Five Tips for a Fun Date Night at Dartside

Dartside is an indoor dart tag arena in Layton, UT. Players use foam discs or darts to compete against their friends and family in a game of dart tag. Lots of fun and friendly competition for all ages!

Where: Located in Layton Hills Mall, on the second floor, above Dicks Sporting Goods
Cost: Monday/Thursday - $10 per hour, Friday/Saturday Regular - $11 per hour, Friday/Saturday Blacklight - $12 per hour. 

date night at Dartside in Layton, UT

Fun Date  Night Ideas at Dartside

Bring Friends

We had a lot of fun playing dart tag with the other groups at the arena but plan on bringing friends and family with us on most visits in the future. Having people you know to play against and team up with is a lot of fun. We want to plan group dates with my husband's parents, siblings and their spouses as well as a group of our friends. We also want to plan a family outing with my parents and siblings and a couple of their significant others.

Plan to Sweat

The arena has large fans blowing at each end, but when you get running back and forth in an area with a lot of people, it gets hot. I wished that I would have worn lighter weight clothing and maybe even my workout gear. Dart tag is fun and active and a great little workout if you get into it and stay moving for the entire time that you are there. We definitely worked up an appetite and were ready for dinner after our game. The food court is conveniently located directly across from Dartside, where you'll find something for everyone to enjoy.

date night at Dartside in Layton, UT

Get Competitive

We got to Dartside at a really good time, where there was about 20 minutes between one group leaving and another group coming. For about five minutes, it was just the two of us in the arena so we decided to play zombie mode against each other. A little friendly competition can be fun, and you can compete, just the two of you, even if you're in the arena with a lot of other people. Play on separate teams and keep track of how many times you get each other out. At the end of your game, the person with the most hits gets to pick where you go for dinner or dessert.

Work Together

We were joined by another person within a few minutes of starting to play at Dartside. For a while we played two against one, switching off who got to be the one. When we were on the same team, it was fun to strategize and work together as a team to tag the other guy out time and time again. After we were joined by another group of people, it became even more fun to come up with ways that we could work together to tag out the star players on the other teams. If you come with a group or another couple, play on each other's team and work together to help your team win!

date night at Dartside in Layton, UT

Start Planning Your Next Date

Every time Joe and I ended up tagged out and hanging out in the box together until the next game started, I would tell him who I thought we should bring to Dartside with us the next time we go. We had so much fun that I've told at least one person a day about Dartside. It is a unique, fun and laid back game that makes a great date night activity, no matter who you go with. I can't wait to go back with different friends and each of our families and I'm looking forward to when our kids get a little bit older and can go play with us as well.

Dartside - Layton, UT

You can plan family outings, group dates, guys night out, birthday parties, and so much more for your next trip to Dartside. Play for an hour or two or three and make sure that you try a game or two of Survival Tag. We will be back to play more dart tag at least a dozen more times, probably more, because there are so many people who we think it would be fun to play with and we want to introduce them all to this fun place to play!

Let the little kid in you out with this fun date night idea!