A Trio's Best When You're on a Date at Tortilla Union

A few weeks ago, a new restaurant opened at Farmington Station Park and I've been wanting to try it ever since. This past weekend I finally got the chance, when a friend and I had plans for a dinner date. And I can't wait to go back again for date night. I was kind and brought my husband home a cup of Tortilla Union's manchego cheese dip because it was so good. I'd go back every single night, just for that dip. But I'm getting ahead of myself... If you like Southwestern food, you need to try the Tortilla Union Southwest Grill at Station Park.

Where: Tortilla Union - Station Park (160 N West Promontory)
Cost: ~$10 per plate

Tortilla Union Station Park Menu

Tortilla Union at Farmington Station Park

Tortilla Union has a great date night atmosphere for a casual date night or even something more fancy for a special occasion. It's a sit down and order restaurant, but they didn't mind that we were there for a couple of hours chatting before we took our conversation out by the fountains. Our server was friendly, helpful and attentive and she kept our drinks full without ever feeling like an interruption to our conversation or evening, like can sometimes happen when you're out at a restaurant. 

The food was fantastic, both my friend and I were really impressed. We'd heard it was good of course, but sometimes that gets my expectations up too high and I end up not enjoying it as much as I'd hoped I would. That wasn't the case for Tortilla Union, everything was amazing and there are at least five other menu items that I really want to try.

Tortilla Union Trio Appetizer

We made sure to try the Tortilla Union Trio as a starter. I've seen pictures of it all over social media and every time I do, I'm tempted to stop whatever I'm doing and stop by Station Park to try it. Now that I've tried it, I'm going to have an even harder time not jumping up and getting myself some when I hear someone talk about it. The charred tomato salsa was good and not too spicy, and their signature guacamole was delicious as well. But the real star of the show were those house-fried tortilla chips dipped in the manchego cheese dip. I am going to have to resist ordering a big bowl of that manchego cheese and a basket of chips for my meals in the future. When you go on your date to Tortilla Union, you HAVE to get the Tortilla Union Trio! Oh, and P.S. It's gluten free!

We both ordered the Soutwestern Burrito for dinner. I had the Mole Chicken and my friend ordered the shredded chicken in case the Mole was spicy. I should note that if you aren't a fan of spice, you can enjoy anything on the menu without worrying about your mouth catching on fire. The dishes were flavorful but mild so they appeal to anyone's taste buds. I thought that the burritos were the perfect size for one person. They were filling but not too big, and if we're being honest, I enjoyed mine so much that I didn't want to leave any on the plate when I was done anyway.

Tortilla Union Southwest Burrito

The dishes are big enough that if you can't decide on just one thing to eat, the two of you could order something different, split it and feel like you got a good sized portion of each dish. Do you want to know what's on my list to try in the future? I don't know that I could ever not get the Trio to start, but I really want to try their Campfire cornbread too. While we were eating, I kept eyeing everyone's tacos as their plates came past our table, so I'm definitely planning on trying those next; maybe the Mole Chicken Tacos and the Fried Avocado Tacos first. The Grilled Chicken Torta, the Union Ribs and the Mole Chicken Enchiladas have been calling my name as well. If you're looking for something on the lighter side, I think that each of their salads sounds delicious.

Maybe we'll go in extra hungry next time so that I can round out my meal with dessert and try the Sopaipillas with their dipping sauces.

If you haven't had the Manchego Cheese Dip, you aren't really living.