Brunch at Granny Annie's - Long Time Local Family Restaurant

When I was in high school I'd always hear people talk about going to Granny Annie's for breakfast before late start days and on the weekends. But for some reason I never tried Granny Annie's, until long after high school and even until after I got married. Until yesterday I'd only eaten there once and it was the Bountiful location. Now I can say that we've been to the Kaysville location and that we will definitely be going back.

Where: Granny Annie's Family Restaurant (286 N 400 W, Kaysville)
Cost: Around $9 per person

Granny Annie's Family Restaurant - Kaysville Utah - Brunch Date

If you were asking for my suggestion, I'd tell you to order the scone and a cup of hot chocolate and eat the entire thing by yourself. Those scones with honey butter are a piece of heaven on earth. Joe teased me for how much butter I put on the scone but I didn't regret it one bit.

Granny Annie scones and honey butter

I ordered the French Toast and Joe ordered Steak and Eggs with Sourdough Toast. We were both happy with our meal choices and left feeling full and happy. But like I said, next time I'm just ordering the scone. That on its own was delicious and big enough to fill me up. 

Breakfast at Granny Annie's

We were impressed by the service that we received at Granny Annie's. The tables were full, with the exception of one and it had yet to be cleaned off. The minute we sat down, someone came past and wiped it down for us. Our order was taken promptly and within 10 minutes we'd received all of our food. The waitress was friendly and made sure that we were enjoying our meal and our drinks were kept full without interrupting our conversation too much.

steak and eggs

I was actually surprised by how busy the restaurant was for 10:30am on a weekday. I know that it was spring break when we went, but I assume there's a mid-morning lull between when people have eaten breakfast and when they are ready for lunch. The only other time I've seen a restaurant that busy at that hour on a weekday was when we went to Sill's Cafe in Layton last summer. That can only mean one thing, that their food is pretty dang good.