Day Date at Top Golf

My husband's favorite sport is golf. He doesn't get to go golfing nearly often enough and other than a couple of rounds of mini golf, we haven't been together throughout all of our relationship. After this date last week, I'm determined to go golfing with my husband more often. Some more mini golf, maybe I'll drive the golf cart and watch him golf on a course, and we'll most definitely be making Topgolf a regular activity. 

Where: Topgolf Salt Lake City (920 Jordan River Blvd, Midvale)
Cost: $25-$45 per hour + extra for food purchases

Topgolf Midvale, UT

Last week we took a few days off of work to stay home and enjoy time together as a family. One of those days, we decided to leave the kids with grandma for nap time while we went on a day date. Going to Topgolf during the day allowed us to take advantage of the lower prices earlier in the day and helped us to avoid the crowds. 

The bays at Topgolf were clean and looked really nice. They provide a really fun environment for hanging out, chatting with friends, enjoying food and hitting some balls. Although you are golfing outdoors, you can enjoy yourself no matter the weather. The bays have fans blowing during the summer and heat lamps during the colder months. It was really warm outside the day that we chose to golf but our area was the perfect temperature. I wish I could live in a bay, regulating the temperature to perfect everywhere I go! ;)

driving range date

The staff at Topgolf was so helpful you guys! It was my first visit, and technically my husband's first time going through as a normal customer because his other visit was for work. I had no clue what I was doing or where I needed to go. They helped us out and directed us to have our membership cards printed, redeem our coupon, pay for our game and get a bay. They also walked us to our bay and quickly showed us how to play, since I was a total newbie. The game was easy to figure out thanks to their friendly and enthusiastic staff. I was seriously so impressed!

Even the servers were friendly and helpful to us two players who weren't ordering drinks or food. They quickly brought our water and stopped by a few times to see how we were doing, without pressuring us to order food. Their check in felt genuine and I really appreciated it. I honestly wish that we hadn't eaten such a late breakfast so we could have planned to eat there. I was full, but the smell of the food was so delicious that I was ready to try one of everything on the menu.

top golf date
top golf date

There are many different ways to play at Top Golf. You can see who can get the highest score, hit as many balls possible in an hour or try a variety of other game options. We played games that kept score and I lost miserably each time, unless this were like real golf and the goal was to get the lowest score. ;) The ultimate goal of each game is to hit your ball into one of the "targets" because they calculate your distance and help keep score using a chip in the ball. I like to think of this game as a bowling equivalent.

Plan a date, grab a group and go have some fun! The prices are set per bay per hour so the more people you have with you, the less the cost is to you. Although, the more people there are, the longer you may want to play because it will shorten the number of balls that you are able to hit per person each hour. 

top golf utah

For our next Topgolf date, I'm hoping to plan a morning/breakfast date, enjoying an hour or two hitting balls and tasting something off of their menu. I'm pretty sure another afternoon/lunch date is in order as well! It's a bit of a drive from Davis County but Topgolf is definitely worth the trip. Whoever came up with this business idea is a genius! It's not just a trend, it's something that will last and be popular for a long time to come, I'm sure of it!