few things that we look for. The room where we're staying must have a tub big enough for two, and we love to watch a movie while we relax with a bath bomb and jets so a TV in the bathroom area is a plus. Breakfast in bed is usually at the top of our list, and room service any time of day is an added bonus. If the room has blackout curtains, it automatically jumps to the top of our list!

The Little America hit all three things on our list of preferences. When my husband realized that our room had blackout curtains, he was automatically a fan. The other thing that won his heart over was the temperature of the room. It was perfectly cool so we could cuddle all night without getting overheated.

Little America getaway

Romantic Getaway to Salt Lake City

On our next Salt Lake Getaway, there are a few things that I would plan for us to do differently.

1. Early Check-In: You can check in at 3pm, and we didn't take advantage of that this time around. Getting there at check in time would ensure that we could take a little nap before getting out and enjoying the city at night.

3. Eat Dinner In: Everything on the menu for room service and for the restaurant in the hotel lobby looked delicious. Next time we stay at Little America, I would love to eat at the restaurant in the lobby or enjoy a late night snack in our room.

2. Plan an Evening Activity: We had plans for this getaway, but because I was sick, we skipped those. I would love to do something downtown that we wouldn't normally do; attend a comedy show, visit Liberty Park and go on the Ferris Wheel, etc. 

3. Watch the Sun Set: I loved our view, but because we are night owls, I wish that we'd had a view of the sun set from our balcony. In the future I would request a room that faces west so we can sit there with a cup of hot chocolate from Hatch's.

Why Little America is the perfect place for a romantic weekend getaway.