Hyrum Dam - A Fun and Relaxing Local Getaway

If you follow us on Instagram, you know that we spent the a lot of time up in Cache Valley during the month of June. We spent the last few days of the month in Hyrum with my family for a little vacation. When my mom told us that was where we were going, I was honestly a little underwhelmed. I ended up being pleasantly surprised by the weekend's activities and everything that there was to do for fun in the area. I wasn't sure what we were going to be doing in that part of Cache Valley, or what all we would do in Cache Valley for that long. Most of my experiences with the Logan area are when we head up to The Anniversary Inn for a romantic overnight getaway and we don't explore the area too much while we're there. We discovered Hyrum State Park and the Hyrum Dam on this family getaway and that sold me on the little town of Hyrum being the best place for a family weekend getaway!

Where: Hyrum State Park (405 W 300 S, Hyrum)
Cost: $10 day-use fee. $5 for Utah seniors 62 and older, $3 walk-in. Camping fees extra.

Hyrum State Park - Hyrum Dam

The house that my family rented for the weekend was located around 400 S and Center Street in Hyrum. Not even a block around the corner was the entrance to the parking lot for the Hyrum State Park Beach Area and it couldn't have been more perfect. There was plenty of beach area to play on, a few trees for shade and the water was calm and a decent temperature. Our toddlers has a lot of fun and the adults did too. I loved that we were so close to the house we were staying so we could get back quickly for nap time or if we thought of something else we needed for the day.

Hyrum State Park Beach Area

We went down to the beach twice during our trip and both times the weather and crowds were perfect. My mom was worried that the Saturday we were there would be busy because it was the weekend and right before the 4th of July holiday. We got to the beach around 10:30am and easily found a spot on the beach that was shaded by a few trees. I feel like this might be a lesser known beach and body of water, which makes it ideal for a short beach trip when you're craving one.

Hyrum State Park Beach

Our family has a blow up raft that we used to take up to Bear Lake every summer. We took the raft out as a family and later Joe and I spent some quality time together out on the lake in the raft on our own. The kids also loved sitting in the raft when it was on the shore and just floating partway in the water. We had a couple of inflatable paddles boards and a small tire tube that was the perfect size for Bensen to sit in. He and Joe played on the water in that inner tube for at least an hour, maybe more. Emmy loved scooping sand into her bucket on the beach.

Hyrum Dam - Hyrum Reservoir

My favorite thing about this trip was how low key and relaxed it was. We didn't feel like we needed to cram a lot of sightseeing or local activities into our weekend, but there were plenty of fun things to do in the area if we wanted to. We got out and adventured a bit, but also spent a lot of time at the house, sitting out on the lawn, watching movies, playing games and eating yummy food. We visited Zootah, ate Pier 49 Pizza, took the kids up to walk around the Logan Temple, went on late night walks and grabbed some Aggie ice cream. There are a few other things that I've put on our list to do when we go up again and as our kids get a little older.

Hyrum State Park

My mom has already suggested that we make this trip an every other year occasion. It was relaxing, fun and provided us with some great opportunities to bond and build our relationships as a family. If you're looking for a day trip or somewhere close to get away for the weekend, I'd highly suggest checking out Cache Valley and the little town of Hyrum.

Where's your favorite local place to escape for the day with your family?

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