Burly Burger in South Weber

I’ve mentioned before that we tend to stick to south Davis County when we’re going out to eat. It’s the area that we’re most familiar with, and what we both grew up doing. I made a goal this year to explore restaurants in more of northern Davis County and we started the year out about as far north as we could go! If you haven’t heard about Burly Burger yet then you’ve probably been hiding under a rock because I swear we were one of the last people to go. Burly Burger has been all over social media and we’ve been wanting to try it out! I’m happy to be one of those people who have experienced its greatness so I can share it with you!

Where: Burly Burger (2572 E South Weber Dr, Ste 4, South Weber)
Cost: Plan on about $10 per person when you order a burger, fries and a drink or a shake

burly burger south weber

I spent a lot of time drooling over the menu online before we went on our family date to Burly Burger. And even though I’d prepared ahead of time, it was still hard to pick the one thing off of that menu that I most wanted to eat that day. Every single thing on that menu sounds so delicious and watching everyone’s food come to their tables while we were there, it all looks and smells just as delicious. I knew what my husband would order before I’d decided what I was going to order.

The Swanson Burly Burger Menu

My husband ordered The Swanson, named after one of his favorite TV characters. It comes loaded with bacon and an egg and he said it was just as good as he imagined it would be. I think he also debated ordering the Mr T (pastrami burger) and The Duke (onion rings and bacon) but I don’t think the decision was too hard for him. I ordered my favorite kind of burger, one with pineapple and teriyaki sauce (The Rock) and it did not disappoint. You know you have something good going when you can’t put your burger down after you start eating because it’s too messy and there’s a big pile of napkins next to your plate after you’re finished. Our kids got chicken tenders and the lil burly burger kids meals. We also ordered Battered Fries and a basket of Onion Rings to share.

The Rock Burly Burger Menu

If you asked our toddlers what the best part of dinner was, it wouldn’t be the food, it would be the fire. They were so intrigued by the flames that would flare up every so often from the grill. It was the best dinnertime entertainment and I credit that for how well they acted at the restaurant. My husband and I were entertained by the art on the walls. In addition to their floor to ceiling chalkboard menus, Burly Burger has a large wall covered in fun quotes and decorations that are unique and interesting. I wish we’d picked a different seat so that I could have looked at it more without having to twist in my seat and be so obviously staring in the direction of other people who were eating.

family date burly burger

Burly Burger’s food is classic, delicious and uniquely theirs. The atmosphere of the restaurant is fun and friendly and inviting. The staff was wonderful and the owner stopped by each table to see how everyone’s food was and thank them for coming in! I hope that Burly Burger moves their restaurant to a bigger location soon because they are popular and the tables were constantly full, even when we arrived before 5pm. If they wanted to expand south, we wouldn’t complain about that either ;)

Have you tried Burly Burger yet?

Burly Burger art

Hug-Hes Cafe - Centerville

A few months ago, Hug-Hes Cafe opened their doors over in the Target shopping area in Centerville. Since it’s opening, we’ve heard rave reviews at the food, the service and the atmosphere. It’s taken us that long to plan a date there but I’m happy to say that we finally did and we loved it so much that we can’t wait to go back! The atmosphere is perfect for date night and their food is unique and delicious. I’m confident that this will be a regular date night location for the two of us.

Where: 330 N Marketplace Dr Ste 100, Centerville
Cost: ~$10 per person

Hug-Hes Cafe Centerville utah

The first thing that impressed me when we walked into Hug-Hes was the decor and the atmosphere. Everything was decorated very modern and classy. There were gorgeous lights hanging from the ceiling and a beautiful wood wall in the back of the bar area with their logo on it. We were led to a table and our waitress came out and suggested that we sit at the table next to it so that we weren’t right next to the noisy kitchen. I was grateful that she made the suggestion for us to move before

I have a weakness for Spinach Artichoke Dip so we decided to start with that. Their dip has a unique flavor to it but it was really delicious and I enjoyed it on top of both the toasted ciabatta bread and the tortilla chips. This is definitely worth getting if you’re extra hungry and need something to start off your meal with.

spinach artichoke dip hug-hes cafe centerville utah

If you’re not sure you’re hungry enough for an appetizer but do want something to hold you over until your food is ready, Hug-Hes has you covered! Everyone gets to start their meal out with the famous Beer Bread and their butter with that delicious fruit (cherry, strawberry, cranberry?? I can’t remember which one) spread mixed in. It’s unique and delicious and amazing and definitely worth taking a bit of your meal home with you if you fill up on bread.

Hug-Hes Beer Bread

Trying to decide what to order was really hard. Literally everything on their menu sounded amazing and I couldn’t decide which menu item I wanted to try the most. I ended up going with the Hawaiian Burger and did not regret my decisions one bit. If you haven’t had a burger at Hug-Hes, you are missing out!!!! Their burgers are seriously delicious and cooked to perfection. My burger was topped with grilled ham, pineapple and tangy Hawaiian sauce. The only downside was that it was so big and messy that I had to eat it with a fork, but honestly, that is nothing to really complain about because the flavor was outstanding! And their waffle sweet potato fries, oh man, they really hit the spot.

hug-hes burgers centerville, utah

My husband chose to order a classic, Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo and it did not disappoint either. Hug-Hes makes their cheesy alfredo sauce from sratch and tops the dish with some amazing grilled chicken. I couldn’t help but steal a few bites of his meal because it was so yummy!

Fettuccine Alfredo Hug-Hes Cafe

After all of the delicious food we ate, we did not have room left for dessert, but I couldn’t help ordering a piece of their homemade English toffee to take home and try later. Toffee is one of my favorite treats and theirs was really delicious!

I can’t wait to go back and try so many more things on the menu. Some of the top dishes on my list are BBQ Pork Boneless Ribs, Portobello Chicken, Prime Rib Salad and the Chicken Salad Croissant. But if I’m being honest, almost every single thing on their menu is on my “to try” list. I guess we’ll be heading here for a lot of date nights in the coming year!

What’s your favorite thing on the menu at Hug-Hes?

The Best Places to Get Hot Chocolate in Davis County

Drinking hot chocolate together has been one of mine and husband’s favorite things to do since early on in our relationship. It can be a quick way to get some quality time in together at the end of a long day, when you have an afternoon off work together or after the kids have gone to bed. Whether you're stuck at home, have a couple of hours to spare or are looking for something fun to fill an entire afternoon, a hot chocolate tasting would make a really fun date night!

For a fun hot chocolate tasting date activity, make a list of places that serve hot chocolate you want to try. Break the list up and try a new location every week so you don’t get burnt out on hot chocolate too quickly. Find some time for a mini date, or go out and get a cup you can bring home and enjoy together before bedtime. At the end of the season, decide for yourselves which cup of chocolate you prefer.

hot chocolate tasting davis county ut

The Best Place to Get Hot Chocolate in Davis County

Locally Owned

Caffe Torrino - If you haven’t visited this quaint shop on Farmington’s Main Street yet, you need to stop by! Caffe Torrino used to be located in Station Park, but made a the move to Main Street recently and expanded their menu. The Chocolatto isn’t technically hot chocolate, but it’s one of my favorite things on the menu. This drink is the consistency of pudding and its warm and delicious. They also have hot chocolate and steamers on their menu and those are yummy as well.

Last Course - Not only does Last Course have amazing dessert and ice cream, they have hot chocolate as well. You can get a cup of European hot chocolate in milk, dark or white flavor. Take your treat up a notch with a Hot Chocolate Float, adding a scoop of ice cream to the cup. This is my favorite way to enjoy European hot chocolate!

Chain Restaurants

Dunkin’ Donuts - This is by far one of my favorite, lower cost cups of hot chocolate out there. It’s perfectly chocolatey and stays warm for quite a while. We miss the store in Bountiful and living a few blocks away so we could grab a cup on our way to work most mornings. There is a store in Layton and I plan on stopping by for a cup and breakfast to go a couple of times this winter.

Maverik Gas Stations - We live right next to a Maverik, so when the craving hits, we’ll drive the block to the gas station and grab hot chocolate to enjoy with a Redbox. I love adding a pump of hazelnut syrup to my cup before I leave.

Worth the Trip

Hatch Family Chocolates - A few years ago, I discovered this fun, family owned chocolate shop in The Avenues of Salt Lake. Someone suggested that I try their hot chocolate and I immediately fell in love. I try to get down to drink a cup at least two or three times every year. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a sad thing that I don’t live closer so that I can stop by every week for my favorite chocolatey treat. Click here to read more of my thoughts on Hatch’s delicious hot chocolate.

hot chocolate farmington utah

Where is your favorite place to get a cup of hot chocolate in Davis County?

Photography by Sadie Banks Photography

The best cup of hot chocolate in Davis County Utah

5 Reasons We Use Door Dash for Date Nights at Home

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Some nights we don’t feel like going out for date night, or even really to grab food, but we’re also not motivated to make food of our own at home. Recently, some of the food delivery services started serving our area and I decided to try them out and see which ones were worth using. After all was said and done, I’ve found that Door Dash is the best bang for your buck, at least for our area of the county.

door dash food delivery

Why We Love Door Dash

Large Variety of Restaurants

When looking at all of the apps that deliver food to my house, and there are about five of them, Door Dash has the best options for restaurants that will deliver to me. They have everything from fast food, to casual sit down to some of our favorite date night restaurants. A few of my favorites have been removed in the last couple of months, but there are still a lot of great ones to choose from, especially when compared to the other apps that only give me one or two choices total, so I’m still a fan.

Available to Deliver Immediately

A couple of the apps that I tried always told me that the restaurant I wanted to order from was currently closed for delivery but that I could pre-order for he next day or a few hours from the time I wanted to eat. As much as I’d like it to be, our schedule isn’t always that predictable. We generally decide last minute that we want to order in, or make a plan to order as we’re putting the kids to bed, and who knows when that will be. #toddlers

food delivery services

Great Service

Each time I’ve ordered from Door Dash, I’ve had someone different deliver my order. It doesn’t matter where I order from or who drops it off at my door, I’m always happy with the service. The dashers have always been friendly and my orders have always been spot on.

Text Message Updates

I love the text updates I get letting me know when my food has been picked up and when my dasher is approaching my house. It helps me to know time wise when my food will arrive, and knowing that the dasher is arriving lets me know to be listening for the door and that it’s ok to open it even though I don’t recognize the person on the porch.

Door Dash Credits

You can get $7 off your first order when you sign up for a Door Dash account by clicking this link. After that, you can refer friends and earn more credits when they complete their first orders. It’s a great way to save money on date night and enjoy the food you’re craving when it might not be in your budget. Click here to get your first $7 credit.

Door dash credits

Whether you don’t want to change out of your comfy clothes to go out and get food for your date night in, or your spouse is gone for the weekend and you want something delicious to eat after the kids are in bed, Door Dash is the app to use! I will be a Door Dash user for the rest of my life.

Photography by Sadie Banks Photography

Why we order from Door Dash for date night at home

Last Course - Farmington's New Dessert Destination

A couple of months ago, I was introduced to Last Course through some friends on Instagram. I heard soon after that they were going to be opening a store at Farmington Station Park and I've watched their Instagram feed with anticipation of that store opening so I could finally test them out. We were really excited to get away for a short dessert date the other night and can't wait to go back and try even more options from their menu. I can guarantee this will be a very frequented destination for date night, girl's night out and just because I need a sweet treat.

Where: Farmington Station Park (located south east of the fountains, just a few stores east of Johnny Rockets)
Cost: average of $8 per dessert

Last Course - Farmington Station Park

Last Course is the perfect stop for date night! We walked in around 9:30pm and it was obvious that 90% of the people there were doing the same thing we were. Some of them were out with a group and others were there for a little alone time, but we all had that "date night vibe" in common. The atmosphere is fun, the staff is friendly and the desserts look pretty and taste delicious.

There were so many things on the menu that looked yummy to me. I was tempted by a few of the ice cream flavors and really wanted to get the Glamping S'mores. My final decision was a dessert that I've been eyeing for months, the German Chocolate Cake. It's served under a smooth dome of dark chocolate with a warm cup of caramel sauce on the side. I was given good instructions for how to melt the chocolate dome using the sauce and a few other couples in line were interested in watching the show. The dome of chocolate melted to reveal chunks of German Chocolate Cake and toasted coconut. It was just as delicious as it looked!

Last Course German Chocolate Cake
dessert in davis county
restaurants in davis county ut

While we were in line, I sampled the Smoked Maple Bacon ice cream and it blew me away. There are decent sized chunks of real bacon scattered throughout the ice cream and the maple flavor wasn't too overwhelming. It was the perfect combination and I'd be all over a scoop of that in a waffle bowl the next time I'm there.

My husband ordered the Peanut Butter Pie. I loved the presentation of this dessert, served in a circular shape, rather than the wedge you think of when you hear the word pie. It was a graham and peanut butter crust topped with a peanut butter mousse and brownie crackers. He compared it to eating whipped peanut butter cup filling. I stole a bite and thought it tasted really yummy!

things to do in davis county ut

I really want to try the Glamping S'mores, Tortachunga, Chocolate Stack, Foster's Banana Taco and one of their many unique flavors of ice cream. My husband said he wants to try the Praline Peach Cobbler from the monthly menu for September and I'm intrigued by the Chocolate Turtle Cheesecake that's on that same menu. The Chocolate Hazelnut Cookie Ice Cream has been calling my name as well. We obviously have plenty more excuses to go back, as soon as the next couple of weeks before the monthly creations go away.

date night ideas davis county ut

You can make a date out of just a visit to Last Course or you could combine it with a relaxing chat around the fountains. If you want to make a night of it, try one of our favorite restaurants at Station Park, take in the live entertainment around the fountain, do some window shopping and see what all Station Park has to offer, then end your night with a treat from Last Course.

Have you been to Last Course yet? What's your favorite thing on the menu?

Farmington's newest dessert date destination - Last Course at Farmington Station Park in Davis County