Go on a treasure hunt in your own city! "Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS - enabled devices [to] find the geocache (container) hidden at [the specified] location." (Source)

Location: Various areas near your home.
Price: Free


There are many ways to find different geocaches in your area. Download an app (search your app store), or visit a webpage this one. I love the Geocaching guide found on this website. They go into all of the details about how to hunt, what you'll need, and what the "rules" of the game are.

Depending on the type of cache you find, you might sign a log and put the cache back in its place, take what's hidden inside and replace it with a new trinket or something else. Caches are marked in some apps by level of difficulty to find. This could easily become a new married couple hobby and something that you do together often. Work to find new caches in your area, coming back to the ones that you couldn't find before and try again.

geocache in Davis County

Add to your geocaching date by packing a picnic that you can eat in the area where you'll be searching, before or after your hunt. Have fun together and don't stress too much if you aren't able to locate the cache you go searching for. 

Some people get really serious about their geocaching and really enjoy doing it. Whether this is a one time activity, something you do together every so often, or something that becomes a hobby every time you are out and about as a couple, you'll have fun exploring and playing together in Davis County

Where are your favorite places to look for geocaches in Davis County?

A fun way to explore Davis County, Utah