The Chocolate Chip Chip Cookie for Date Night at Home

One of the biggest reasons that I started Davis County Dates was because I would see fun or unique businesses in Salt Lake and Utah County and feel a little envious that there was nothing like that closer to home. Most of the time I'd find out that Davis County did have similar places to eat and play but they just weren't as well known. I set out on a mission to find all of the cool things in our area and share them with all of you.

Where: Your House
Cost: $15/dozen

The Chocolate Chip Chip Cookie

The Chocolate Chip Chip Cookie is one of those things that I wish I'd known existed sooner. I've sat and watched other people enjoying fresh baked cookies delivered right to their door and wished I could be enjoying them too. The good news is, if you live from Syracuse to Farmington, you can enjoy fresh baked cookies on a lazy evening at home without having to do any work yourself other than sending a text and opening the front door.

The most unique thing about The Chocolate Chip Chip Cookie are the three different chips that you'll find in your cookie. Chocolate, butterscotch and white chips are scattered throughout each cookie and make a really great combination of flavors. The cookies are large, soft and delicious and still tasted great the next day when we finished off our dozen. 

cookie delivery in davis county

These cookies would make a great addition to your date night or a fun treat when you're getting together with a group. Follow them on Instagram to stay up to date on what nights they'll be delivering and any special deals that they have going on. Also, say "Chip Chip Cookie", it's really fun! :)

chip chip cookie davis county
The best cookie delivery service in Davis County, UT