The Best Food Truck Events in Davis County

I've come to love food trucks and enjoy the locally owned trucks in our community. Over the last year or two, different organizations in Davis County have put together food truck roundups that occur on a regular basis throughout the summer. These roundups give you a chance to become familiar with the different trucks in our area and try food from a variety of them at once. Food truck events are the perfect place to grab a meal for date night during the warmer nights of the year!

food trucks in davis county

By attending food truck round ups, you are supporting local businesses. If you have a hard time deciding where to eat for date night, you won't have to choose. Each of you can order food from different trucks, or you can grab something from each of the trucks at the event and share the food, trying a few bites of everything there is to offer. Here's a list of food truck events that can be found in the area on a regular basis.

davis county food truck roundups

Davis County Food Truck Roundups

Monday Events

Fruit Heights - Monday Night Food Trucks at the Park is hosted at the Fruit Heights City Hall (910 S Mountain Road) from 5-9pm each Monday. For a list of food trucks in attendance each week and movies or other activities you can enjoy, click here.

North Salt Lake - The Food Truck League hosts an event at Legacy Park (1140 W 1100 N) on Monday nights from 5-9pm. For a list of food trucks in attendance each week, click here.

Syracuse - I recently learned about these food truck roundups hosted by the Intermountain Syracuse Clinic. They take place at the IHC Clinic (745 S 2000 W, Syracuse) on Mondays from 5:30pm-8:30pm. From their Facebook page, it looks like the events are only one Monday a month, but somebody told me that they're every Monday, so you might check. For details on each week's event, click here

Black's Sliders Food Truck

Friday Events

Layton - Through the end of August, you can find food trucks at Layton FEST (465 N Wasatch Dr, Layton). For information on each week's theme, activities and the food trucks in attendance, click here.

Bountiful - Another Food Truck League event takes place just next door to the Bountiful City Hall (761 S Main Street, Bountiful). For information on which food trucks will be involved each week, click here.

World's Best Corndogs Food Truck

Saturday Events

Kaysville - Every Saturday at Heritage Park (250 N Fairfield Rd, Kaysville) from 5-9pm you'll find food trucks, music and movies in the park. For information on what's going each week, click here

food truck roundups and entertainment

There are other food truck gatherings that can generally be found in association with large events throughout the summer. Free summer concerts and movies in the park are just a couple of the types of events that attract food trucks. You can always check our upcoming events page for information on events and whether you can find food trucks there or not.

Which local food truck is your favorite?

Food truck roundups and events in Davis County this year.

Where to Celebrate International Sushi Day in Davis County

International Sushi Day is this coming Tuesday June 18th and I wanted to give you enough notice that you could celebrate with a date night over the weekend if you want. Like most random holidays, there is a real purpose behind . The purpose of this holiday is to raise awareness about the truths and fiction surrounding sushi.

Location: Restaurants around Davis County
Cost: Varies - see price range by restaurant below

Confession: I've never been a huge sushi fan, but the truth is, I've only tasted it once and it was years ago. I made it a goal to try it again last year and couldn't do it. So if you have suggestions for what type of sushi we should try first, please send them my way!

International Sushi Day

Where to Find Good Sushi in Davis County

Mikkado - Bountiful (255 N 500 W) - $8-$15 per roll: 16 different sushi roll options as well as a variety of Tepanyaki options for those non-sushi eaters in your group. For a special occasion, try the 5 Course Dinner for Two ($68)

Fuji Sushi - Centerville (330 N Marketplace Dr) - $3.50-$14.50 per roll: Dine in or pickup. Fuji Sushi is an Asian restaurant known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and use of high quality fresh ingredients.

Sushi Monster - Farmington (935 W 100 N) - $11-$30: No menus are provided online for this restaurant, so I'm going to have to go here in person. The reviews and posts on social media mention great deals on sushi rolls and delicious food.

Davis County Sushi locations

Tony's Grill and Sushi Bar - Layton (22 N Main Street) - $4.50-$11 per roll: A wide variety of sushi and endless sushi rolls.

Osaka Sushi and Isakaya - Layton (918 Heritage Park Blvd) - $4.00-$15 per roll: So many different options for sushi and Japanese cuisine. Check out their menu on Facebook to see what all they have to offer.

Sushi Ya - Clearfield (1246 Legend Hills Dr) - $4.50-$13 per roll: All you can eat for $14.95 per person, select from sushi sections A&B.

The best sushi in Davis County, UT

At Home - Smith's Near You - Smith's has a sushi-to-go counter in their stores that I've heard is pretty good. If you have had experience with their sushi before, please leave your thoughts in the comments below for others to refer to.

'Where do you like to go for sushi in Davis County?

The best places to get sushi in Davis County, UT

National Donut Day - Where to go in Davis County

One of the best days of the year happens the first Friday in June every single year. It's National Donut Day!!! National Donut/Doughnut Day started during WWI. Each year, we celebrate the Salvation Army Doughnut Lassies who served doughnuts to soldiers who were stationed in France. The first official "doughnut day" celebrated those Doughnut Lassies and helped to raise money for struggling families during the Great Depression. Now we use it as an excuse to eat a delicious pastry, but it's fun to know the history behind these random holidays and put some more meaning to them.

National Donut Day

When: Friday, June 7th
A bakery near you (see suggestions below)
Cost: Donuts cost anywhere from $0.50 to $1 a piece. So depending on the number of donuts you want to eat.....

If you're planning on celebrating donut day, I would suggest ordering your donuts ahead of time or stopping by first thing in the morning. In years past, we haven't made it to a bakery before evening hits and by then, they're usually out. Who wouldn't want to celebrate National Donut Day? Any excuse to indulge in one of my favorite treats!

Davis County Donuts

Where to find the best donuts in Davis County

Parsons' Bakery (535 W 2600 S, Bountiful) - I haven't had one of their donuts in a while because we don't live right down the street like we used to, but their donuts are some of my favorites. "Parsons' Bakery creates family traditions for each generation." 

Dick's Market (2280 S Orchard Dr, Bountiful and 84 West Parrish Lane, Centerville) - This has always been my go to location for donuts. A few years ago, Dick's Market merged with the local Fresh Markets. As a result, the bakeries changed a bit. The Bountiful location has the best donuts now, in my opinion. 

where to find donuts in davis county

Madbrook Donut Company (Station Park Mall by Fountain Square, Farmington and 540 E 1700 S, Clearfield) - Home of the triangle donut. I'd be tempted to grab one of their large, Texas sized donuts to share, just the two of us.

Caffe Torino - (58 N Main Street, Farmington) - They aren't necessarily known for donuts, but I tried the cronut a few weeks ago and it was delicious! I got a chocolate flavored one, but they also come in raspberry or maple. Each cronut is filled with custard and is as delicious of a pastry as you'd expect.

Bowman's Market (326 Main Street, Kaysville) - After a lot of suggestions from our neighbors last year, we finally tried Bowman's Donuts and they did not disappoint. They're our go to location for Saturday morning donut runs now. We love that they have mini glazed donuts that are the perfect size for our kids. I've been told that their donuts go on sale each night, so if there is anything left, you could grab one as part of your date night.

Davis County National Donut Day

Sweet Cakes Bake Shop (237 W 200 N, Kaysville) - This was suggested to us as a great location for gluten free desserts and donuts. Donuts are not on their online menu however, so you may want to call before stopping in.

Donut Kabobs (Various - Food Truck) We had the opportunity to try Donut Kabobs at a local festival one summer and they were delicious. Check their social media for information about where they'll be each night. 

National Donut Day

Tasty's (612 N Main St, Kaysville) - This is one place that we've never been but that comes highly recommended by a few neighbors. I did see that they have one of my favorites, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and coconut flakes, YUM!

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (968 North Main Street, Layton) - Everyone gets a free doughnut in celebration of the holiday! Stop by and grab yours before they run out.

Dunkin' Donuts (512 W Antelope Dr, Layton) - This is one of my favorite stops for breakfast, and their hot chocolate is delicious. With the purchase of any beverage, you can get a free donut!

the best donuts in Davis County

If you aren't able to make donuts part of your date night activities Friday, June 1st, find time to stop and grab your donuts sometime during the day. At the end of the night or after the kids are in bed, sit down together and enjoy your pastries!

Where will you be stopping for your donut? What flavor of donut do you always reach for first?

The best places to go in Davis County, UT if you want to celebrate National Donut Day

Gluten Free Friendly Restaurants in Davis County that are our Date Night Favorites

A few months ago, my husband was diagnosed with Celiac disease and one of the saddest things was knowing that he wouldn’t be able to eat some of his favorite foods, which meant that some of our favorite date night locations were out of the question. Most restaurants offer options for gluten free, but not all of them are delicious or something that my husband would generally order. Others have gluten free options, but aren’t as careful as we’d hope in avoiding cross contamination. After a few months of research and taste testing, I’m excited to have this post put together with a lot of our gluten free favorites for date night!

gluten-free restaurants utah

Gluten Friendly Restaurants in Davis County

Gluten Free Options at Farmington Station Park


One of our favorite locally owned restaurants at Station Park is really careful with their gluten free waffles, even using a separate waffle iron, so you can eat here and know that you aren’t risking feeling sick later on. We love their stuffed waffles, especially the ones stuffed with bacon and eggs and covered in syrup! Give them a try for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert!

Tortilla Union

Looking at Tortilla Union’s menu, I’d say that about 90% of it is gluten free friendly food. Their fryer is dedicated and the majority of their menu items come with corn tortillas or chips or the option to order your entree with a substitution. Click here for a list of my favorite menu items before your next visit and try one of their flavorful, unique and really delicious!

Last Course

If you’re looking for good dessert, Last Course is the place to go. They list whether a dessert or ice cream flavor is gluten free or vegan on the menu board next to each item. They’re a really great place to go for date night because of the atmosphere, quality of their dessert and how each item is presented. The fact that they cater to those with food allergies or preferences makes them even greater!

gluten-friendly restaurants davis county, utah

Gluten Free Options in South Davis County

Joy Luck

This is one of our favorite places to eat for date night and recent reviews on our favorite gluten-free app say that they can make almost anything on their menu gluten free. We can’t wait to go for a lunch date or dinner and try our favorite dishes gluten free. Chinese food is one thing that is really hard to do gluten free because of the batter and the sauces so finding a good restaurant who can make the majority of their dishes gluten free is amazing!

The Mandarin

Another local favorite for Chinese food is The Mandarin in Bountiful. They have a separate and extensive gluten-free menu and it notes that they fry their gluten free menu items in a separate, dedicated fryer. This is a great option if you are looking to satisfy a Chinese food craving!

Jersey Mike’s

This is probably my husband’s most frequented stop for lunch when he goes out. They have a good gluten free sandwich bun and take extra precautions when preparing your food to ensure that there’s no cross contamination. He prefers this over a lettuce wrap at one of his other favorite sandwich restaurants because the bread is his favorite part of most meals and eliminating it completely is not enjoyable for him.


We haven’t eaten here yet either but the owners of the Bountiful store reached out to me and told me that they have a lot of options for those who eat gluten free and that they take precautions to eliminate cross-contamination.

Zao Asian Cafe

The base of the bowls at Zao Asian Cafe is rice or rice noodles, and all of their sauces are gluten free. We haven’t tried this restaurant yet, but it’s on our list and we’ll be going there soon. We’ve heard great things about the flavor of their teriyaki sauce, which is again, gluten free, and their food looks filling and fresh and delicious!

gluten free Chinese food, utah

Gluten Free Options in North Davis County

Cafe Sabor

We haven’t eaten here yet, but it is a restaurant that has come highly recommended by other friends and family who eat gluten free. They’re a Mexican/Italian blend from the looks of their menu and the food is rumored to be extremely delicious. It’s a restaurant that’s up at the top of our date night must tries and will be visited by us soon.


You would hope that you’d be safe ordering from a Mexican restaurant by opting for corn tortillas, but that isn’t always the case. Orlando’s in Kaysville is one place where you know you can eat without getting sick! They have a separate gluten free menu and will take extra precautions when you let them know about your food allergy.

Red Robin

Whenever we’re craving burgers and fries, this is where we go! Red Robin has a gluten free bun that is the best one my husband has tasted. They also have a dedicated fryer for their fries, so you can eat the steakhouse, sweet potato or garlic herb fries. I discovered this really cool Allergen Customizer on their website that allows you to filter their menu by gluten friendly so you don’t have to follow a line across or read the ingredients of every menu item. This is the restaurant that by far has the most options of things that someone who is sensitive to gluten can enjoy!

Noodles & Co

This is one of our favorite places to grab takeout any time we are planning on a date night at home and we have continued to enjoy their food on a regular basis. I discovered this helpful allergen and nutritional facts sheet that we've used to determine if things like their barbecue sauce are gluten free. My husband orders the BBQ Mac without crispy jalapenos and substituting the noodles with gluten free noodles or rice noodles.


For an added charge, you can have any sandwich or burger put on a gluten free bun or gluten free bread. Their bun is really good according to my husband and definitely one he would eat often. Their house burger sauce contains gluten, so just be sure to order fry sauce instead.

Roosters Brewing Co.

Roosters has a great atmosphere for date night and a separate gluten free menu with a variety of options. We haven't eaten here yet, but plan to, especially now that we know they have good gluten free options and a dedicated menu. Click here to view their gluten free meal options.

gluten free pasta noodles, utah

Gluten Free Options Across Davis County

Costa Vida

Of the fast food Mexican restaurants, this one is the most gluten friendly. They take care with their food prep and have eliminated flour products from most of their food, with the exception of tortillas and a few desserts.


If my husband goes out to eat for lunch, this is one of the places that he goes. Order any of the grilled sandwiches with the gluten free bun. The bun will come in a package and you’ll have to assemble your sandwich, but my husband says it’s pretty good and he’s never gotten sick. Their fries are also free from cross-contamination because they are fried in a dedicated fryer.


There isn't a lot on the menu that you can eat here, but they have a gluten-free teriyaki sauce that you can order and a few entrees that are gluten free as well. If you like their chicken teriyaki rice bowls, you are in luck eating here! Check out their nutrition and allergy information to find out exactly what you can eat when you go there.

gluten free breakfast restaurants, utah

We were overwhelmed when we started trying to eat and date after my husband’s diagnosis, but it’s actually been a lot of fun trying new restaurants, researching menus and finding the most gluten-free friendly eateries and the ones who have the most delicious gluten free options. I’m aware that there are generally things that someone with a gluten sensitivity can eat almost anywhere they go, but I really want my husband to enjoy food and his life and not feel like he’s settling on date night while I eat something really yummy. He doesn’t love to live on salads, lettuce wraps, grilled chicken with veggies or mediocre sandwich buns so it’s been a real goal of mine to find the best of the best that the gluten free world has to offer!

Tip: Download the Find Me GF app for reviews of celiac friendly and gluten free options wherever you travel!

Menu Items at Tortilla Union that are a Must Try!

My love for Tortilla Union is well know, unless you’re new around here. I will sing praises for their Manchego Cheese Dip until the day I die! I frequent their restaurant at Station Park on a regular basis and have a goal to try almost everything on the menu. Recently they updated their menu to include a few new items and I immediately made plans to try them out. After enjoying their food twice in one week, I thought I’d share my favorite menu items with you and why I love them so much!

Where: Tortilla Union - Station Park (160 N West Promontory)
Cost: ~$10 per plate

Tortilla Union Station Park Farmington, UT

The Trio

This is my biggest “must order” item from the menu, except that you won’t find it on the menu anymore but the good news is, you can still order it! I order The Trio mostly for the magical Manchego Cheese Dip but I also really like their Guacamole. Both dips are flavorful and unique and I could eat them for my meal. On my most recent visits, I ordered just an appetizer of the cheese dip and chips and was a happy lady.

Candied Bacon

Don’t tell the cheese dip, but this might be my new favorite thing on the menu! A few months ago I enjoyed small pieces of the bacon on a salad, but my real love for it developed in the last two weeks, when it was included on a sandwich that I ordered. Oh man, this bacon is something else! It’s the perfect level of sweet with just a tiny bite from the chiles and tortilla union spice. Try it and you’ll love it, I promise!

the trio tortilla union station park farmington, ut

Crispy Chicken Club

I started seeing pictures of this sandwich a few days before it hit their menu and I knew I had to try it. It’s the first thing I ordered when I went a couple of weeks ago and it was really good! This is the sandwich that made me fall in love with the Candied Bacon. The flavor combination is unique and really delicious. You might thing you should order a taco or a burrito at somewhere with Southwestern food, but trust me when I tell you to try the chicken sandwich!

California Cobb Salad

You guys!!!! If you like salad, order this! The candied bacon and queso fresco add the most unique and delicious flavors to this salad. I’ve thought about it so many times since I first tried it a few months ago. If I wasn’t determined to try more menu items, I’d order this salad almost every time I visit Tortilla Union.

tortilla union tacos

Southwestern Caesar Salad

If I’m going to order a salad for my meal, I’ll most likely go for the California Cobb, but this salad will almost always be ordered as the side with any of the other entrees that I order. I love the combination of southwest and Caesar flavors in this salad. It’s fun and unique and makes my taste buds smile!

Southwestern Mac and Cheese

I haven’t tried this dish personally, but my husband ordered it on one of our dates before he started eating gluten free and he really loved it. I’m honestly surprised I didn’t taste it, because I usually sneak a bite of his meal just so I can tell you more about it from personal experience. We’ll just have to trust my husband’s taste buds on this one, until I can try it for myself.

tortilla union menu farmington, utah

I’ve tried a few other things on the menu, including a really yummy grilled chicken sandwich that isn’t on the menu anymore and that I don’t think you can order currently. They were all really good, but these are the meals and things I’ve tried that really wowed me! As I try new things, I’ll be sure to share them with you on my social media channels and add them to this post for future reference! I will tell you that I’m really excited to try the Union Ribs and plan to do that on our next date night there. I have a soft spot for ribs and theirs sound extra delicious and original, plus those whipped sweet potatoes are calling my name.

What’s your favorite thing you’ve ordered from Tortilla Union?