The Perfect Winter Adventure to Escape the Inversion

Last weekend we got to escape the inversion for a few hours and go on an adventure to Wasatch County! There was a distinct point on our drive when the inversion ended, the skies were blue and the sun was shining bright. It was a huge change from the dreary fog and inversion that we’d been experiencing in Davis County all day. If you’re looking to escape the inversion and get a little sunshine this winter, I have some fun ideas for a day trip to Midway! If you can make an overnight date of it, that’s be fun as well!

We visited Midway for the first time a few years ago and we’ve been back many times since. We love the small town feel, the views, the air, the temperature and the fun and unique things to do up there. We’re hoping to make our visit a yearly tradition during the dreary months of winter when we just need to escape, enjoy the sunshine and have some fun! Our kids aren’t old enough to do a few of the activities listed below but we hope to do them on a romantic overnight getaway or as they get a little bit older.

Winter activities in Midway Utah

6 Fun Winter Activities in Midway

The Ice Castles

This is our favorite winter activity in Midway and one that kids and adults of every age can enjoy. Each year the Ice Castles open up for a few weeks and you can walk through, slide, sit around the fire and enjoy concessions. We love to get to the castles late in the afternoon so that we can enjoy them in the daylight and stick around to see them after dark, when the lights turn on and they take on a whole new look.

Click here for more information about The Ice Castles.

Sleigh Rides to the Ice Castles

Rocky Mountain Outfitters has put together a really fun sleigh ride and Ice Castles package for families and couples to enjoy! This one way horse drawn sleigh ride lasts 15 to 20 minutes and drops you at the entrance of The Ice Castle. Your ticket price includes the sleigh ride and tickets to the castles.

the Ice Castles at Homestead Resort

Soak in the Homestead Crater

The Crater is Midway’s claim to fame. It’s a geothermal spring under a limestone dome next to The Homestead Resort. Inside is warm and the pool maintains a warm temperature while the hole at the top circulates air and lets in a little bit of sunlight. You can soak, swim or go scuba diving in the crater or take a self-guided tour of the cave like area if you’d rather not get wet.

Outdoor Ice Rink

While we were in Midway this year, I noticed a sign boasting Utah’s largest outdoor ice skating rink. I looked into the rink more and it seems like a really fun winter activity and something that we plan to add to our itinerary for next year’s trip!

Zermatt Resort in Midway Utah

Tubing at Soldier Hollow

With the ages of our kiddos and their hesitation with new activities, we weren’t able to make this happen for this year’s trip, but it’s at the top of my list for future years. The thing I love most about tubing at Soldier Hollow is that you don’t have to hike back up the hill after you reach the bottom. Soldier Hollow has a lift of sorts that you attach your tube to and ride it back to the top of the hill so you can go down again. It always looks like a lot of fun and is something that I’m really looking forward to trying out!

Stay Overnight at Zermatt Resort

Our first visit to Midway included an overnight stay at Zermatt Resort. If you don’t know much about Midway, the entire town as a "Swiss” theme and Zermatt is no exception. It’s a luxury hotel with restaurants, a spa, beautiful property and other fun adventures and excursions available. We loved our stay at Zermatt and would definitely stay again as a couple or with our kids! One of our favorite restaurants is in the lobby of Zermatt. Wildfire Smokehaus has amazing smoked meats, yummy fries and really good pizza! We’ve also eaten there for breakfast and loved that as much if not more than their lunch and dinner menus.

Smoke Ribs at Wildfire Smokehaus

Whether you want to adventure for the day or are looking for a fun overnight escape, Midway is one of our favorite places to hang out any time of year, but especially during the winter. Don’t let the inversion get you down, head up the canyon for some sunshine and cleaner air.