Tacos CDMX - Authentic Mexican Al Pastor Tacos in Utah

My husband spent two years in the Cancun, Mexico area on a mission for the LDS Church. The one thing that he misses the most from his time there is the food, particularly the Al Pastor. Al Pastor is pork shoulder or butt sliced and marinated in spices, then grilled on a "trompo" all day with pineapple juices dripping on it while it cooks. He says that in Mexico, they put it on pizza with a special sauce and fresh pineapple and it's the best thing he's ever tasted. I've been on a mission to find good Al Pastor here in Utah, and I think we've finally found it!

Where: 569 N State Street Suite D, Lindon (they also have a taco truck in Provo)
Cost: $2.25 per taco

tacos cdmx

A couple of years ago, I found a good recipe for Al Pastor at home, recommended to me by one of my husband's mission buddies and created my own mini trompo to roast the pork in the oven for half a day. My husband said it was really good, but it was a lot of work and we didn't have all of the toppings and salsa that we needed. Fast forward to this year, and another one of his mission buddies posted about some Al Pastor tacos that he gets regularly from a truck in Utah County. I messaged him and asked about their authenticity and he said that whenever he takes a bite, he feels like he's back in Mexico.

tacos al pastor utah

When I knew we were going to be driving down to Utah County for our full moon lift ride date last month, I was trying to decide where we should go to eat. I remembered this taco cart and looked them up. I was excited to find out that they had a storefront in Lindon, so we could stop in on our drive down and not have to backtrack. I surprised my husband with our dinner plans and was so excited to see what he thought.

authentic al pastor

Joe ordered a plate of Al Pastor tacos and i decided to get a variety of Al Pastor, Asada and Carnitas. We ordered them gringa (with cheese) and topped them with fresh squeezed lime juice, cilantro, onions and a variety of salsas. Real Mexican street tacos aren't like anything that you get when you think of tacos here in the states. These were amazing, and Joe said the only thing that was missing was the taste of exhaust from the buses driving by. Next time I'll order an entire plate full of Al Pastor. The others were good, but the marinated pork with pineapple really hit the spot.

street tacos utah county

We still want to make it back to Mexico to enjoy street tacos there and I want to taste the pizza that my husband raves about on a regular basis. But until we can make it there, we'll make the trip to Utah County as often as possible for a little Tacos - CDMX.

Where else have you found delicious Al Pastor here in Utah?