Create Your Own Davis County Date Night Bucket List

A few years ago we put together our first date night bucket list, and we've created a new one every single year since. Having a list of activities we wanted to do and places we wanted to eat made coming up with what we were going to do for date night each week just a little bit easier. We've loved it so much, even when we haven't quite completed our list, that we've decided to make it an annual tradition in our marriage. This year we're making our bucket list specific to Davis County and I wanted to share it with you! But before I do, I thought it might be helpful to give you a few tips to creating your own.

farmington station park fountains

Create a Bucket List for Date Night in Your Hometown

1. Make a list

Sit down together and make a list of all of the restaurants, activities, attractions, etc. that you have always talked about doing together. We like to keep ours on a shared Google Spreadsheet so that either of us can add to the list at any point in time. As you find new things to do, add them to your master list.

2. Divide the list into categories

Create categories depending on the types of things that you've included on your list. I've chosen to break ours up based on the date night types here on the site; play, dine, see, relax, romance, free/on a budget, at home and worth the trip. Some other ideas for categories might be kid free, family date night, active dates, dessert, season/holiday specific, etc. I try to rotate through the types of dates to add some variety to our date night routine.

3. Pick six to ten dates from your list

Choose your top date night ideas and use them to create a Date Night Bucket List for the coming year. I've found that committing to more than one date every month or two can be a little overwhelming. If you have restaurants on your list, you could pick one per month or one every other month so that you're sure to have time for your favorites. If you have a good date night routine going and know that you have time to cross more off of your list, add more!

4. Put your date nights on the calendar

The last couple of years I put our bucket list dates on my "to do" list for the month that it seemed most fitting for. This definitely brought more success as we worked to cross everything off of our bucket list. The year that we didn't do this, those date night ideas sat on our list and were forgotten about after a few months or until we were past the event or seasonal activity that we wanted to participate in. 

World's Best Corndogs

*Tip* You can refer back to your master list for other dates throughout the year, even if they're not on your official bucket list for the year. That master list is a great resource for when you're having an "I don't know, what do you want to do?" emergency or those times when you want to surprise your partner for date night. If you're planning a surprise date night, try picking something from the list you know they really want to do or that they added to the list since the last time you two talked.

Now for my favorite part, our bucket list for the year! I had the hardest time narrowing down our master list, and this bucket list is bigger than I'd usually set, but that's because of this little space and the content and date ideas that I want to provide for you. And those dates that we don't get to this year will be great for future years. We still have an entire list of date night locations to pull from for other dates as well. Having these different activities to look forward to makes date night that much more exciting and motivates us to make date night a priority, no matter what our schedule looks like each week.

CenterPoint Legacy Theatre

Play in Davis County

  • Ice skating at Farmington Station Park

  • See a couple of shows at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre

  • Family day date at Cherry Hill, then an evening us date for mini golf and pie pockets

  • Corn maze, hayride, burgers and donuts at the Cross E Ranch fall festival

Dine in Davis County

  • Chile Amor in North Salt Lake

  • Cafe Sabor in Layton

  • ti amo wood fired pizza in Bountiful

  • Gabor Brothers Pizza in Layton

  • Holy Smoke BBQ in Layton

  • Black Bear Diner in Layton or Woods Cross

See Davis County

  • Spend the night enjoying live entertainment and fountain shows at Farmington Station Park

  • Hike on Antelope Island

  • Explore parks in Davis County as a family and make a list of our favorites

  • Hike the Farmington Creek Trail

  • Hike the Wild Rose Trail in North Salt Lake

  • Go roller-blading on the Legacy Park trail

  • Antelope Island Dark Sky Party

  • Burly Burger in South Weber

Worth the Trip

  • Elk viewing at Hardware Ranch

  • Hot chocolate at Hatch Family Chocolates

  • Deer Valley summer concert

  • Sundance full moon lift ride

  • Dry Bar Comedy

  • Wise Guys Comedy Club and Slackwater Pizza

  • See Phantom at Hale Center Theater

  • Morning date at Top Golf

  • Ice Castles in Midway

Farmington Station Park Skating Rink

I'd love to hear what's on your date night bucket list for the year! Comment below and let me know! We'll be sure to post about our dates after we've completed them.

Davis County date night ideas plus how to create your own date night bucket list.

5 Reasons We Use Door Dash for Date Nights at Home

This post contains affiliate links. This means that I make a small commission off of purchases made through my links at no extra charge to you. Links are provided for your convenience. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that support A Prioritized Marriage!

Some nights we don’t feel like going out for date night, or even really to grab food, but we’re also not motivated to make food of our own at home. Recently, some of the food delivery services started serving our area and I decided to try them out and see which ones were worth using. After all was said and done, I’ve found that Door Dash is the best bang for your buck, at least for our area of the county.

door dash food delivery

Why We Love Door Dash

Large Variety of Restaurants

When looking at all of the apps that deliver food to my house, and there are about five of them, Door Dash has the best options for restaurants that will deliver to me. They have everything from fast food, to casual sit down to some of our favorite date night restaurants. A few of my favorites have been removed in the last couple of months, but there are still a lot of great ones to choose from, especially when compared to the other apps that only give me one or two choices total, so I’m still a fan.

Available to Deliver Immediately

A couple of the apps that I tried always told me that the restaurant I wanted to order from was currently closed for delivery but that I could pre-order for he next day or a few hours from the time I wanted to eat. As much as I’d like it to be, our schedule isn’t always that predictable. We generally decide last minute that we want to order in, or make a plan to order as we’re putting the kids to bed, and who knows when that will be. #toddlers

food delivery services

Great Service

Each time I’ve ordered from Door Dash, I’ve had someone different deliver my order. It doesn’t matter where I order from or who drops it off at my door, I’m always happy with the service. The dashers have always been friendly and my orders have always been spot on.

Text Message Updates

I love the text updates I get letting me know when my food has been picked up and when my dasher is approaching my house. It helps me to know time wise when my food will arrive, and knowing that the dasher is arriving lets me know to be listening for the door and that it’s ok to open it even though I don’t recognize the person on the porch.

Door Dash Credits

You can get $7 off your first order when you sign up for a Door Dash account by clicking this link. After that, you can refer friends and earn more credits when they complete their first orders. It’s a great way to save money on date night and enjoy the food you’re craving when it might not be in your budget. Click here to get your first $7 credit.

Door dash credits

Whether you don’t want to change out of your comfy clothes to go out and get food for your date night in, or your spouse is gone for the weekend and you want something delicious to eat after the kids are in bed, Door Dash is the app to use! I will be a Door Dash user for the rest of my life.

Photography by Sadie Banks Photography

Why we order from Door Dash for date night at home

The Company That Plans a Date Night Out for You!

We were introduced to a company called Date Crescent a month or two ago and wanted to share their service with all of you. Date Crescent was created to help people who are looking for unique and interesting things to do with their significant other. After you've set your preferences and let them know a little bit about the two of you, you can request a date proposal. When you submit a date proposal you tell your concierge what your budget is, how far from home you want to go, if you're planning for a special occasion and your food preferences (if you want them to scheduled a meal for you). 

Date Crescent - Date planning service for couples

This is an idea that I've thought would be beneficial for couples for a while so I was excited to find out that there was a company out there doing just that! I shared more about them on A Prioritized Marriage today. I think you'll love this company so click here to check out the post and read more about them.

Photography by Sadie Banks Photography

A date night service for married couples. Let this company plan date night for you.

Places to Look for Fun Date Night Events in Your Area

When I started Davis County Dates, one of my main goals was to provide couples with a resource that would help them stay in the know about all of the fun, date night worthy activities that our area has to offer. Over the years I'd found that I was missing out on fun events and activities season after season. After my segment on Fox 13's The Place last week, I thought it might be fun to share some of my favorite resources for date night ideas.

davis county date night ideas

Find Fun Events in Your Area

Tourism Websites

We're lucky to live in Davis County where the Tourism and Events website and social media accounts are all amazing! If you've never visited Play in Davis, checked out their blog or followed them on social media, you need to do that now! They are extremely involved in the community and great about keeping everyone informed when exciting things are happening in the area. 

City Social Media

Most cities have a social media page, and within those cities, you can find a few sub pages for specific areas. An example of this is that Bountiful Main Street has their own Facebook and Instagram pages, and even their own webpage, sharing a lot of the fun events that happen on Bountiful's Main Street throughout the year. We've found out about different activities we never knew were a thing through their social media pages over the last year and consequently, have had a lot of fun date nights and made a lot of memories.

fun things to do in davis county

Community Newsletters

Every month, our bill from the city (garbage, water, etc.) comes with a newsletter. Inside each newsletter I find lists of events and activities that are sponsored by the city in the coming months. Movies in the park, festivals, plays, concerts and so much more.

Community Organizations

Davis County has a few amazing organizations that put together great shows and events. The Davis Arts Council and the Bountiful Davis Art Center both have cultural events throughout the year. I follow shopping centers (2600 S, Station Park, Layton Hills Mall, etc.) to find out about great deals and fun events that they are putting on. 

utah date night ideas

Follow Your Favorites

Social media is the place to be these days. I've found a lot of great things by following some of our favorite local restaurants and businesses. Restaurants post information about their current specials and new dishes that they're offering. Theaters and activity venues post deals every once in a while as well. Follow your places you frequent as well as places that you've always wanted to try out.

Friends and Family

Before we moved to Farmington, we stayed extremely local with our traditions and date nights. We rarely ventured further north than Centerville and if we did, it was to Layton to hang out around the mall, in an area we knew. After we moved, we knew that we wanted to find new favorites, closer to where we now live. I started asking around and thanks to the recommendations of friends and neighbors, we have discovered great new restaurants, fun activities and new traditions. If you're looking for something new and fun in your area, ask for recommendations on Facebook or Instagram. If your neighborhood has a social media group, that's even better.

great places to eat in davis county utah

Local Bloggers

There are so many great blogs out there that cover different types of local events. Some of our favorites are The Salt Project and Davis County Moms. And of course, you can always find great local date night ideas here at Davis County Date Nights. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram accounts as well as our Upcoming Events and Recent Posts pages here on the website.

One Date Night Resource You Need

Are you and your partner...

...still dating or newlyweds who treat every night as date night?
...young and married but feel as though the honeymoon is over and the spark is fading?
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...parents of young children who can't be left alone at home?
...parents of older children who have busy schedules and lots of extracurricular events?
...empty-nesters, rediscovering your relationship and role in each other's lives as husband and wife?

These are all situations that couples have noted for why they are not making time to date each other on a more regular basis. No matter what your stage in life, there will always be something keeping you from spending as much time together as you would like. Make time for date night in your relationship because if you don't, you will begin to drift apart and one day you might wake up to find that you are roommates rather than lovers.

This e-book will provide you with resources and ideas that will help the two of you make date night more of a priority in your relationship. With almost 100 pages of content and 19 chapters of date night ideas, no matter your current stage of life, you and your partner are sure to find a way to make date night happen on a regular basis.

Date Night Ideas Ebook

In this e-book you will find:

  • Benefits that your relationship will enjoy when you make date night a priority.
  • Seven tips and suggestions for making date night happen, no matter what obstacles life brings.
  • Over 200 ideas to keep date night fresh and fun throughout every stage of your relationship.
  • Date night ideas to fit any budget, time constraint or other limitations.

Even more exciting, you can get $3 off of your download using discount code DAVISCOUNTYDATES. Grab your copy today and find ways to incorporate the date night ideas you get from the book into your date nights around Davis County.