Three Reasons to Plan a Lunch Date

My husband and I used to enjoy a lunch date together at least once a week, before we had kids and when our day off together was a weekday. The past few years our schedules have rarely matched up in the middle of the day, unless we were purposely taking a day off together. Now that I'm home full time and the kids are at grandma's house one day a week, I have more opportunities to meet my man for lunch. I have a goal to plan one day a month and meet up with Joe on his lunch break for a date. A couple of times a month, the kids and I will meet him for a family lunch date as well.

Where: Five Guys (255 N 500 W, Bountiful)
Cost: Approximately $7 per person

Five Guys Bountiful Lunch Date

Three Reasons for a Lunch Date

The lunch menu is often cheaper than dinner, which is great if you're on a budget! I love taking advantage of the lunch menu that usually includes a smaller plate entree, a drink and a salad or appetizer. It's generally more food than I'd order at dinner but for a lower price.

Restaurants are less crowded on weekdays, at least they are if you aren't near a high school or if you go after the high school kid rush. We went to Five Guys last week after 1pm and were one of five people in the restaurant. It was perfect, quiet, and we got our food quickly so we were able to enjoy our meal and make the most of the 45 minutes that we had together before Joe went back to work.

You're more alert and better able to connect. I don't know about you, but by the time dinner hits every night, I'm exhausted and so is my husband. Whether it's work or hanging out with the kids, our days are super busy, and we find ourselves struggling to keep our eyes open or think clearly. I love lunch dates because we're not so tired and seem to be more engaged in the conversation.

five guys burgers and fries
five guys idaho potato fries

We went to Five Guys in Bountiful for our lunch date last week. I love how simple their menu is and that you can order exactly what you want without paying a lot of extra money for add-ons. If you are craving a burger, fries and a milkshake, like I was last week, Five Guys is one of the best places to go here in Davis County. The restaurant is open and the atmosphere is fun and friendly, and you can munch on peanuts while you wait for your order to be completed. I also love that you can watch them grill your burger and prepare your food fresh.