John Gottman is Coming to Utah for Date Night!!

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I have been sharing about this event over on social media for the last month, but I realized that I never wrote a post about why I’m so excited that John and Julie Gottman are coming to Utah to speak at Date Night next month!!

When: Wednesday, September 18, 2019 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Cottonwood High School (5175 S 1300 E, Murray)
Only $74 per couple!!

John and Julie Gottman Speaking Event

If you could ask the world’s #1 love expert one question, what would it be?

How do you keep the chemistry alive through your 60th anniversary?

How can I get my partner to care more about our relationship?

Why do we keep arguing about the same thing over and over?

What could I do to have the kind of relationship most people only dream of?

Wouldn’t it be great to have answers to these questions!?

Well, you’re in luck!

utah date night

The world’s #1 relationship experts, John and Julie Gottman, are coming to Utah to share the secrets of what separate the marriage masters from the disasters.

Typically tickets to see John and Julie cost over a thousand dollars! But you can come see them and get a copy of their brand new book, Eight Dates: Crucial Conversations for a Lifetime of Love, for less than $75!

Will you join us and better your relationship?!

Click here to purchase your ticket before they sell out!

date night ideas salt lake city utah

A Great Way to Enjoy Community Theatre for Free

When my friend Angela contacted me with this great date night idea that includes volunteering and a free show, I was excited to share it with all of you! We haven’t been to Hopebox Theatre yet, but after hearing Angela’s experience, I think we’ll be volunteering there soon. Enjoy the date night idea below, written by Angela, then follow her on Instagram.

Where: Hopebox Theatre
Cost: Free

hopebox theatre

As a couple, we love watching the performing arts for date night!  We also love to volunteer. That’s when we came up with the idea to put them together!

We tried, and loved, one such opportunity with the Hopebox Theatre!  The @hopebox_theatre “is built on the power of the performing arts to help people heal”.  They “strive to bring hope and light into the lives of those who are battling dark times, specifically cancer”.  The owner went through her own journey of cancer and found that music and musical productions gave her hope which ignited the idea to open a theatre for this very cause!  For every production, they feature an individual with cancer and give the proceeds to them for their treatment!

volunteer at local theatre

You can also volunteer as an usher with at Abravanel Hall, Capitol Theatre, Eccles Theater, and the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center!  When you do, as with the Hopebox Theatre, you get a free ticket!  

Grab yourself a date for the weekend, do some good, and enjoy the show!

Don’t forget to follow Angela on Instagram

The Best Local Celebrations for the 24th of July Holiday

The 24th of July is quickly becoming one of my very favorite holidays. It's fun to celebrate the heritage of our state, and I won't complain about the extra paid holiday at work. If you are looking for something to do this weekend, I know of a few different local celebrations that you won't want to miss! The best part is, none of them really overlap so you could attend them all and make your weekend one big party!

davis county 24th of july celebrations

Bountiful Handcart Days

When: Friday, July 19th and Saturday, July 20th
Where: Bountiful Main Street and Bountiful Park (400 N)
Cost: Free, Some activities and booths cost money

This celebration starts with the Main Street Parade on Friday. Friday evening's activities also include games, food and entertainment at the park, an arts and craft exhibition and one of my favorite firework shows. Continue your celebrate on Saturday with the Handcart Day Races, Bountiful History Tours at the museum and tabernacle, a Chuck Wagon Breakfast and more activities and fun at the park. Click here for all of the details for Handcart Days.

Antelope Island Pioneer Day

When: July 20
Where: Fielding Garr Ranch - Antelope Island
Cost: Free, some events may cost money

Games from 10:00am - 12:00pm and guided tours of the Fielding Garr Ranch from 3-4:00pm.

bountiful handcart days

Days of '47

When: July 12-24
Where: Various locations in Salt Lake City. 
Cost: Free, some events may cost money

This is the biggest celebration in Utah for the weekend. Celebrations include the Days of '47 Rodeo, Deseret News Marathon, Sunrise Service at Temple Square and Days of '47 Parade. Click here for all of the details about this year's Days of '47 celebration.

If saving your seats hours before the event, sitting in the hot sun and fighting the crowds isn't your thing, you can watch the parade from home! I personally think you get the best view on your TV and you get to hear the story behind each of the parade entries and floats. Plus, you can participate in a contest that KSL hosts by watching for the key words to come across your screen. Last year we picked up smoothies in the morning and watched the parade with our son and I think we'll be doing something similar this year. It makes for a fun and lazy morning!

days of '47 celebrations

Breakfast at Bowman's

When: Wednesday, July 24th 7-10am
Where: Bowman's (326 N Main St, Kaysville)
Cost: $5 - Adults, $3 - 12 and under, $20 per family (up to 6)

A local annual tradition that would be a lot of fun to do as a family! From 7-10am is the annual breakfast. From 10am-2pm is the customer appreciation event which includes free face painting, hot dogs and drinks, cotton candy, cookies and rootbeer floats.

Taste of the Town

When: Wednesday, July 24th 4-7pm
Where: Layton Commons Park
Cost: Free Admission, Food Tickets $1 each

We went to this event as a family a couple of years ago and had a lot of fun! You have the chance to taste food from some of Davis County's best restaurants and enjoy some entertainment. This year's live entertainment will be provided by Red Shot Pony. For the little ones there will be carnival games hosted by Lagoon, an outdoor Nerf Dart Tag arena provided by Dartside, a Disney Princess meet and mingle, face painting and more. Click here for even more details.

Layton's taste of the town

Electric Light Parade and Party

When: Wednesday, July 24th 9pm-12am
Where: Layton Commons Park
Cost: Free Admission. Food trucks may be an extra cost.

Layton hosts a fun Electric Light Parade each year after Taste of the Town. This is a pedestrian walking parade and everyone is invited to participate. After the parade, meet up in the Party Zone (west entrance to Constitution Circle) for a blacklight party, food trucks and a DJ. Click here for even more details.

Don't forget that there are also great summer concerts and other events going on this weekend. Check out our Upcoming Events page for more details.

What is your favorite thing to do to celebrate Pioneer Day?

The Perfect Winter Adventure to Escape the Inversion

Last weekend we got to escape the inversion for a few hours and go on an adventure to Wasatch County! There was a distinct point on our drive when the inversion ended, the skies were blue and the sun was shining bright. It was a huge change from the dreary fog and inversion that we’d been experiencing in Davis County all day. If you’re looking to escape the inversion and get a little sunshine this winter, I have some fun ideas for a day trip to Midway! If you can make an overnight date of it, that’s be fun as well!

We visited Midway for the first time a few years ago and we’ve been back many times since. We love the small town feel, the views, the air, the temperature and the fun and unique things to do up there. We’re hoping to make our visit a yearly tradition during the dreary months of winter when we just need to escape, enjoy the sunshine and have some fun! Our kids aren’t old enough to do a few of the activities listed below but we hope to do them on a romantic overnight getaway or as they get a little bit older.

Winter activities in Midway Utah

6 Fun Winter Activities in Midway

The Ice Castles

This is our favorite winter activity in Midway and one that kids and adults of every age can enjoy. Each year the Ice Castles open up for a few weeks and you can walk through, slide, sit around the fire and enjoy concessions. We love to get to the castles late in the afternoon so that we can enjoy them in the daylight and stick around to see them after dark, when the lights turn on and they take on a whole new look.

Click here for more information about The Ice Castles.

Sleigh Rides to the Ice Castles

Rocky Mountain Outfitters has put together a really fun sleigh ride and Ice Castles package for families and couples to enjoy! This one way horse drawn sleigh ride lasts 15 to 20 minutes and drops you at the entrance of The Ice Castle. Your ticket price includes the sleigh ride and tickets to the castles.

the Ice Castles at Homestead Resort

Soak in the Homestead Crater

The Crater is Midway’s claim to fame. It’s a geothermal spring under a limestone dome next to The Homestead Resort. Inside is warm and the pool maintains a warm temperature while the hole at the top circulates air and lets in a little bit of sunlight. You can soak, swim or go scuba diving in the crater or take a self-guided tour of the cave like area if you’d rather not get wet.

Outdoor Ice Rink

While we were in Midway this year, I noticed a sign boasting Utah’s largest outdoor ice skating rink. I looked into the rink more and it seems like a really fun winter activity and something that we plan to add to our itinerary for next year’s trip!

Zermatt Resort in Midway Utah

Tubing at Soldier Hollow

With the ages of our kiddos and their hesitation with new activities, we weren’t able to make this happen for this year’s trip, but it’s at the top of my list for future years. The thing I love most about tubing at Soldier Hollow is that you don’t have to hike back up the hill after you reach the bottom. Soldier Hollow has a lift of sorts that you attach your tube to and ride it back to the top of the hill so you can go down again. It always looks like a lot of fun and is something that I’m really looking forward to trying out!

Stay Overnight at Zermatt Resort

Our first visit to Midway included an overnight stay at Zermatt Resort. If you don’t know much about Midway, the entire town as a "Swiss” theme and Zermatt is no exception. It’s a luxury hotel with restaurants, a spa, beautiful property and other fun adventures and excursions available. We loved our stay at Zermatt and would definitely stay again as a couple or with our kids! One of our favorite restaurants is in the lobby of Zermatt. Wildfire Smokehaus has amazing smoked meats, yummy fries and really good pizza! We’ve also eaten there for breakfast and loved that as much if not more than their lunch and dinner menus.

Smoke Ribs at Wildfire Smokehaus

Whether you want to adventure for the day or are looking for a fun overnight escape, Midway is one of our favorite places to hang out any time of year, but especially during the winter. Don’t let the inversion get you down, head up the canyon for some sunshine and cleaner air.

Midway Ice Castles - Adventurous Winter Date Night

Last year I made a goal to go to Midway this year, either on a romantic overnight getaway or with our kids on a mini weekend vacation. When we started planning our little family trip, we found out that the kids wouldn’t be able to participate in a few of the activities that we’d be hoping to do, and decided to make it a day adventure instead. As soon as The Ice Castles opened, we started to plan our little trip and last Friday turned out to be the perfect day for us to escape the inversion and have some fun as a family.

Where: The Ice Castles (700 Homestead Dr, Midway)
Cost: $8-10 for kids (ages 4-11) and $11-16 for adults. Kids 3 and under are free

Midway Ice Castles

We took our oldest to The Ice Castles a few years ago when he was about 9 months old and wanted to take both of our toddlers this year while they were both still free, since we knew that they wouldn’t want to stay as long. Both kids had a lot of fun and although we only stayed for about an hour, we all had a lot of fun! The castles are gorgeous and it’s amazing to think about the work and talent that goes into designing the castles and growing the ice!

winter activities utah

Midway is about an hour drive from Davis County on a good weather day, and a great escape from the inversion. You’ll hit a point in the canyon where the inversion just ends and the sun is shining and the skies are blue and you feel just a bit happier even though you haven’t stepped outside your car. It’s definitely worth the extra miles past Park City and the perfect little winter getaway.

winter date ideas midway utah

The Midway Ice Castles are located on the Homestead Resort property and are a beautiful sight from up close and far away. There are three different slides within the Ice Castles that are fun to slide down, just wear the proper clothing so you don’t get too wet and cold. There is a shorter slide that’s perfect for little kids to race on and have fun, a mid-sized slide and then one that’s for 42” or taller and is fun to ride down on a little toboggan.

ice castle slides midway utah

Throughout the castles you’ll find tunnels to climb through, thrones of ice to sit on, and intricate designs from the ice. As you walk along, take the time to look up, down and all around so that you don’t miss out on a single sight. There are also benches and fire bowls situated throughout the castles for people to sit and talk and in the center of the castles is a concessions stand where you can purchase hot chocolate and treats to help you stay warm. Our kids loved to see the moon in the sky as we explored the castles and as the sky got darker, we were thrilled by the lights that glowed from deep within the ice itself.

midway ice castles winter adventure utah

If you haven’t had a chance to visit The Ice Castles yet this year, it’s definitely something to do and turn into a tradition that your family enjoys year after year! I know that we’ll continue going back year after year.