Budget Friendly Italian Date Night at Station Park

Spend a romantic evening together, with an authentic Italian dessert and a fun atmosphere. Settebello offers a variety of flavors of gelato and even allows for some taste testing before you settle on the flavor you want to buy.

Location: 901 West Clark Lane (In Farmington Station Park. South of Fountain Square, next to the theaters)
Price: $2.50-$5 (dependent on the size of gelato you order)

Dessert Menu - Settebello - Farmington Station Park

Dessert Date at Farmington Station Park

Like most couples, we are on a budget. Our marriage is something that we want to invest in, and we do that through date night, but we have other responsibilities and places our money needs to go. It would be great if money were no object, we would fly to Italy one weekend to enjoy an authentic Italian meal and multiple cups of gelato.

Instead, we stop by Station Park, get ourselves some gelato and enjoy our time together relaxing in front of the fountains at Fountain Square. My favorite flavors of gelato are chocolate, hazelnut and pistaccio.

Gelato case at Settebello - Farmington Station Park

The fountains at Station Park are one of my favorite places to hang out for date night in the summer. I love the atmosphere and the ambiance, the people watching and the fountain shows. There is comfortable seating on the north side of the fountains, chairs and tables on the southwest edge by the playground and a few seats surround a fireplace in the corner on the northeast side of the fountains. It's a great place to relax and unwind together, enjoying quality conversation and enjoying the music and fountain displays.

I remember one summer after Station Park had first opened, we were hanging out in Fountain Square with some friends late one night. The place was practically deserted because it was after 9pm, but we were enjoying our conversation and didn't want to leave. A song from Michael Buble started playing and a few couples near the fountains started to slow dance to the music. Grab a babysitter for after the kids have gone to bed one night, enjoy your gelato and the fountains and end your evening dancing together.

The Fountains at Farmington Station Park

Date nights don't always have to be elaborate or cost a lot of money in order to be memorable and/or beneficial to your marriage. Make every date night count, even if you don't have a lot of time or money to put toward it.