Romantic Full Moon Lift Ride at Sundance Resort

For the last three summers, I've wanted to go on a Full Moon Lift Ride at Sundance Resort for date night. The first year we planned to go, our baby came two months early and we had to postpone. Last summer we had a babysitter lined up but had to cancel again because our toddler came down with a fever. I honestly worried that this year's plans were going to have to be postponed as well, so I didn't purchase tickets until we got to the lift, but we made it happen and it was a lot of fun!

Where: Ray's Lift - Sundance (8841 N Alpine Loop Road, Sundance)
Cost: $34 for two people (other ticket packages available depending on the size of your group)

full moon lift ride at sundance resort

Once a month, surrounding the full moon, you can ride Ray's Lift to the top of the mountain and back down again under the starlit sky. It's a fun family activity and perfect for date night! The Lift Ride operates from 8:30pm - 11:00pm and each ride last 45 minutes to an hour.

We both brought a sweatshirt with us because we knew that it could get chilly in the mountains after dark. A lot of groups had blankets with them, and I thought they looked really cozy. The temperature the night we went (July 28, 2018) was perfect and our light sweatshirts were perfect for the ride. I would guess that rides earlier and later in the year are a bit more chilly as the temperatures drop during the day as well. 

romantic full moon lift ride

I was surprised by how popular the full moon lift rides were. When we were waiting in line, the employees operating the list were talking about how busy it had been the night before. We arrived just after 8:00pm and got in line around 8:30. The line wasn't too long when we got there, but we still waited about half an hour before it was our turn. On our way back down the mountain, we had a view of the line and noticed that it had gotten pretty long. That was at about 10:00pm. As we were walking back to the car, we overheard another employee talking about it being busier than normal that night as well. While we were on the ride, we talked about wanting to ride the lift later in the night the next time, so we could maybe get a glimpse of the full moon as it came over the mountain.

Sundance summer theatre

My favorite part of the ride was the silence and crickets up near the top of the lift. I also loved the sounds of the musical 'Oklahoma' that was playing as pat of the summer theatre that evening. The views from the lift were stunning in every direction and it almost made me wish I had a cabin in the area.

The lift operators left a chair in between each load at the bottom of the mountain so that an event at the top of the lift could load and ride back down at the same time. By the time we reached the top, they were done loading, so the chairs between us and the groups in front of and behind us stayed empty. There were other groups that we passed going the opposite direction, but for the most part the ride felt intimate and secluded.

ray's lift at sundance

I'd like to go later or earlier in the season next time, with the plan to bundle up more and see if the crowds are lighter and if we can see the moon. When we do go again, I think we'd make it part of an overnight date and plan to stay somewhere nearby. That drive back to Davis County after a late night, relaxing lift ride was rough and we were pretty exhausted the next day.

That hour on the mountain gave us a great opportunity to chat and connect and provided a new atmosphere for date night. We loved our time at Sundance and can't wait to go back again soon!

Would you go on a lift ride or are you more adventurous and would you go for the zip line tour?