{CLOSED} An Italian Date Night at Home

We’re sad to say that this Davis County favorite is no longer in business.

When you can't get out of the house together but still want a romantic night together, enjoy some authentic Italian gelato from Settebello at Farmington Station Park.

Location: 901 West Clark Lane (In Farmington Station Park. South of Fountain Square, next to the theaters)
Price: $2.50-$5 (dependent on the size of gelato you order)

Stop by the gelato counter at Settebello on your way home from work or send one spouse while the other takes care of the kids and their bedtime routine. We suggest picking your gelato up on the same day as your date, but if you need to pick it up before, you should be ok to store it in the freezer for a couple of days.

Settebello gelato Farmington Station Park

Settebello Gelato

It might be fun to have a gelato taste testing night. It can be hard to pick just one flavor to enjoy, and this way you won't have to. Make sure that you get something chocolate, something fruity and a more savory flavor as well. Settebello will put your gelato in handy to-go containers so you won't have to worry about transporting them back to your house.

Cuddle up together on the couch, lay a blanket out on the floor or in your yard or our personal favorite, climb out your window onto the roof (make sure your roof isn't sloped too steep before you do this). Enjoy your gelato and talking about life together. Dream about taking a future trip to Italy, what parts of the country you'd visit, the sites that you would see and your priorities when it comes to food (obviously you'd need to get some gelato while you're there).

For an added taste of Italy, watch The Italian Job after you finish your gelato and conversation. You can purchase the the 1969 version here, the the 2003 version here or a double feature with both versions here affiliate links.