Skillet Cookies - At Home Date Night

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Early on in our relationship, one of our favorite places to go for date night was Firehouse Pizza in Centerville. Although we miss having them close by, it's probably better for my waistline that they closed because I could never decide what to order and tended to enjoy more food than I probably should.

Their focaccia bread, green salad and Margherita pizza are all so delicious, but the thing that I could never get enough of were the FH'zzookies. Other restaurants have similar desserts and we tried to replicate them multiple times at home, but nothing ever came close to the actual thing. Then last summer I discovered these mini skillets and everything changed. Now we make our own skillet cookies at home on a regular basis and they are yummy and perfect for a little date night dessert.

skillet cookies

At Home Date Night with Skillet Cookies

To make your own Skillet Cookies, you will need the following:

Cast-iron skillet: We like to use mini 3.5" diameter sized skillets to make personal cookies but a 5" or 6.5" skillet would be the perfect size if you want to share! These are the ones we own.

Cookie dough: You can use any type that you would like. I love to make mine with chocolate covered toffee pieces instead of chocolate chips, because that's the kind of FH'zzookie I always order. If we were at the restaurant, my husband would order white chocolate macadamia nut. If you have pre-made cookie dough on hand, you can each easily have a different flavor of cookie.
*Tip* We always have frozen cookie dough balls in our basement freezer, so we can quickly grab one or two and bake them or make this dessert. Let your cookie dough balls thaw in the fridge for an hour or so before you are ready to make your dessert.

Ice Cream: I'm a big fan of classic vanilla or vanilla bean ice cream on my skillet cookies. My husband likes the idea of making a classic chocolate chip cookie and topping it with a fun flavor of ice cream. Make this date night treat a regular part of your relationship and try it out a few different ways until you find your favorite!

Toppings: Hot fudge sauce, caramel syrup, whipped cream or crushed candy. Top your skillet cookie with all of your favorites!

fresh baked cookies with ice cream

To make your skillet cookie:

Press a ball of cookie dough into the bottom of your skillet, making sure that it is evenly spread out, reaching all edges of the pan. The back of a clean spoon works really well for pressing the cookie dough into the pan.

Place your skillets in an oven or on a grill heated to 350° F. If you are baking your cookies on the grill, I suggest placing them on the top rack so that they aren't directly above the heat. Bake cookies for 10 minutes in an oven or 5 minutes on the grill. Check your cookie's doneness (my made up word) with a toothpick to determine if you want to let them bake a minute or two longer. We love warm and gooey cookies for this dessert so these baking times are perfect for us.

Obviously your skillets will be hot, so be extremely careful when removing them from the oven or grill. These oven mitts. are a great option for the heat and type of material.

Give your cookies a few minutes to cool down. I promise they will still be plenty warm, but they won't be so hot that your ice cream melts into a puddle immediately. Add a scoop or two of ice cream and your choice of toppings. Then sit down together and enjoy!

cookie pie

Savor your dessert and the time that you have to spend with each other! We like to enjoy our skillet cookies as part of a "date moment" in the middle of busy and stressful weeks. Because of the nature of the dessert, we're forced to sit somewhere other than the couch or our bed and really focus on each other and the conversation that we're having.

Put a delicious spin on your at home date nights with these delicious Skillet Cookies!

Photography by Sadie Banks Photography

A delicious dessert for date night at home