At Home Date Ideas for When Your Plans Fail

We've all been there.... the babysitter gets sick, one of the kids get sick, work schedules don't line up with regular date night or business hours hours, you're snowed in... there are a million reasons why your date night plans might fall through. In the past year alone, I can think of three specific times when plans that we'd had set for months and date night activities that we were really looking forward to had to be changed for reasons out of our control.

It's always disappointing to have to cancel your plans, but I've learned that date night at home can be just as fun and sometimes even more fun than a night out on the town together. The next time you find yourself scrambling for a plan B, come back to this post and pull from one of my ideas! They're all fun and easy to put together but different than just ordering pizza and turning on a movie. 

At home camping date

At Home Date Ideas


Make it at Home - If you're up for making a meal together at home, check out these Date Night in the Kitchen recipes or search Pinterest for date night meal ideas for two.

Takeout - We love going out to eat, but sometimes grabbing take out and eating in your comfy clothes is the best. If you're looking for takeout that is fancier than fast food but doesn't require you to leave comfort of your car, we love Winger's (the Kaysville location has a drive thru) or Kneader's sandwiches with a pastry or chocolate covered strawberries to share. If you're open to walking in somewhere to pick up, we love Chinese food (pick your favorite location), Blaze pizza or Noodles & Company.

Breakfast at home for date night


Lockbox Mysteries - It's like an escape room at home but for a fraction of the cost and you can play until you solve the mystery and with whoever you choose (suggested two to eight players per crate). This is one of our very favorite at home date nights and we are excited for their newest crate to be released this next month. Click here to read our full review.

Board Games or Card Games - All too often we find ourselves turning to Netflix or a movie when we could have a lot of fun and connect over a board game or two. For some great two-player games, check out this list of 40 ideas.

Netflix Favorites - Cuddling up on the couch in front of the TV isn't all that bad. We love watching a series together and making it our thing. Click here for a list of the best Netflix shows to watch together.

Your Choice My Choice - I loved this easy at home date night idea from Somewhat Simple.

YouTube Date Night - Have you ever gotten sucked down the a hole on YouTube? We definitely have! There is some great entertainment there so it's not all bad. The Dating Divas have created this fun at home YouTube date night idea. Some of our favorite YouTube channels are music related. We love The Piano Guys, Peter Hollens, Evynne Hollens, BYU's Noteworthy and BYU's Vocal Point. Great covers of songs and clean entertainment.

Camp In - We enjoyed one of the most fun at home dates ever. We set up camp in our family room and had a "camp in" complete with indoor s'mores, sleeping bags and a tent. Click here for all of the details.

Movie Night - If you just want to enjoy a classic dinner and a movie night, that's fine too! We put together a list of over 20 movies that are perfect for date night. Click here for the entire list of movies that you'll both enjoy watching.

two player game nights for date night at home


Skillet Cookies - These are our very favorite for a special at home dessert. We purchased a couple of mini skillets from Amazon and make them often. They're quick and easy and perfect for date night because they are different than the ordinary. Click here for instructions on how to make them.

Gealto - Italian anything makes for a great date night so grabbing gelato from the grocery store or from our favorite Italian pizzeria is a great way to go!

Popcorn - I'm not talking the microwave popcorn, check out these easy popcorn recipes. There's one to fit any craving; whether it's sweet, salty or chocolate.

Store Bought Dessert for Two - I love to check out the bakery, baking aisle or the freezer section of the grocery store. They always have single serve or "for two" desserts. Slices of pie, cheesecake, fancy cake, brownies or cake in a mug that you can serve with ice cream, there are a lot of different things that are quick and easy to grab!

Cookie Skillets

Whether you're forced to stay in or whether you just need a quiet night in, you can create a unique and fun at home date night experience! Who knows, you might even start to look forward to date night at home more than you look forward to going out. ;)

Which of these ideas do you plan to use for your next date night at home?

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At home date night ideas for parents of young kids.