Places to Look for Fun Date Night Events in Your Area

When I started Davis County Dates, one of my main goals was to provide couples with a resource that would help them stay in the know about all of the fun, date night worthy activities that our area has to offer. Over the years I'd found that I was missing out on fun events and activities season after season. After my segment on Fox 13's The Place last week, I thought it might be fun to share some of my favorite resources for date night ideas.

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Find Fun Events in Your Area

Tourism Websites

We're lucky to live in Davis County where the Tourism and Events website and social media accounts are all amazing! If you've never visited Play in Davis, checked out their blog or followed them on social media, you need to do that now! They are extremely involved in the community and great about keeping everyone informed when exciting things are happening in the area. 

City Social Media

Most cities have a social media page, and within those cities, you can find a few sub pages for specific areas. An example of this is that Bountiful Main Street has their own Facebook and Instagram pages, and even their own webpage, sharing a lot of the fun events that happen on Bountiful's Main Street throughout the year. We've found out about different activities we never knew were a thing through their social media pages over the last year and consequently, have had a lot of fun date nights and made a lot of memories.

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Community Newsletters

Every month, our bill from the city (garbage, water, etc.) comes with a newsletter. Inside each newsletter I find lists of events and activities that are sponsored by the city in the coming months. Movies in the park, festivals, plays, concerts and so much more.

Community Organizations

Davis County has a few amazing organizations that put together great shows and events. The Davis Arts Council and the Bountiful Davis Art Center both have cultural events throughout the year. I follow shopping centers (2600 S, Station Park, Layton Hills Mall, etc.) to find out about great deals and fun events that they are putting on. 

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Follow Your Favorites

Social media is the place to be these days. I've found a lot of great things by following some of our favorite local restaurants and businesses. Restaurants post information about their current specials and new dishes that they're offering. Theaters and activity venues post deals every once in a while as well. Follow your places you frequent as well as places that you've always wanted to try out.

Friends and Family

Before we moved to Farmington, we stayed extremely local with our traditions and date nights. We rarely ventured further north than Centerville and if we did, it was to Layton to hang out around the mall, in an area we knew. After we moved, we knew that we wanted to find new favorites, closer to where we now live. I started asking around and thanks to the recommendations of friends and neighbors, we have discovered great new restaurants, fun activities and new traditions. If you're looking for something new and fun in your area, ask for recommendations on Facebook or Instagram. If your neighborhood has a social media group, that's even better.

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Local Bloggers

There are so many great blogs out there that cover different types of local events. Some of our favorites are The Salt Project and Davis County Moms. And of course, you can always find great local date night ideas here at Davis County Date Nights. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram accounts as well as our Upcoming Events and Recent Posts pages here on the website.