Elf The Musical at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre

We started our Christmas fun the minute Thanksgiving was over with Centerpoint Legacy Theatre’s opening night performance of Elf the Musical for date night on Friday night. It was the perfect date night activity to kick our holiday season off with. The message of the show was a great reminder of what’s truly important as we head into the busiest month of the year. When all of the presents are unwrapped and the decorations have been put away, what we have and what we’ll always have is the love of family to keep us going each day.

Where: CenterPoint Legacy Theatre (525 N 400 W, Centerville)
Cost: $18-$27 (dependant on day of the week and seat location)

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The magic begins the minute the curtain rises, with Buddy and all of the other elves dancing and singing in Santa’s workshop. The elf costumes may have been my favorite of the entire show! The magic continues as Buddy makes his way to New York, helps decorate the department store for Santa’s arrival, goes ice skating with Jovie and tries to help people believe in Santa again.

Director, Maurie Tarbox, wrote in the director’s notes that “Christmas is a beautiful time to be with family, to offer whatever we have to give to those around us and to forgive and repair relationships that have been strained.” CenterPoint’s production of Elf inspired me to do just that. Although the show is based closely on the movie that we’ve all come to love, this rendition of Elf has its own unique situations and opportunities to be inspired by the storyline and the characters.

The set and costumes were amazing for this show. One of my biggest questions going into the show was how if the elves would be shorter than Buddy or if we’d just have to use our imaginations. Buddy being taller and different than the other elves is such a huge part of the show, it seemed like a critical detail. But CenterPoint thought of everything and created magic that you’ll have to see in person! There was an ice skating rink on stage for Buddy’s date with Jovie, a floating iceberg for his trip from the North Pole and even a magical sleigh.

But my favorite part by far were the hand drawn illustrations projected on the back of the stage. They changed throughout the show and provided a whimsical backdrop for every scene and location in the show. Those drawings pulled you into the story being told and set the stage for the magic that CenterPoint had created.

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If you’re looking for a fun holiday date night that will take you away from the hustle and bustle and remind you what’s really important this holiday season, CenterPoint Theatre’s production of Elf is a must see!