Menu Items at Tortilla Union that are a Must Try!

My love for Tortilla Union is well know, unless you’re new around here. I will sing praises for their Manchego Cheese Dip until the day I die! I frequent their restaurant at Station Park on a regular basis and have a goal to try almost everything on the menu. Recently they updated their menu to include a few new items and I immediately made plans to try them out. After enjoying their food twice in one week, I thought I’d share my favorite menu items with you and why I love them so much!

Where: Tortilla Union - Station Park (160 N West Promontory)
Cost: ~$10 per plate

Tortilla Union Station Park Farmington, UT

The Trio

This is my biggest “must order” item from the menu, except that you won’t find it on the menu anymore but the good news is, you can still order it! I order The Trio mostly for the magical Manchego Cheese Dip but I also really like their Guacamole. Both dips are flavorful and unique and I could eat them for my meal. On my most recent visits, I ordered just an appetizer of the cheese dip and chips and was a happy lady.

Candied Bacon

Don’t tell the cheese dip, but this might be my new favorite thing on the menu! A few months ago I enjoyed small pieces of the bacon on a salad, but my real love for it developed in the last two weeks, when it was included on a sandwich that I ordered. Oh man, this bacon is something else! It’s the perfect level of sweet with just a tiny bite from the chiles and tortilla union spice. Try it and you’ll love it, I promise!

the trio tortilla union station park farmington, ut

Crispy Chicken Club

I started seeing pictures of this sandwich a few days before it hit their menu and I knew I had to try it. It’s the first thing I ordered when I went a couple of weeks ago and it was really good! This is the sandwich that made me fall in love with the Candied Bacon. The flavor combination is unique and really delicious. You might thing you should order a taco or a burrito at somewhere with Southwestern food, but trust me when I tell you to try the chicken sandwich!

California Cobb Salad

You guys!!!! If you like salad, order this! The candied bacon and queso fresco add the most unique and delicious flavors to this salad. I’ve thought about it so many times since I first tried it a few months ago. If I wasn’t determined to try more menu items, I’d order this salad almost every time I visit Tortilla Union.

tortilla union tacos

Southwestern Caesar Salad

If I’m going to order a salad for my meal, I’ll most likely go for the California Cobb, but this salad will almost always be ordered as the side with any of the other entrees that I order. I love the combination of southwest and Caesar flavors in this salad. It’s fun and unique and makes my taste buds smile!

Southwestern Mac and Cheese

I haven’t tried this dish personally, but my husband ordered it on one of our dates before he started eating gluten free and he really loved it. I’m honestly surprised I didn’t taste it, because I usually sneak a bite of his meal just so I can tell you more about it from personal experience. We’ll just have to trust my husband’s taste buds on this one, until I can try it for myself.

tortilla union menu farmington, utah

I’ve tried a few other things on the menu, including a really yummy grilled chicken sandwich that isn’t on the menu anymore and that I don’t think you can order currently. They were all really good, but these are the meals and things I’ve tried that really wowed me! As I try new things, I’ll be sure to share them with you on my social media channels and add them to this post for future reference! I will tell you that I’m really excited to try the Union Ribs and plan to do that on our next date night there. I have a soft spot for ribs and theirs sound extra delicious and original, plus those whipped sweet potatoes are calling my name.

What’s your favorite thing you’ve ordered from Tortilla Union?