Why You Need to Visit the Fall Festival at Cross E Ranch

This past weekend we unexpectedly had a free Saturday morning and decided to go on a fun family adventure to check out one of the places from our Fall Date Night list that was posted last week. We had so much fun and I've been telling people about it ever since. Just yesterday, I went out of my way to talk to five coworkers about it because I know they live in the area. And since this site is about all things Davis County, I felt like it was only right for me to share the fun with you as well!

Where: 3500 North 2200 West, Salt Lake City (take the Center St. exit in NSL and drive west)
When: September 22 - October 30
Cost: $7-$11 (children 0-2 are free)

Cross E Ranch Fall Festival
fall fun in davis county

Cross E Ranch has so many things to do and there is plenty to appeal to any age group. When we got there Saturday morning, we planned to spend an hour and a half there at the most. We ended up staying for almost three hours and could have stayed longer, but we had two kids who desperately needed naps. It was an overcast, cold and dreary day but we were bundled up so we never got cold, and I am pretty sure that the cooler temperatures worked in our favor, making the farm less busy.

Fun Things to do at Cross E Ranch in the Fall

baby animals at cross e ranch
fun family activities in Davis County
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I had researched Cross E Ranch a lot before we went so I knew what to expect when we got there but I was still surprised by how much there was to do. In addition to the wide variety of activities, I was really impressed with the layout, the decor and all of the open spaces for kids to run. Our toddler had so much fun wandering and I never felt like I had to tell him to stay away from something because it was all so family friendly. It's hard to say what our favorite part of the morning was because we loved it all. The highlight for our baby would probably have to be the baby animals and the corn pit, we spent the longest amount of time there. For our toddler, the hay ride and mini wagon train were probably his favorite.

fall festivals
corn pit for toddlers
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If you have a chance to go on the hay ride while you are at Cross E Ranch, do it! It's a fun fall tradition, you get to see the rest of the farm and you learn about the farm's history and how it is run today. I was even more a fan of Cross E after that tour because it was evident that the owner and her brother are truly passionate about carrying on the legacy that their father left behind. After the hayride was over, we watched the owner riding around the farm, working and interacting with the guests and those working on the fall festival. Everyone there was that friendly, even one of the girls who was there recording some video for their marketing saw us hanging out by the tractors and offered to take a picture of all of us together.

cross e ranch - homemade donuts
fall family fun
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Before we took the kids home for naptime, we all shared some donuts from the donut stand. They were delicious and the entire time we ate them, I told Joe that I wanted to come back, just me and him, to eat hamburgers and hand dipped corndogs from the concession stand and wander through the corn maze together. I'll always look back fondly on our time at Cross E Ranch and I'm looking forward to making it a new family tradition. Check it out and start a new family tradition for yourselves! When we go on our date and experience more of Cross E Ranch, I'll share that as well!

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