Our Favorite Davis County Chinese - Joy Luck

In our house, we consider Joy Luck to have the best Chinese food in Davis County. When we lived in Bountiful, we ate there on a regular basis. If we weren't there in the restaurant, we were at home enjoying takeout at least once every couple of months. Now that we live in Farmington, we don't eat there as often, mostly because by the time we'd get our takeout order home, it would be cold. (We're still looking for a comparable restaurant up north and if you have any suggestions, we're open to trying them out.) But if we're going on a date and are craving Chinese food, you'll often find us at Joy Luck.

Where: Joy Luck (566 W 1350 S, Woods Cross)
Cost: ~$10 per person

Joy Luck Chinese Restaurant

Joy Luck has played a big part in our relationship, so it holds an extra special place in our heart. Every time we walk in the restaurant, I'm flooded with memories. The month we got engaged, we went on a lunch date, and over a plate of Strawberry Chicken, we picked a wedding date. A few weeks later, my husband proposed to me with my ring in a fortune cookie after we'd finished another Chinese food lunch date. It wasn't at Joy Luck, but it was special just the same. The two of us went to dinner at Joy Luck with our parents, so that they could get to know each other, just a few weeks after we got engaged. And I took my bridesmaids there for dinner a few weeks before the wedding. We've spent many date nights here since and every single one was delicious.

Joy Luck Bountiful Family Dinner Style

Our favorite way to order food when we go to dinner at Joy Luck is the Dinner Combination Style or the Classic Family Dinner. We love that you can turn your entree into a full meal with a couple of appetizers, and soup or salad. If you're on a lunch date, their lunch specials already come with those options. If you want a lot of food to share and have as leftovers, definitely go with the Classic Family Dinner, because it's only $0.25 more for a lot of extra food.

Even when we order the individual portion size plates for dinner, we collaborate as we review the menu and each get something that we'll both enjoy. We love to share our meal and enjoy a little bit of everything. We still always end up with leftovers and both get to enjoy some of each entree for lunch again the next day. If you're doing the math, that's two meals from each entree and that's the individual portion sizes.

Joy Luck Chines Restaurant Chicken Dishes

One of our other favorite things about Joy Luck is the variety of chicken entrees. There are six fruity flavored chickens and four savory ones. My husband is partial to their Strawberry Chicken and I love their Orange Chicken. We always go in thinking that we're going to try one of the others like Pineapple or Lemon, but we always end up falling back on our regular favorites. Maybe one day we'll stick to our plan.

Joy Luck Green Salad and Egg Drop Soup

My husband loves Joy Luck's Creamy Egg Drop Soup, and I always get a side salad. I don't know what it is about their side salads, maybe it's the ranch dressing or the crispy noodles on top, but I look forward to eating it almost as much as I look forward to my entree.

Chinese Food Appetizers

When you order the lunch special or one of their combination dinners, each person gets an egg roll, cream cheese wonton and a fried prawn. Neither of us are a big fan of seafood of any kind, so we like to swap our prawn out for an extra wonton or egg roll. When I was pregnant with my first baby, I craved the cream cheese wontons often and would pick up an order on my way home from work sometimes.

Joy Luck Orange Chicken Entree
Joy Luck Chicken Lo Mein

The last time we went to dinner, our entrees were served with ham fried rice and crispy wontons. I didn't remember our food being presented that way in the past, but I thought it was great! Their ham fried rice was fresh and looked really good.

We hadn't been to Joy Luck in a year or so the last time we went, but now I'm determined to go back often, because the food was excellent. We always receive the best service and love the atmosphere that they've created. 

The best Chinese food in Bountiful, UT. Perfect for date night or a dinner out with friends and family.