Why Your Relationship Needs Date Night

Research has shown that couples who spend quality time together at least once a week report higher levels of happiness in their relationship. Weekly couple time has also been show to decrease the likelihood of divorce and lead both partners to experience above-average levels of satisfaction with communication and commitment.

After talking to many couples about their date night habits, I found that the majority wish that they could increase the frequency of their dates and add some variety to their date night activities. I've decided that maybe our use of the term "date night" puts too much pressure on intentional quality time, making it more difficult than it needs to be.

Date night to me is any intentional time that I get to spend with my husband. Date night involves a lot of talking, laughter and memories made. Date nights can be spontaneous or planned well in advance. We set aside one night a week to date each other. Sometimes our "date moments" are as simple as a late night walk or enjoying a bowl of ice cream while we watch our current Netflix favorite. Other times  our date nights are a lot more involved and well planned out.

Why Your Relationship Needs Date Night

Why your relationship needs date night, no matter how long you've been together

Date night should be time when you reconnect as a couple and a time when you can fall in love all over again. If you have kids, they should see you spending time together, working on your marriage, and see that you are obviously in love with each other. We love taking a break from our role as parents to spend time with each other, whether that means going out on the town for an hour or two or three or doing something simple together after our kids are in bed. 

I want to challenge the you to find ways to make intentional time with each other a more regular occurrence in your relationship. You can call it a date night, date moment or just quality time. The importance of regular date night isn't the extravagance of the activity, the money spent or the time away from your kids; it's the quality of the time that you get to spend together and how it is influencing the relationship that you have in your role as each other's partners in life.

The majority of couples wish they could increase the frequency of their dates and add some variety to their date night activities.

The goal of this website is to help couples find ways to keep date night fresh and fun. Our recent posts section features local events, seasonal activities, free tun, once in a lifetime adventures, date night deals and the best places to eat. All of these date night ideas come straight from Davis County, UT. Date night activities from other parts of the state are also featured if we feel that they are worth the trip.