Last Course - Farmington's New Dessert Destination

A couple of months ago, I was introduced to Last Course through some friends on Instagram. I heard soon after that they were going to be opening a store at Farmington Station Park and I've watched their Instagram feed with anticipation of that store opening so I could finally test them out. We were really excited to get away for a short dessert date the other night and can't wait to go back and try even more options from their menu. I can guarantee this will be a very frequented destination for date night, girl's night out and just because I need a sweet treat.

Where: Farmington Station Park (located south east of the fountains, just a few stores east of Johnny Rockets)
Cost: average of $8 per dessert

Last Course - Farmington Station Park

Last Course is the perfect stop for date night! We walked in around 9:30pm and it was obvious that 90% of the people there were doing the same thing we were. Some of them were out with a group and others were there for a little alone time, but we all had that "date night vibe" in common. The atmosphere is fun, the staff is friendly and the desserts look pretty and taste delicious.

There were so many things on the menu that looked yummy to me. I was tempted by a few of the ice cream flavors and really wanted to get the Glamping S'mores. My final decision was a dessert that I've been eyeing for months, the German Chocolate Cake. It's served under a smooth dome of dark chocolate with a warm cup of caramel sauce on the side. I was given good instructions for how to melt the chocolate dome using the sauce and a few other couples in line were interested in watching the show. The dome of chocolate melted to reveal chunks of German Chocolate Cake and toasted coconut. It was just as delicious as it looked!

Last Course German Chocolate Cake
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While we were in line, I sampled the Smoked Maple Bacon ice cream and it blew me away. There are decent sized chunks of real bacon scattered throughout the ice cream and the maple flavor wasn't too overwhelming. It was the perfect combination and I'd be all over a scoop of that in a waffle bowl the next time I'm there.

My husband ordered the Peanut Butter Pie. I loved the presentation of this dessert, served in a circular shape, rather than the wedge you think of when you hear the word pie. It was a graham and peanut butter crust topped with a peanut butter mousse and brownie crackers. He compared it to eating whipped peanut butter cup filling. I stole a bite and thought it tasted really yummy!

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I really want to try the Glamping S'mores, Tortachunga, Chocolate Stack, Foster's Banana Taco and one of their many unique flavors of ice cream. My husband said he wants to try the Praline Peach Cobbler from the monthly menu for September and I'm intrigued by the Chocolate Turtle Cheesecake that's on that same menu. The Chocolate Hazelnut Cookie Ice Cream has been calling my name as well. We obviously have plenty more excuses to go back, as soon as the next couple of weeks before the monthly creations go away.

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You can make a date out of just a visit to Last Course or you could combine it with a relaxing chat around the fountains. If you want to make a night of it, try one of our favorite restaurants at Station Park, take in the live entertainment around the fountain, do some window shopping and see what all Station Park has to offer, then end your night with a treat from Last Course.

Have you been to Last Course yet? What's your favorite thing on the menu?

Farmington's newest dessert date destination - Last Course at Farmington Station Park in Davis County