Why Brunch at Top Golf is Our Favorite

Over the weekend, we celebrated my husband’s birthday with a full of dates. We have loved going to Top Golf in the past so that’s where I planned for us to start our day. The last time we were at Top Golf, we enjoyed dinner so this time we decided to try a few things from their breakfast/brunch menu. Not only did we have a lot of fun golfing together, we were blown away by our meals as well. We’re already planning our next trip back and have considered going all the way down there just to eat because the food is that good.

Where: 920 Jordan River Blvd, Midvale
Cost: $25 per hour for a bay until 12pm

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Before I tell you about the food that we liked so much, I’ll tell you why we decided morning is the best time of day for Top Golf. Everything seemed a little calmer, maybe because we were on the third level that’s adults only and off on one end of the floor with nobody else in the bays around us. We were able to really enjoy our time together without distractions or a lot of noise. I loved that the bays on the third floor have benches and a lower table than the ones on the lower levels. I loved that I could carry on a conversation with Joe about our game, while one of us was sitting back at our table and the other one was on the green.

top golf adults only salt lake city utah

There’s something so perfect about the morning air and sunshine while you’re out there golfing. There was a little breeze blowing, but the bays are heated so you’re able to stay a comfortable temperature while still enjoying the beauty of the outdoors around you. The views from Top Golf are stunning and I never get tired of them.

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Now for the real reason we loved our brunch golf date so much, the food!!! Picking just one thing off of the breakfast and brunch menu was so hard. In the end, we both decided to go for something that was classic us. Joe ordered the Topgolf Breakfast Burrito and I ordered the French Toast. I was blown away by the unique touches and the flavor of both of our dishes and would order them both all over again. I’m torn for future orders because there are so many other things that look delicious like the Chicken and Waffle Sliders or the Ultimate Breakfast Flatbread.

Brunch at Top Golf

I have to admit that I stole a bite of Joe’s burrito before taking a bite of my own food. The combination of flavors in that burrito were amazing and had the perfect amount of bite. Scrambled eggs, bacon, chorizo sausage, and cheddar all on a grilled cheddar jalapeno tortilla. I’d highly suggest getting the burrito, no matter what else you want on the menu, just so you can share tastes of it. I had to resist going back for a second taste, it was that good!

Top Golf Breakfast Burrito

French toast always seems like a safe choice to order, no matter where I go, but this French toast blew me away! The edges of the toast are bruleed, giving each bit the perfect crunch and sugary taste. Topped with fresh strawberries and maple syrup, I was in heaven. I would order them again in a heartbeat, but like I said, I would be torn because I know how delicious they are and have so many other things on the menu that look good and I want to try as well.

Top Golf Bruleed French Toast

If you’re looking for a fun date, no matter the weather or time or year, we highly suggest heading south to Top Golf and going hungry so that you can enjoy their breakfast. Joe joked that we should have played longer and stayed long enough that he could have eaten the Sunrise Burger as well because he fell in love with that the last time we were there.

Why we love going on a date to Top Golf at Brunch time