Lockbox Mysteries Battle

A couple of weeks ago, we had a family staycation. My mom wanted something fun to do one night, for just the adults, so we decided to have a competition using Lockbox Mysteries, one of our very favorite Davis County companies! We love Lockbox Mysteries and have solved both of their crates with different groups of friends for a group date. Every experience with their crates has been fun, even when we were helping solve a crate we’d already done before most recently! It had been almost two years since my husband and I saw that particular crate theme, so it didn’t ruin the game because we didn’t remember many details.

lockbox mysteries crates - at home escape room

For groups of two to eight people, one crate should work just fine! We’ve found that for us, the ideal number of people working together on each crate is six. If you have a larger group, whether for a group date or a family event, I would suggest renting more than one crate! We got two of the same themed crate, the Sherlock Holmes mystery, for 10 people, so we had five to a table. We found two areas in the house, apart from each other and set up tables so we had enough space to work. Then we had each person pick a number to determine whether they were on team one or team two. When we were ready to start, we counted down and hit start on our timers.

We had a few different goals as we worked together to solve our crates. We wanted to solve the mystery in under an hour, finish before the other team and bond with our group! Both groups were able to finish in 40-50 minutes, there was a clear winner and we had a lot of fun as a family! I highly suggested this activity for a family reunion or a holiday party this year!

family reunion activity ideas

P.S. We started our night with dinner at Tortilla Union before heading to my parent’s house where we worked on our Lockbox Mystery crates!

Where to Celebrate International Sushi Day in Davis County

International Sushi Day is this coming Tuesday June 18th and I wanted to give you enough notice that you could celebrate with a date night over the weekend if you want. Like most random holidays, there is a real purpose behind . The purpose of this holiday is to raise awareness about the truths and fiction surrounding sushi.

Location: Restaurants around Davis County
Cost: Varies - see price range by restaurant below

Confession: I've never been a huge sushi fan, but the truth is, I've only tasted it once and it was years ago. I made it a goal to try it again last year and couldn't do it. So if you have suggestions for what type of sushi we should try first, please send them my way!

International Sushi Day

Where to Find Good Sushi in Davis County

Mikkado - Bountiful (255 N 500 W) - $8-$15 per roll: 16 different sushi roll options as well as a variety of Tepanyaki options for those non-sushi eaters in your group. For a special occasion, try the 5 Course Dinner for Two ($68)

Fuji Sushi - Centerville (330 N Marketplace Dr) - $3.50-$14.50 per roll: Dine in or pickup. Fuji Sushi is an Asian restaurant known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and use of high quality fresh ingredients.

Sushi Monster - Farmington (935 W 100 N) - $11-$30: No menus are provided online for this restaurant, so I'm going to have to go here in person. The reviews and posts on social media mention great deals on sushi rolls and delicious food.

Davis County Sushi locations

Tony's Grill and Sushi Bar - Layton (22 N Main Street) - $4.50-$11 per roll: A wide variety of sushi and endless sushi rolls.

Osaka Sushi and Isakaya - Layton (918 Heritage Park Blvd) - $4.00-$15 per roll: So many different options for sushi and Japanese cuisine. Check out their menu on Facebook to see what all they have to offer.

Sushi Ya - Clearfield (1246 Legend Hills Dr) - $4.50-$13 per roll: All you can eat for $14.95 per person, select from sushi sections A&B.

The best sushi in Davis County, UT

At Home - Smith's Near You - Smith's has a sushi-to-go counter in their stores that I've heard is pretty good. If you have had experience with their sushi before, please leave your thoughts in the comments below for others to refer to.

'Where do you like to go for sushi in Davis County?

The best places to get sushi in Davis County, UT

At Home Campout Date for Those Cold Winter Months

Last year we had an indoor camping date night in the middle of January. It was simple, and something that we did at home, but it has been one of our most memorable date night activities ever. If your stage of life is similar to ours, if you're not an outdoorsy couple, if the woods are too far away from you or if it's the middle of winter and you're missing the summer weekends when you would escape to somewhere without cell phone service, this date night might be for you. In the summer, you could do this in your backyard, but you'll want to make sure you have long lasting batteries in your baby monitors or an extension cord that reaches out to your tent so you can keep an eye on the kids.

at home date ideas centerville utah

At Home Campout for Cold Winter Months

We got our favorite takeout to eat during our date and enjoyed homemade s’mores after we were finished. You could drink hot chocolate from your favorite hot chocolate location in the area. Another great addition to this date would be Glamping S'mores from Last Course at Station Park!

One of the best things about this date is that you can still wake up the next morning and go to work if you need to. Middle of the week dates or date nights when one of you has to work all weekend are totally doable with this kind of campout! I loved that we could do this on a Saturday night and still get up the next morning and have the entire family ready and at church by 9am. 

date night ideas bountiful utah

Lockbox Mysteries - An At Home Escape Room Experience

Just over a year ago, we were introduced to the newly launched Lockbox Mysteries. It was one of the most fun group dates we’ve ever had and we knew that we’d need to rent their next mystery crate as soon as it was released. That crate, Infected: Zombie Nation, was released earlier this year and over six months later, we’d still hadn’t gotten a chance to solve the new Lockbox mystery. My husband’s birthday was coming up and I decided it was the perfect opportunity for some Lockbox Mysteries fun! I secretly invited some of his closest friends to our house for dinner and surprised him with their visit and the escape room style crate. We had a lot of fun and are hopeful that more crates are in the development stages and will be released in the future!

Where: the comfort of your own home
Cost: $45 crate rental + $50 fully refundable deposit

lockbox mysteries davis county utah

My favorite thing about this date activity is how easy it is to prepare for and clean up after. All I had to do was pick up the crate from Tia’s house and return it after we were done. No setup on my end because everything we needed to solve the mystery was provided in the crate. And clean up was simple as well because you aren’t required to put everything back together. just make sure it all gets back into the box and returned to Tia when you’re finished.

at home escape room farmington utah

Both times that we’ve used Lockbox Mysteries for a group date activity, it’s gotten rave reviews from everyone in attendance! We were truly immersed in the experience of the crate and had the best time with both groups that we solved our mysteries with. Tia thought of every single detail down to the fake blood splatters on the props in the Zombie box. She is a true genius when it comes to her escape room crates! I can’t even begin to wrap my brain around all of the thought and planning that goes into these mysteries and I know you’ll be just as amazed by Tia’s skills when you rent your crate.

escape room davis county utah

Both crate themes were different but a lot of fun! My husband and I agreed that the Zombie Nation crate was a little more difficult than the Sherlock Holmes crate but we were able to solve both mysteries and felt like they stretched our critical thinking a bit. Tia suggests 4-6 people working together to solve each mystery and I agree. We had six people both times we rented a crate and it was the perfect number to work quickly through the mystery but not get too bogged down with too much going on at once.

zombie escape room davis county utah

You can find out more about both of the crate themes here and don’t forget that you can get $10 off of your box rental when you use the promo code LOCKBOXDATE at checkout!

This fun at home escape room experience will take your next dinner party or group date night to the next level.

Haunts and Thrills for Spooky Date Nights in Davis County

I'm going to be honest with you, I do not enjoy being scared, so my husband and I will be steering clear of the majority of the activities listed below. But I know that a lot of people LOVE October and all of the Halloween festivities that come with it. There are a lot of fun fall festivals in the area, but I also wanted to make sure you knew about all of the frights and scares that you can submit yourselves to this month. You have two and a half weeks to enjoy this spooky madness so get out there and enjoy!

davis county fall activities

Haunted Attractions in Davis County


Where: Lagoon, Farmington
When: September 14 - October 30

Prices and hours for different Frightmares attractions vary. Visit their website for all the details.

This is one of the more well known scary attractions in Davis County. For Frightmares, Lagoon is filled with scary fun for all ages.

The Lights on Sherwood Drive

Cost: Free
Where: 1098 E Sherwood Drive, Kaysville
When: End of October

Dates and times have not been set for 2018 yet. The hope is that they will be open the last two weekends in October. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for details when those dates are set.

They are best known for their Christmas light display, but this year, Sherwood Drive is gearing up for a spooky Halloween display as well. Beginning Friday, October 20th and running nightly through October 31st, you can enjoy the Scary Lights on Sherwood Drive Halloween show. Drive by from 7-10pm on weekdays and 7-11pm on weekends.

Haunted Kay's Cross

Cost: $6/person
Where: 388 Boynton Road, Kaysville
When: Fridays and Saturdays, October 5th - November 3rd from 7pm-11pm

This year there are new activities at Kay’s Cross for 2018. Click here for more details.

Right here in Davis County, we have the #1 Scariest Haunted Forest in Utah and one of the Top 100 Scariest Haunted Houses in America. Visit this year for guided tours on the weekend and Halloween night.

haunted activities in Davis County

Halloween Insanity

Cost: Free
Where: 1352 South 2600 West, Syracuse
When: Walk Through Haunt (10/31) 6:30pm-10pm

A haunted house and fun drive by display that changes every year. Click here to follow them on Facebook and get updated information each season.

Nightmare Acres

Cost: $16
Where: Black Island Farms - 3178 S 3000 W, Syracuse
When: NIGHTMARE ACRES WILL NOT BE OPEN IN THE 2018 SEASON, due to Black Farm’s recent move. Check back in 2019 for updated dates and pricing. You can still visit the fall festival and participate in their other activities for the year. Click here for more information about those.

A haunted corn maze for older children and brave adults.

Halloween activities in Davis County

Blackthorn Manor

Cost: Free
Where: 1587 W 50 S, West Point
When: No details have been posted for the 2018 season

Local Halloween yard display and attraction. Follow Blackthorn Manor on Facebook for updated information.

Lockbox Mysteries

Similar to murder mysteries, escape room dates are a lot of fun and feel festive for the upcoming holiday. We recently tried out an at home escape room alternative and had a lot of fun. Check out my post here for more details and to try it out yourselves! This is a fun activity to enjoy just the two of you or with a group of up to eight people.

escape room at home

Who Dun It

If you're looking for even more fun things to do for a Halloween party or festive group date, you'll want to check out this fun mystery detective game group date (affiliate) from The Dating Divas. It's already put together for you so the preparation is easy!

Scary Movie Date Night

Check out this post from Moms & Munchkins for some fun ideas for a scary movie date night this Halloween.

The Walking Dead Date Night

In my world, you can't get much scarier than The Walking Dead. I can't stop watching the show, but it gives me so many nightmares. The newest season premieres this weekend, on October 22nd, so you could plan a date to catch up on previous seasons (check out Netflix) or enjoy new episodes together. Click here for a fun Walking Dead date night plan from The Dating Divas.

scary activities for Halloween

What other fun haunted date nights do you enjoy in October?