Why Anniversary Inn is Our Favorite for a Romantic Overnight Date

My husband treated me to a night away at The Anniversary Inn to celebrate my birthday this week. We’ve gone on a lot of romantic overnight getaways over the years and we always return to Anniversary Inn. I tell everyone that it’s our favorite and that they should stay there at least once because I know that once they’ve stayed there for a night, they’ll love it as much as we do. There are other romantic getaway locations we like but none of them hit everything on our checklist the way that Anniversary Inn does. Their mission is to provide couples with the perfect place to make their relationship a priority and rekindle the romance and we think that they’ve achieved that and continue to raise the bar with everything they do.

anniversary inn salt lake city utah

The photos in this post are from the New York New York Loft at the 5th South location, taken during our stay this past weekend.

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anniversary inn salt lake location

If you've never given The Anniversary Inn a try, you really should. I know some people are hesitant because they worry the rooms will be cheesy, but they are far from it. Each one is classy and well put together, down to the details in the knick knacks. You can also take a tour of the properties and some of the different rooms before you book a stay so you know exactly what you’re going into and which rooms fit your personalities best.

Hint: You could make a date afternoon out of touring one of their locations, then sit down for an early dinner and make a list of the rooms that you want to stay in. The next time one of you is planning a romantic getaway for your anniversary, a birthday, Valentine’s day or just because, you’ll know exactly which room to surprise your spouse with.
Which Anniversary Inn location is your favorite? Do you have a favorite suite to stay in?

Why we love Anniversary Inn for our romantic getaways.