An Evening at Topgolf

We went on a day date to Topgolf last summer, but I put it on our date night bucket list for this year again because we really wanted to do it again. We had a lot of fun on this date, but I want to go again this summer when it's warmer and we can go on a weekday morning for a breakfast date. This date was a double with a couple of our friends and a lot of fun, despite some struggles with our scoring due to one of the targets being too full of balls.

Where: Topgolf Salt Lake City (920 Jordan River Blvd, Midvale)
Cost: $45 per hour from 5pm to close

Date Night at Top Golf

One thing that really stuck out to me about our visit was the attentiveness that Topgolf staff have to the things that are going on in each bay. Not only were our drinks kept filled and our plates were cleared as soon as we were done with our food. There were concerns with the way some of our balls were scoring and not only did we see the staff checking out the target that we were having problems with, they came back and reported to us personally when they'd gotten things figured out. And when the guys at the bay next to us were goofing off and breaking Topgolf safety rules, there were staff members in their bay almost instantly and they were asked to leave.

The Best Food to Eat at Top Golf

I was really excited to try out Topgolf's food on this date and my husband was especially excited to try the Sunrise Burger because he'd heard great things about it. He ordered the Sunrise Burger with fries and I got the Pulled Pork sliders with a side salad. We also ordered the Boneless Wings with BBQ Sauce because I saw them on some signs as we were walking in and they called my name. Our friends ordered The Fried Chicken Sandwich and the Classic Burger. All of our food was good, but everyone agreed that the burgers were extra phenomenal. I also loved their fry sauce, it had an extra kick to it.

Top Golf Sunrise Burger
Top Golf Pulled Pork Sliders

We got to enjoy Topgolf in the fading daylight and after the sun had gone down. I really loved the way the targets light up after dark. It's especially fun that the lights pulse and change colors to the beat of whatever song is playing in the bays at the time. It makes it feel like a bit more of a party. And if you're worried about temperature, there are fans in each bay during the summer and heaters in each bay during the winter. Any time our heater turned off, one of the Topgolf staff noticed and made sure to turn it back on for us.

Our date night at Topgolf was a lot of fun and I'm excited to go back again soon!

The best way to enjoy an evening date night at Top Golf in Salt Lake City, UT