Lockbox Mysteries Battle

A couple of weeks ago, we had a family staycation. My mom wanted something fun to do one night, for just the adults, so we decided to have a competition using Lockbox Mysteries, one of our very favorite Davis County companies! We love Lockbox Mysteries and have solved both of their crates with different groups of friends for a group date. Every experience with their crates has been fun, even when we were helping solve a crate we’d already done before most recently! It had been almost two years since my husband and I saw that particular crate theme, so it didn’t ruin the game because we didn’t remember many details.

lockbox mysteries crates - at home escape room

For groups of two to eight people, one crate should work just fine! We’ve found that for us, the ideal number of people working together on each crate is six. If you have a larger group, whether for a group date or a family event, I would suggest renting more than one crate! We got two of the same themed crate, the Sherlock Holmes mystery, for 10 people, so we had five to a table. We found two areas in the house, apart from each other and set up tables so we had enough space to work. Then we had each person pick a number to determine whether they were on team one or team two. When we were ready to start, we counted down and hit start on our timers.

We had a few different goals as we worked together to solve our crates. We wanted to solve the mystery in under an hour, finish before the other team and bond with our group! Both groups were able to finish in 40-50 minutes, there was a clear winner and we had a lot of fun as a family! I highly suggested this activity for a family reunion or a holiday party this year!

family reunion activity ideas

P.S. We started our night with dinner at Tortilla Union before heading to my parent’s house where we worked on our Lockbox Mystery crates!