Add Culture to Your Date Nights with Community Theater

For the first few years of our marriage, we were season ticket holders at one of the local community theaters. Those dates when we would grab dinner and then sit down to watch a show together were some of my favorites and being season ticket holders meant that we had six date nights already planned for us each year. When we started to miss more than one show a year due to our schedules or things that came up with the kids, we decided it was time to set aside our regular theater attendance until we hit the next stage of life.

I miss those dates and getting to see musicals on a regular basis, but we still make an effort to attend one or two shows a year at the local performing arts centers. Davis County has three different performing arts centers where you can go to enjoy local talent in one of your favorite musicals or plays. They are all great places run by amazing people who have a goal to keep music and the arts alive in our community. They would all make a great addition to your next date night!

CenterPoint Legacy Theatre in davis county utah

Musical Theater in Davis County

CenterPoint Legacy Theatre

Where: 525 N 400 W, Centerville
Cost: $15-$27 per ticket depending on the stage and day of the week you see a show

CenterPoint has two stages and two season line-ups each year. Both stages offer a great theater experience and we’ve enjoyed seeing shows on both of them.

Leishman Performance Hall
The Leishman Performance Hall is a smaller stage and theater that offers an intimate experience. Tickets are $15 a piece, no matter when you attend or where you sit. They put on four shows each season and each of them are fun and definitely worth attending.

Barlow Main Stage
The Barlow Main Stage is what most people are familiar with when the buy tickets for CenterPoint. Their season includes a line up of six shows and each one is Broadway quality. Ticket prices for those shows range from $17.50 to $27 per ticket. If you attend on one of the less popular showtimes (Tues, Wed, Sat Matinee), tickets are a few dollars less than other nights. The closer you sit to the stage, the more you will pay for your ticket as well.

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Hopebox Theatre

Where: 1700 S. Frontage Road, Kaysville
Cost: $10-$15 per ticket

Hopebox Theatre was founded to give back to those dealing, struggling with, or a survivor of cancer or other life-threatening ailments. Their 2019 season will have six shows, all of which look like they will be a lot of fun! Shows are on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays in general during their run.

On Pitch Performing Arts

Where: 587 N Main Street, Layton
Cost: Starting from $10, depending on the show.

The 2019 season at OPPA! includes 6 main stage shows, 3 children's shows, 5 summer showcases, 2 Show choir spectaculars, and 1 touring educational show. Their summer show, Newsies, will be performed on the Kenley Amphitheater stage outdoors. On Pitch Performing Arts isn’t just focused on performing for the community, they are also dedicated to educating the next generation of actors, designers and directors. They give kids the opportunity to learn about every aspect of

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There are a few cities in Davis County that put together their own community shows throughout the year; Farmington is one of them. Other cities only put on one show of their own each year, generally in the summer. We try to put those on our Upcoming Events page when we find out about them, so keep an eye on that in the coming year if you’re looking for a fun show to go to and want to support the local community arts.

Where is your favorite place to watch live theater in the community?