Four Ways to Take Advantage of Date Your Mate Month

May is National Date Your Mate month, a holiday that encourages couples to be more intentional when it comes to date night and pursuing the one you love. This is one of my favorite holidays, and I look forward to it all year long. I love it almost more than Christmas! The best part about it is that it lasts for an entire month, it's not just one day like some of those other random holidays that are so fun to celebrate. Relationships need date night and they need dedication and constant pursuit to work.

four ways to celebrate date your mate month

When we started dating each other, my husband and I were on each other's minds constantly. We would text each other throughout the day, go on a long walk every night, hold hands any opportunity we had and you could often find us cuddled up on the couch. These things happened even when there was homework to do or we weren't able to see each other because our schedules were so opposite for the day. Now, more than seven years later, there are some days when I fall asleep realizing that, other than our good-bye kiss in the morning, we didn't do anything very couple-like that day.

Last year we committed to be more intentional with date night for the month of May and I can honestly say that because of that, and because I started this site, date night is more of a habit in our marriage now than it has ever been before. Not only are we setting aside time for date night every week, we're keeping things fresh and fun by looking for new places to each and unique activities to do together.

how to use date your mate month to strengthen your relationship

Celebrate Date Your Mate Month

Aside from date night, there are things that we try to do on a daily basis to continue to date each other like we did early on in our relationship. I shared four ideas on A Prioritized Marriage yesterday for continuing to date your partner for years to come. your relationship will be more enjoy and last longer if you do. Click here to read that post and make the most of Date Your Mate month!

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Four fun ways to celebrate Date Your Mate month!