At Home Campout Date for Those Cold Winter Months

Last year we had an indoor camping date night in the middle of January. It was simple, and something that we did at home, but it has been one of our most memorable date night activities ever. If your stage of life is similar to ours, if you're not an outdoorsy couple, if the woods are too far away from you or if it's the middle of winter and you're missing the summer weekends when you would escape to somewhere without cell phone service, this date night might be for you. In the summer, you could do this in your backyard, but you'll want to make sure you have long lasting batteries in your baby monitors or an extension cord that reaches out to your tent so you can keep an eye on the kids.

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At Home Campout for Cold Winter Months

We got our favorite takeout to eat during our date and enjoyed homemade s’mores after we were finished. You could drink hot chocolate from your favorite hot chocolate location in the area. Another great addition to this date would be Glamping S'mores from Last Course at Station Park!

One of the best things about this date is that you can still wake up the next morning and go to work if you need to. Middle of the week dates or date nights when one of you has to work all weekend are totally doable with this kind of campout! I loved that we could do this on a Saturday night and still get up the next morning and have the entire family ready and at church by 9am. 

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