A Weekend Family Drive Up Farmington Canyon

A couple of weekends ago, my husband suggested a spontaneous drive up Farmington Canyon with our toddlers. As soon as our kids were up from their naps, we stopped at a local sandwich shop to grab a picnic and started our drive so that we could get back before dark. We had so much fun and were talking the next day about how we should head up the canyon more often.

Where: Drive East on 500 N from Main Street and turn left on Farmington Canyon Road (Farmington)
Cost: FREE

Farmington Canyon Drive

We hopped in our four wheel drive car and headed toward Francis Peak and the Francis Radar Station. As we were driving toward the mountain, we pointed out the radar station up at the top of the peak and told them that's where we were going. As we got close to the top, we saw paragliders over by the radar towers which the kids loved.

Francis Peak

There are many turn offs up the canyon road, places to stop for a picnic and places where you can camp. We decided to stop just down the road from the radar station in a clearing just off the road. We sat on our camp chairs facing the direction of the sunset, road and radar station. Our kids loved watching the paragliders and all of the different vehicles that drove past while we were eating. Everyone was so friendly and waved in our direction, which the kids loved because they waved any anyone who passed as well.

radar towers at Francis Peak

If the sky hadn't been filled with haze from all of the wildfires around the state, we would have enjoyed an amazing view of Farmington and Davis County. My husband said that in the future he'd love to drive up further, just past the radar station to a little valley that people can camp in. What he'd really love is if we rented or owned a side-by-side that we could take up the canyon. Any time one drove past us, he mentioned how much he'd love that or how fun it looked.

view of Davis County

Whether you're looking to go on a long drive, want to go somewhere a few degrees cooler, are looking for a fun summer adventure, or want to go camping overnight, we highly suggest heading up to Farmington Canyon. I know a lot of people travel further south or north to find adventure, but there is beauty and fun awaiting you right here close to home.

What is your favorite summer canyon activity?

Farmington Canyon Drive - Summer Fun in Davis County