Date Night Enhancing Resources for Couples

Throughout the course of our relationship, we’ve come across some great companies and resources whose mission is to help couples strengthen their relationship and make date night more of a priority. We share these resources at various points in our blog posts and on social media, but know that not everyone has seen those posts or remembers where to find the names of products and links to find them. This page contains information for all of our date night favorites and will be updated on a regular basis, as we discover new companies and products that help us make our date night game stronger. We hope you will love these resources as much as we do!

This page contains affiliate links. This means that I make a small commission off of purchases made through my links at no extra cost to you. Links are provided for your convenience. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that support Davis County Dates!

Our Favorite Websites

Play in Davis - Davis County’s Tourism website is a great resource for fun things to do in and places to eat in the area. Their website has a lot of great information for where to eat, play and stay in Davis County. We especially love following their Instagram for current events and gorgeous pictures.

Going Courting - This Instagram account shares memorable and meaningful date night ideas along the Wasatch Front. They are great to follow if you need more ideas for events and fun things to do for date night south of Davis County.

The Salt Project - I love getting ideas for family date nights and fun all across Utah from Harmony and Steph! They go on all sorts of fun adventures and share great information to help you with your adventures. I’ve linked to their Instagram account because I love following them there, but their website is a really helpful resource and I search it often!

Prioritizing Date Night Book

Why you need to date your spouse and how to make date night happen. 300+ date night ideas for every stage of life.

In this e-book you will find:

  • Seven tips and suggestions for making date night happen, no matter what obstacles life brings.

  • Over 300 ideas to keep date night fresh and fun throughout every stage of your marriage.

  • Date night ideas to fit any budget, time constraint or other limitations.

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Wasatch Savings Guide

We love to save money on date night any opportunity we get. The less we spend when we go out, the more often we can go out together. Last year we discovered the Wasatch Savings Guide and quickly realized that it was the best option out there as far as coupon books go. Most savings guides only hit the chain restaurants near us, but not this one. The Wasatch Savings Guide covers everything from fast food to sit down restaurants to entertainment to adventures. A lot of the deals included are for locally owned businesses as well! We’ve saved on everything from pizza to a fancy date night dinner to live theater to a game of golf. We use this guide for date nights, family outings and adventures with friends.

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Date Night Subscription Boxes

I'm part of a lot of different relationship groups on Facebook and at least once a month, I see someone ask for suggestions on date night and relationship enhancing subscription boxes that are out there. I always share a few that we've tried, but I've always wondered if there was a resource that includes them all.

This post is a resource to share with couples who are looking for monthly subscription options for date nights at home. I've scoured the internet and social media looking for subscription companies that are currently in business.

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davis county trails

Davis County Trail Map

Did you know that Davis County has over 500 miles of trails?! Trails that will take you exploring in the grand mountain range we live next to and trails that are gorgeous nature areas hidden right in your own neighborhood. Our trails are well maintained and well promoted by different trail committees and they are well work exploring!

I love the views of the valley you can find on different trails, and the hidden nature areas in our cities. Paved trails are our favorite to explore with the kids or when we want to get out and be active, but keep it low key.

Click here for a map of all the trails in our area