Wrap Up Your Date Nights at Johnny O's

You might remember me sharing Johnny O's Spudnuts as a date night location a couple of months ago after the blogger event that they hosted. Well, we finally made it back for date night just a couple of weeks ago and plan to stop there after date night at least once a month! 

Where: 2151 North Hill Field Road, Layton
Cost: <$5 per person

Date Night at Johnny O's

Johnny O's Spudnuts

Every night after 8pm, spudnuts are half off! We stopped by on a Saturday night after 8pm and there was a good variety to choose from. We each also got a cup of hot chocolate, I added hazelnut flavoring to mine. Johnny O's has tables throughout their store as well as a cozy corner with a couch and a couple of chairs situated around a table with games. We chose to sit at one of the tables and talk while we enjoyed our spudnuts and hot chocolate and you could do the same, or you could sit on the couch and play one of the board games together!

Johnny O's Spudnuts Game Corner

I love having Johnny O's as a location to wrap up date night! Whether we've been out shopping or enjoying a fun activity, we can end our night with a little treat and a chill atmosphere. It's just what we need to keep us occupied until we feel certain that the kids are in bed. ;)

Johnny O's Donuts pick

My favorite spudnut is the Chocolate Iced Old Fashioned. My husband usually picks a Long John with Chocolate Icing. What are your favorites?

What makes Johnny O's the perfect place to go for date night.