Improvables - A Late Night Comedy Date Activity

I have been a fan of The Improvables for a long time now and have attended many of their shows, even before I met my husband. I’ve seen them perform in three different venues and have been extremely entertained at every show I’ve attended. If you’re looking for a new, family and budget friendly date night activity, you should definitely check out one of their shows! You’ll come away laughing, and you can’t go wrong with a date night that makes you laugh.

Where: Bountiful Davis Arts Center (90 N Main Street, Bountiful)
When: Fridays at 9:00pm (for ~90 minutes)
Cost: $6/adults, $5/students or members of the Bountiful Davis Arts Center

photo c/o Improvables

photo c/o Improvables

Confession: We had not been to an Improvables show since before we became parents, over four years ago. The venue that they were in previously, limited the time when they could start their shows each week and shows didn’t start until 10pm. As parents of two young kiddos, that was past our bedtime and we were generally too tired to last beyond the first game that they played, so a show never got added to our date night plans. Since they moved to the Bountiful Davis Arts Center at the beginning of the year, I have been planning to make a date of their show and laugh together late into the night.

I love that the Improvables put on family friendly shows and provide quality entertainment. They are a family of performers and I’ve seen the same performers on their stage for years, scattered among new and talented faces. Each of them have a fun and unique personality and bring their unique interests and quirks to the shows. If you’ve attended more than one of their shows, you know that they are filled with inside jokes and some of the topics they base their games on play off of funny moments from past shows or jokes that they have based on the players’ lives and interests.

bountiful davis art center

We had so much fun at on our recent date, and the laughter was just what we needed after a week of stressful house situations. We’re looking forward to attending more shows in the future and continuing to support The Improvables and local art.

Six Spring Date Night Ideas at Farmington Station Park

Station Park is one of our favorite places to go for date night all year round. We love the atmosphere and being able to stay in one place for our entire date night. There are lots of great places to eat and play at Station Park, no matter the time of year! This year I want to share ideas for your date nights at Station Park for each of the four seasons. Below you’ll find a few ideas for spring fun!

spring date night ideas farmington, utah

Spring Date Night Ideas at Station Park in Farmington

Have a Picnic on the Green Space by the Fountains

I love sitting by the fountains during the warmer months, watching kids run around and families spend time together. Grab food from one of your favorite restaurants in the area and lay out a picnic on the “grass” between the fountains and the movie theater. Waffled, Madbrook Donuts and Farmington Franks are all great picnic food options around the fountains.

Oil and Vinegar Tasting at Redstone Olive Oil

If you’ve never visited Redstone Olive Oil, you’re missing out on a fun experiences! Redstone has a wide variety of olive oils and balsamic vinegar in their store. They allow you to create a combination and taste it before buying. They also sometimes host fun chocolate fountain events and if you follow them on social media you’ll find out when those are. On the back wall of the store you’ll find fresh and healthy recipes that you can purchase to take home and make with your new oils and vinegar.

Grab the Date Night Deal at Dough Co.

Dough Co. just opened at Station Park, over in the same building as Blaze Pizza, on the west side of the parking lot. Every Thursday you can get a large, shareable half baked for the price of an individual. It’s a great deal for a mid-week date!

things to do in davis county in the spring

Try Out a New Restaurant

There are so many new restaurants that have opened at Station Park in the last few months and even more coming soon! Whether you’re looking for something quick and budget friendly or want to splurge for your date night, you’ll find a variety of cuisine to enjoy! Visit Station Park’s website for a list of all of their dining options.

Make it a Mid-Week Morning Date

Have you ever been to Station Park on a weekday morning? I stopped by last year to grab a treat and it was quiet and a great place to relax. Stop by Waffled for one of their stuffed breakfast waffles or grab a drink from Fiiz, then sit at one of the tables around the fountains and enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful spring weather.

Stroll Around the Mall While Enjoying a Pretzel

On the block north of Fountain Square, there’s a Pretzelmaker. Stop by for a sweet or salty treat and your favorite cold drink. Rather than sitting to eat, enjoy your snack on the go. Wander around the mall, peeking in windows and making note of places that you want to be sure to visit in the future.

spring activities utah

Station Park has a lot of great places to eat and play for date night. These are just a few of our favorites that would make a great date for the current season. We’ll continue to share more activities and ideas every season throughout the year! Let us know if you try any of the dates on this list and how you like it!

10 Davis County Date Ideas to Welcome Spring

Raise your hand if you’re excited for spring to be here! (raises hand and waves it wildly in the air) We are SO excited that warmer weather is here and that we can get outside together more often. I’m antsy to break out the patio furniture and grill, but we need to stain our deck before I cover it in furniture to spend more time outside.

The list below includes a few of our favorite date night activities in the area perfect for spring weather! If you’re looking for even more spring date ideas, sign up for our mailing list on our sidebar and we’ll send you a free e-book filled with seasonal date ideas specific to Davis County. Happy spring and happy dating!

Spring Activities  Farmington, Utah

Spring Date Ideas in Davis County

Take a walk or go fishing at the USU Botanical Gardens - My office is located in the middle of the botanical gardens and I can’t help but admire the gardens every time I drive through. This week when I was there, I saw two pelicans in the middle of the pond and a family of ducks on the other side of the bridge, swimming and diving for food. There is wildlife everywhere and the paved paths make the gardens a great place to stroll and talk. There is also a lot of space to fish, and I see people there all the time with their poles.

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usu botanical gardens kaysville, utah

Go on a hike - A lot of hiking trails in the area are still covered in quite a bit of snow, thanks to the awesome moisture that we received this winter. I’ve seen people hiking Adams Canyon in the last couple of weeks, and there’s a great trail in Nicholls Park in Fruit Heights. You could even “hike” on one of the many nature trails on the west side of Davis County.

Try a new restaurant at Station Park - Station Park has welcomed some great new restaurants to the area over the past couple of months and all of them are worth trying! Slap Fish and Dough Co. are located over by Blaze Pizza. Sicilia Mia is just east of the movie theater and Santorini’s Greek Grill is over by Cafe Zupas. There’s also a new hot dog restaurant, Farmington Franks, in the food court pavilion west of the fountains. You can’t go wrong no matter where you decide to eat at Station Park, but if you’re looking for something you might not have tried before, these are some great options to start with.

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station park restaurants farmington, utah

Take a tour of your town - Do you know everything that your town has to offer? Are their museums? Mom and pop restaurants you’ve never tried? Historical locations? Trails or nature areas that you didn’t know existed? Pull up Google maps and scan your town for things you might want to check out or see. Look up sites on the county’s historical registry, then go out and explore and learn new things about where you live!

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Chalk art festival - The Bountiful Chalk Art Festival has quickly become one of our favorite traditions each year. For an entire week, you can stroll down both sides of Main Street and enjoy watching local artists create their drawings and then marvel at their talent after they’re all completed. This event takes place each May and is really a lot of fun! We suggest stopping at one of the many great, locally owned restaurants on your route for a bite to eat while you’re out.

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bountiful utah main street

Go biking on Legacy Trail - Have you ever ridden the length of Legacy Trail in Davis County? The views are gorgeous and it makes a great date activity for spring. After you’re done riding the trail, stop at one of your favorite dessert places for a treat.

Mini golf - Cherry Hill’s mini golf course opens the last week in March and is a really fun activity to enjoy for date night. You can find discount coupons in local mailers. Grab some hand pies from the Pie Pantry after you’re done playing a round or two together.

legacy trail davis county, utah

Worth the Trip

Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point - It’s a bit of a drive, but the Tulip Festival is stunning and worth the trip! You’ll find tulips in every color and great trails to walk.

Brunch at Top Golf - This will always be one of our favorite date activities, no matter the weather. We love playing at Top Golf and have come to love the food just as much as we love the venue.

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Top Golf Salt Lake City, Utah

Hogle Zoo - We love to go to the zoo when the weather has warmed up just a bit but it still cooler. The animals are more active and you don’t leave sweaty and sunburned.

farmington canyon utah

Whatever you choose to do for date night over the next few months, make a purpose to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather. Get your Vitamin D and enjoy the fresh air together. You’ll be happier and your date night routine will thank you for freshening things up!

What are your favorite spring date night activities that get you outside this time of year?

3 Reasons to Spend Your Saturday Nights at Dartside

We had so much fun at our first ever Davis County Dates event at Dartside this past weekend! If you weren’t able to join us, we’ll be having other events in the future and you can still enjoy some adults only time at Dartside every Saturday night through May, and maybe longer depending on popularity of the event. You will want to grab a group of friends and hang out at Dartside together on at least one of those Saturdays because it’s a whole lot of fun!

Where: Dartside at the Layton Hills Mall
Cost: $10 per person. Watch for buy one get one free or half off deals on social media or coupon mailers.

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I love this adult night promotion that Dartside has going on for a lot of reasons.

adult night at dartside

It’s a fun way to extend your date

Do you ever finish your planned date night activities and find that you have extra time left to fill? A lot of couples will hire a babysitter to tend until 10 or 10:30pm and other couples who don’t have kids yet or have kids old enough to be responsible for themselves have no “curfew”. When your date night ends earlier than you thought, you could head to the grocery store or go home and watch a couple episodes of your favorite TV show. But what if instead, you headed to Dartside for an hour of fun?

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date night at dartside

It’s great exercise

During your hour of play time at Dartside, you’ll find yourself running back and forth, crouching behind walls and doing everything possible to stop yourself from getting hit by nerf darts. Games move a lot faster when you are playing with only adults so you won’t spend much time standing around. We were sweating running back and forth across the arena and our legs were sore the next day from spending so much time hiding behind barricades in a squatting position. Playing at Dartside is a great way to get in an hour of physical activity together and a lot more fun than the gym.

dartside discounts layton utah

It’s a great group activity

We’re looking forward to putting together a few groups of our friends and family and going to play and compete for an hour after we’ve grabbed dinner or dessert. I love that this is an activity we can all enjoy together and that it brings out the competitive side in everyone. Our group on Saturday included siblings and their spouses and they had a lot of fun running back and forth, shooting at each other with nerf guns. Dartside is a budget friendly and fun activity for groups of any age and size.

group dates at dartside layton hills mall

We’ve added all of Dartside’s future Adult Nights to our Upcoming Events calendar and will continue to add more if they extend them past May. You’ll find us at Dartside at least one more Saturday night over the next couple of months. Whether you were able to join us on Saturday or not, I hope you’ll support a locally owned business and get out and do something a little fun and different for date night on Saturday nights!

Inexpensive Local Date Night Ideas

I shared these tips on Fox 13’s The Place today. I wanted to link to some of the date ideas mentioned in a place where people could find them after the show if they didn’t get a chance to write them down. Click here to watch the segment on Fox 13’s The Place.

One of the biggest reasons that couples note for not going out on dates together more often is their budget. We have young kids and understand how difficult it can be to find room in the budget to hire a babysitter and have money left to enjoy your time while you're out. Date night is a great way for couples to connect and make their relationship a priority throughout every stage of life so we hope to provide great ideas for date night that are less expensive and still just as fun.

inexpensive activities in utah

1. Grab appetizers or dessert instead of a full meal. A lot of restaurants have happy hour when appetizers and drinks are discounted. You can even make a meal of some things on the appetizer menu and share those for less than the cost of a full entree. Dessert only eateries are a great options as well. We love going to Last Course because the atmosphere is perfect for date night and they have options for everyone including gluten free and vegan desserts and ice cream flavors.

budget friendly date night davis county, utah

2. Look for deals on local activities. Trampoline parks, bowling alleys and other activity centers often have deals for date night. You can also find deals on websites like Groupon or in local coupon mailers. One of our favorite activities is nerf dart wars at Dartside in Layton. They have an adult hour every Saturday night where only 18+ are allowed in the arena and couples can get in at a discounted price. It's a fun way to stay active and young and have fun together.

fun things to do for date night in davis county utah

3. Bring the escape room experience home. Escape rooms are a really popular activity right now, but they can be pricey. We discovered a local company, Lockbox Mysteries, whose crate rental is equivalent to one person's entry to a regular escape room. We love to get a group of two or three couples together and split the cost. The mysteries are really well thought out and we love to take on the challenge of solving them in an hour, but appreciate that by doing it at home, we can still continue on and solve the mystery, even if we don't hit our goal.

at home date night ideas farmington, utah

4. Enjoy free outdoor adventures together. Hiking is a great date night activity and an awesome way to explore new areas around you. The Wild Rose Trail in North Salt Lake is an easier trail and perfect for hiking to watch the sunset during warmer months. We also love geocaching because it keeps us active and is a scavenger hunt that we can enjoy together. There are great apps you can download to help you find caches in your area.

family activities davis county, utah

5. Catch a matinee or discount movie. For couples who love movie dates, going to matinees or taking advantage of discount days can dramatically decrease the cost of date night. We love to go to Cinemark theaters on Tuesday when tickets are just $5 all day. They also have recliners in all of their theaters so that's a bonus!

Whatever you choose to do for date night, I hope you find a way to make date night more of a priority in your relationship, regardless of what your budget looks like!