Dough Co. - Dessert Without Rules

One of the sponsors of The Wives Workshop event a couple of weeks ago was Dough Co. They provided a variety of cookie dough bites for each of the attendees to enjoy. I'm a big fan of the reason behind this business, it really speaks to me, the girl who always prefers her cookies "raw" but has often been denied that joy by a mom and a husband who believe that cookies should be eating baked, fresh from the oven.

Where: 2121 S. McClelland St #105 Salt Lake City, UT (Sugarhouse)
Cost: $4-$10

Dough Co. Sugarhouse Utah

A few weeks ago, I stopped by Dough Co. on my way home from a work event and picked up a couple of treats for Joe and I to enjoy after the kids were in bed. I was immediately drawn in by the comfy atmosphere and the friendliness of the staff. When I approached the counter, I was offered samples of any flavor I was considering getting and the employees were more than willing to give suggests based on popularity and their favorites. Their cookie dough does not have eggs in it and is made with heat treated flour so it is completely safe to eat uncooked. They even have gluten free options!

I ended up ordering a cup of dough bites so that I could try six different flavors. I ordered a Half Batch of Milk N Cookies (Dough + Ice Cream) for my husband because I know how much he enjoys his nightly bowl of ice cream. At The Wives Workshop event, I tried five different flavors of dough, one cookie dough ball a piece, including their flavor of the month, S'mores! There were a few dough bites left over after the event so I brought them home and we baked them, because you can enjoy your cookies after they're baked if raw dough isn't your thing!

Dough Co. Red Velvet
Dough Co. Brownie Batter

I have tried every flavor of cookie dough, between the dough bites cup that I got for our date moment and the dough bites that I was able to enjoy at The Wives Workshop event. I thought that I would be the biggest fan of classic chocolate chip, but I surprised myself and found a couple of other flavors that I really enjoyed! If I had to pick a favorite, I would go with Loaded Brownie because it's full of chocolate and marshmallow. I also really enjoyed the Mexican Hot Chocolate dough bite I got; the pockets of cinnamon were a yummy addition to the chocolate dough.

We have plans to go back to Dough Co. soon and I know exactly what I want. I've been so tempted to get the Dough-reo Whoopie Pie (Baked Chocolate Cookies + Cookie Dough Icing Topped with White Chocolate Drizzle and Crushed Oreos), the call my name every time I'm in there. I also really want to get a Dough-Shake, I just can't decide which flavor of dough I'd pick to be blended in.

Edible Cookie Dough

The only downside about this company is that they don't have a location here in Davis County. I'm thinking about starting a petition for one though, let me know if you'd like to sign it! :) Lucky for me, they're located close to work, so I can stop and grab a treat on my way home!

Have you been to Dough Co. or somewhere similar? Do you think we need a store here in Davis County like we do?