Why Anniversary Inn is Our Favorite for a Romantic Overnight Date

If you've never given The Anniversary Inn a try, you really should. I know some people are hesitant because they worry the rooms will be cheesy, but they are far from it. Each one is classy and well put together, down to the details in the knick knacks. You can also take a tour of the properties and some of the different rooms before you book a stay so you know exactly what you’re going into and which rooms fit your personalities best.

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{CLOSED} Splurge on a Night in Italy at Farmington Station Park

We’re sad to say that this Davis County favorite is no longer in business.

Enjoy authentic Italian Pizza and Gelato without getting on an airplane or even leaving the county. Settebello's Pizza Napoletana is as Italian as you'll get without being in Italy. The Vera Pizza Napoletana charter and a handmade artisan oven brings the authenticity here to the states. It's not your traditional pizza, but I tell everyone that they should try it at least once!

Location: 901 West Clark Lane (In Farmington Station Park. South of Fountain Square, next to the theaters)
Price: Antipasti dishes: $5. Pizza: $10-$15 each and one pizza feeds one person. Gelato: $2.50-$5

Settebello - Farmington Station Park

The Best Pizza at Station Park

Atmosphere is one of my favorite things about Settebello. We love to eat outside on the patio during the summer months because each table feels secluded and has a view of Fountain Square. For our most recent date night at Settebello, we were seated on the back patio, and it was perfect. We were in the shade but the weather was warm so we were comfortable throughout the entire meal.

The staff at Settebello is friendly and knowledgeable and never rush you to finish your food and leave. There were families and couples enjoying their meals when we arrived and they were still there talking and enjoying one another's company when we left to continue our night elsewhere. The atmosphere alone makes this the perfect date night location for any occasion.

Settebello Menu - Farmington Station Park

My husband and I were not very adventurous in our pizza choices on this date, but we have plans to go back and experience even more of the menu. The top pizza in the image below is Joe's, he ordered the Pizza Carbonara. The bottom pizza is mine, I ordered the Margherita, my classic favorite. When we ordered, we planned on splitting the pizzas in half, but we each ended up enjoying our own so much that we only shared a slice with the other person. On our next date, I plan on ordering the Margherita DOC with Prosciutto Crudo added to the top.

Authentic Italian Pizza - Settebello - Farmington Station Park

If you're not full after dinner, you might consider splurging on a Nutella Pizza to share. We like to get a small cup of gelato to go and find a seat in Fountain Square where we can sit and eat it. I love the pistaccio or hazelnut gelato and I can usually guarantee that my husband will go for the Nutella.

We loved our Italian night out and know that you will too!