Lunch Date to P.F. Chang's at Farmington Station Park

Our kids started preschool last week and and my husband had a few days off work, so we took advantage of the time for a little lunch date. We were going to go to one of my very favorite restaurants, but then I remembered that P.F. Chang’s recently opened at Station Park and we decided to try it out. I’d heard varying reviews from other people who had been, but we knew they had good gluten free options, and we love Chinese food, so we wanted to give them a try. In short, I was thrilled with our experience and we will definitely be going back!

Where: P.F. Chang’s at Farmington Station Park. On the south side of the fountains, just west of the theaters.
Cost: $10-$15 per plate

p.f. changs farmington utah

If you are looking for high end Chinese food, perfect for date night, P.F. Chang’s is the place to go! The atmosphere and the food make it perfect for a lunch date or dinner date. I was impressed with the detail of all of the decorations in the restaurant. Our server was friendly and super helpful, and I noticed the same with other servers at the tables around us. All of the staff was great, our wait time wasn’t long at all and even though the restaurant was busy while we were there, our food came out quickly.

I had the hardest time deciding what to order, I wanted one of everything on the menu. I have a weakness for spring rolls however, so I couldn’t resist starting with one to see how theirs were. I think it was the best vegetable spring roll I’ve ever had. The wrapper was crispy and the inside was fresh and light, not dense or soggy, like some that I’ve tasted before. And they’re served with a sweet chili dipping sauce which I also really love.

p.f. changs favorites

We took advantage of a daily special and ordered Chicken Fried Rice to share. I’m not generally a big fan of fried rice, but I couldn’t get enough of this one! The bean sprouts and green onion were my favorite additions, but really the entire thing was delicious! It’s an added bonus that it is a gluten free option that my husband could enjoy. I was a nice wife and let him finish off the leftovers for his lunch the next day, without even asking for a bite.

My husband ordered off of the gluten free menu. While it seems really limited, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the options. He chose the Mongolian Beef and he said other than the garlic (he doesn’t like garlic), it was really good! I know there are a few other things on the menu that he’d enjoy, even though they’re not the dishes that the rest of the table will be enjoying.

p.f. changs gluten free

I’d heard good things about their signature Crispy Honey Chicken, so even though I was really tempted by the Orange Peel Chicken, I decided to give it a try, with brown rice. I really enjoyed it and think it’s a classic dish that anyone would like. It’s not spicy at all and doesn’t have a really strong flavor that would potentially deter anyone. Because I ate so much of the fried rice earlier in our meal, I had enough to take home and enjoy for another meal later in the week.

I’ve heard amazing things about so many of the items on P.F. Chang’s menu, and I want to try them all. On my radar right now is the Orange Peel Chicken, Mandarin Crunch Salad, Crispy Avocado Spring Rolls, and Chicken Pad Thai. I’m also really excited to try some of their desserts! The Banana Spring Rolls and Vietnamese Chocolate Lava Cake are calling my name.

favorite p.f. changs dishes

We will definitely be back for more dates at P.F. Chang’s in the future, and it may become our new go to for Chinese takeout because it’s close, has options everyone in our family would enjoy and it’s really good quality food! It’s just another reason for us to love Station Park as a destination for our date nights.