The Best Food Truck Events in Davis County

I've come to love food trucks and enjoy the locally owned trucks in our community. Over the last year or two, different organizations in Davis County have put together food truck roundups that occur on a regular basis throughout the summer. These roundups give you a chance to become familiar with the different trucks in our area and try food from a variety of them at once. Food truck events are the perfect place to grab a meal for date night during the warmer nights of the year!

food trucks in davis county

By attending food truck round ups, you are supporting local businesses. If you have a hard time deciding where to eat for date night, you won't have to choose. Each of you can order food from different trucks, or you can grab something from each of the trucks at the event and share the food, trying a few bites of everything there is to offer. Here's a list of food truck events that can be found in the area on a regular basis.

davis county food truck roundups

Davis County Food Truck Roundups

Monday Events

Fruit Heights - Monday Night Food Trucks at the Park is hosted at the Fruit Heights City Hall (910 S Mountain Road) from 5-9pm each Monday. For a list of food trucks in attendance each week and movies or other activities you can enjoy, click here.

North Salt Lake - The Food Truck League hosts an event at Legacy Park (1140 W 1100 N) on Monday nights from 5-9pm. For a list of food trucks in attendance each week, click here.

Syracuse - I recently learned about these food truck roundups hosted by the Intermountain Syracuse Clinic. They take place at the IHC Clinic (745 S 2000 W, Syracuse) on Mondays from 5:30pm-8:30pm. From their Facebook page, it looks like the events are only one Monday a month, but somebody told me that they're every Monday, so you might check. For details on each week's event, click here

Black's Sliders Food Truck

Friday Events

Layton - Through the end of August, you can find food trucks at Layton FEST (465 N Wasatch Dr, Layton). For information on each week's theme, activities and the food trucks in attendance, click here.

Bountiful - Another Food Truck League event takes place just next door to the Bountiful City Hall (761 S Main Street, Bountiful). For information on which food trucks will be involved each week, click here.

World's Best Corndogs Food Truck

Saturday Events

Kaysville - Every Saturday at Heritage Park (250 N Fairfield Rd, Kaysville) from 5-9pm you'll find food trucks, music and movies in the park. For information on what's going each week, click here

food truck roundups and entertainment

There are other food truck gatherings that can generally be found in association with large events throughout the summer. Free summer concerts and movies in the park are just a couple of the types of events that attract food trucks. You can always check our upcoming events page for information on events and whether you can find food trucks there or not.

Which local food truck is your favorite?

Food truck roundups and events in Davis County this year.

Food Trucks - World's Best Corndogs

Food trucks are all the rage right now and we've been so excited to see more and more of them coming to Davis County. We've been meaning to try this one for years and I'm so glad that we finally did. We're glad that they're regular spot is nearby our house so that we can go back again and again.

Location: Various - Check their FB page for a current schedule of where they will be parked.
Cost: $3-$5

World's Best Corndog Truck

What to Order from World's Best Corndogs

For the first two summers that we owned our house in Farmington, The World's Best Corndogs truck parked just a block away from our house. We always talked about going to try them out, but unfortunately we never did. I'm almost ashamed to admit that... Just a couple of weeks ago, I told my husband that we had to go for dinner because I was craving corn dogs and really wanted to get some content for the site. I highly suggest killing two birds with one stone in a delicious way as often as possible.

When we arrived, I was excited to see that they were parked next to a snocone truck, but after our delicious corn dogs, we didn't have room for dessert. We'll go back another time and split a corn dog so that we leave room for the snocone, don't you worry.

footlong at World's Best Corndogs

The Halfsie Corndogs are a perfect size for me, but if you're feeling extra hungry, go for the Foot-long Corndog. We were going to top our corn dogs with ketchup and mustard, but then the girls working the truck asked if we'd like honey drizzled on top and there was no way I could say no to that offer!  The honey was a perfect compliment to the batter and corn dog and I don't think I'll ever be able to eat these another way.

Ok, so here's the secret, and maybe it's not really a secret, but I'd never heard about it before! When I walked up to place our order, I noticed the Cheese Stick on the menu and asked what it was. We decided to order one and test it out and oh boy am I glad that we did. I think I enjoyed that melty, cheesy goodness more than anything in the world. It was our toddler's favorite as well.

world's best corndogs cheesestick
world's best corndogs

The next time we go back to World's Best Corndogs, I think that we would order a Foot-long Corndog and a Halfsie with Colby Jack Cheddar inside. Then we would share them both! Yum!!! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Like I said, I'm glad that their truck is usually parked fairly close to our house, but it's probably good that they're not a block away anymore, I'd stop for a Cheese Stick every day on my way home from work.

world's best corndogs davis county

What's your favorite way to eat your World's Best Corndogs??