{CLOSED} Robintino's Italian Restaurant - A Local Date Night Favorite

We’re sad to say that this Davis County favorite is no longer in business.

I have a confession to make, I had never eat at Robintino's in Bountiful until I was in high school, but now it's one of my favorites. My family moved to Davis County when I was 11 and we were in the dark about a lot of the local favorites. Robintion's has become a great place to go for big family dinners, my husband and I ate there on my birthday and I love stopping there for a lunch date every once in a while. We love the Cenetta "little dinner" and if you google the definition, you'll find that it means, "a special dinner, especially one in an intimate or romantic setting". I think that perfectly describes the romantic at Robintino's and why it makes a great date night location.

Where: Robintion's Italian Restaurant (1385 S 500 W, Bountiful)
Cost: ~$10 per person

Robintino's Italian Restaurant - Bountiful Utah

Last month, I was on my way to a blog conference in Salt Lake and I needed to trade cars with my husband after dropping the kids off at grandma's so that he'd have the carseats while I was gone. He was on his lunch break at work and I knew that we both needed to eat so I invited him to join me for lunch. Robintino's seemed like the perfect place to meet. We got seated in the little booth just behind the lobby, which is a more secluded booth, somewhat on its own and perfect for a lunch date.

We always order the Cenetta when we go out to eat. I love the full meal and that there's enough food for us to eat then and enjoy for another meal later. Their salads are really good and unique because they are topped with a pepperoni and two beet slices, which I always give to my husband because I'm not a fan of beets and he is. Starting with a salad always helps to fill me up a bit so I don't eat a meal filled completely with carbs. And my husband loves that he can order a Sarsaparilla. 

Robintino's Italian Restaurant side salad

We're creatures of habit when it comes to our pizza toppings at most restaurants. I generally order ham and pineapple and he orders a variation of ham, pineapple, olives and bacon. Yes, we are pineapple on our pizza type of people and we're proud of it. I'll generally always ask for a side of ranch to dip my pizza in as well. Dipping pizza in ranch is something I discovered when I worked at Pier 49 and something I wish I'd discovered earlier in my life. It definitely isn't adding vegetables to my meal but it adds a lot of good flavor.

Robintino's Pizza

Do you want to hear our favorite secret (or maybe not so secret) tip for eating at Robintino's? They bring a plate of the most delicious breadsticks to your table for you to enjoy before your meal. When you order the Cenetta, it comes with two pieces of garlic bread. We always request to substitute our garlic bread for more of the breadsticks because we just can't get enough. We've never had anyone tell us no, and it makes our date night extra happy.

Robintino's Breadsticks

I know there are other great entrees and options for food at Robintino's, and I'd love to hear your favorites! 

Robintino's in Davis County Utah is a family favorite and a classic stop for date night. Don't forget to order extra breadsticks!