Hug-Hes Cafe - Centerville

A few months ago, Hug-Hes Cafe opened their doors over in the Target shopping area in Centerville. Since it’s opening, we’ve heard rave reviews at the food, the service and the atmosphere. It’s taken us that long to plan a date there but I’m happy to say that we finally did and we loved it so much that we can’t wait to go back! The atmosphere is perfect for date night and their food is unique and delicious. I’m confident that this will be a regular date night location for the two of us.

Where: 330 N Marketplace Dr Ste 100, Centerville
Cost: ~$10 per person

Hug-Hes Cafe Centerville utah

The first thing that impressed me when we walked into Hug-Hes was the decor and the atmosphere. Everything was decorated very modern and classy. There were gorgeous lights hanging from the ceiling and a beautiful wood wall in the back of the bar area with their logo on it. We were led to a table and our waitress came out and suggested that we sit at the table next to it so that we weren’t right next to the noisy kitchen. I was grateful that she made the suggestion for us to move before

I have a weakness for Spinach Artichoke Dip so we decided to start with that. Their dip has a unique flavor to it but it was really delicious and I enjoyed it on top of both the toasted ciabatta bread and the tortilla chips. This is definitely worth getting if you’re extra hungry and need something to start off your meal with.

spinach artichoke dip hug-hes cafe centerville utah

If you’re not sure you’re hungry enough for an appetizer but do want something to hold you over until your food is ready, Hug-Hes has you covered! Everyone gets to start their meal out with the famous Beer Bread and their butter with that delicious fruit (cherry, strawberry, cranberry?? I can’t remember which one) spread mixed in. It’s unique and delicious and amazing and definitely worth taking a bit of your meal home with you if you fill up on bread.

Hug-Hes Beer Bread

Trying to decide what to order was really hard. Literally everything on their menu sounded amazing and I couldn’t decide which menu item I wanted to try the most. I ended up going with the Hawaiian Burger and did not regret my decisions one bit. If you haven’t had a burger at Hug-Hes, you are missing out!!!! Their burgers are seriously delicious and cooked to perfection. My burger was topped with grilled ham, pineapple and tangy Hawaiian sauce. The only downside was that it was so big and messy that I had to eat it with a fork, but honestly, that is nothing to really complain about because the flavor was outstanding! And their waffle sweet potato fries, oh man, they really hit the spot.

hug-hes burgers centerville, utah

My husband chose to order a classic, Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo and it did not disappoint either. Hug-Hes makes their cheesy alfredo sauce from sratch and tops the dish with some amazing grilled chicken. I couldn’t help but steal a few bites of his meal because it was so yummy!

Fettuccine Alfredo Hug-Hes Cafe

After all of the delicious food we ate, we did not have room left for dessert, but I couldn’t help ordering a piece of their homemade English toffee to take home and try later. Toffee is one of my favorite treats and theirs was really delicious!

I can’t wait to go back and try so many more things on the menu. Some of the top dishes on my list are BBQ Pork Boneless Ribs, Portobello Chicken, Prime Rib Salad and the Chicken Salad Croissant. But if I’m being honest, almost every single thing on their menu is on my “to try” list. I guess we’ll be heading here for a lot of date nights in the coming year!

What’s your favorite thing on the menu at Hug-Hes?

Davis County Light Displays

My favorite thing about the holiday season are the Christmas lights! I love that no matter where you go or what you are doing, you can enjoy the sights of the holidays. Look up toward the hills, out across the valley, or just at the houses and shopping centers as you pass by. I can't help but smile wherever we go because everything is so festive and fun!

A tradition that we started the first year of our marriage was to drive around town sometime the week before chocolate, our favorite hot chocolate in hand, enjoying all of the Christmas light displays. Each year I find out about more Christmas light displays in the area and add them to my list of places to visit. I'm sure this list will continue to grow, but I wanted to share it with you this year. We'll be going out next week of our traditional Christmas light drive and plan to visit many of these.

Layton City Park Christmas Light Display

Christmas Light Displays in Davis County

Bountiful Main Street

Local businesses have decorated their windows for the holidays and the street is lit up for Christmas. Take a stroll down Main Street to enjoy the window displays and all of the lights. Stop in at one of the delicious restaurants for a meal or dessert while you're there.

Bountiful Temple Neighborhood

One of the things that we do every year when we go on our light tour is to drive around the Bountiful Temple. The homes that circle the temple put out banners telling the story of the first Christmas and Christ's birth. It's a great way to remember the reason for the season and the perfect way to start off your holiday light tour each year.

Davis County Nativity

Centerville's Smith Park

Every tree in the park is lit up for Christmas and it is a gorgeous site to see! Add it to your Christmas lights drive or stop and take a walk through the park while the snow is falling. 

Farmington Station Park

If you haven't seen Station Park's all lit up for the holidays, you are missing out!! The streets through the mall are lined with lights and Fountain Square is surrounded in lights as well. Grab dinner or dessert at one of the restaurants and walk around enjoying the sights and sounds of Christmas. Around Fountain Square, you'll find warmers so you can sit outside and enjoy the view without getting too cold. If you're feeling extra festive, you could go ice skating.

Elora’s Lights - Heritage Park Farmington

Take a walk along the trail that surrounds Heritage Park in Farmington (1591 N 1075 W, Farmington). Elora’s Lights have been set up in memory of Elora, a sweet little girl who passed away in 2017 from pediatric cancer. You’ll love the blow up decorations, lights strung around the park and a gorgeous tree completely covered in lights. Don’t miss out on this fun, local display.

Farmington Station Park Christmas Lights

Kaysville Main Street

The other night when I was driving to pick up dinner, I was in awe of the lighted trees lining the sides of Kaysville Main Street. If you're up for a short walk, maybe after eating dinner at Orlando's or catching a movie at the Kaysville Theater, this is the place to do it. Or, simply add it to the route for your Christmas light drive.

Lights on Sherwood Drive

This home's light display is a local tradition, and sadly one that we haven't yet participated in but plan to this year! For those of you who haven't participated yet, the light show runs from 5:30pm to 10pm nightly through January 1st.

Davis County Christmas Lights

Layton City Park

The light display that Layton puts together may be our new favorite tradition! You can walk through the park, drive around the outside or even participate in the Burger Stop Hayrides that benefit charity. I feel like the experience you get walking vs. driving is different, so we're planning to do both each year!

Fantasy at the Bay

I just recently heard about this Christmas light display at Willard Bay State Park. Everyone who's been says that it's the best light display they've seen and that they plan on doing it year after year. It's a little bit of a drive, but definitely worth the trip!

Temple Square Christmas Lights

Lights on Temple Square

If visiting Downtown Salt Lake during the holidays isn't already one of your family traditions, it really needs to be! Temple Square is an amazing sight to see during the holidays with lights, nativity displays and live entertainment nightly in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. This year there have been delicious food trucks parked on North Temple and South Temple nightly, and there so many fun activities for families to enjoy.

You should also jump on The Jingle Bus which drops you off at The Gateway where they have a big lighted tree, City Creek Center where you can view the candy window displays, The Gallivan Center where you can enjoy outdoor ice skating and Capitol Theatre where you can enjoy a show. The bus runs nightly from 5-10pm and is free of charge, courtesy of the SLC Downtown Alliance, City Creek Center, The Gateway and other sponsors.

Photo c/o Downtown SLC

Photo c/o Downtown SLC

You can make your Christmas light tour last throughout the week or enjoy it all in one night. Whatever you choose to do, make this tradition one that lasts throughout the years and make it whatever your family needs it to be. Date night, a family event, or even a special event with hot chocolate and Christmas carols. Christmas lights are a low key way to enjoy the holiday season!

Click here for a FB post with a lot more fun locations to see lights this year in Davis County.

Elf The Musical at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre

We started our Christmas fun the minute Thanksgiving was over with Centerpoint Legacy Theatre’s opening night performance of Elf the Musical for date night on Friday night. It was the perfect date night activity to kick our holiday season off with. The message of the show was a great reminder of what’s truly important as we head into the busiest month of the year. When all of the presents are unwrapped and the decorations have been put away, what we have and what we’ll always have is the love of family to keep us going each day.

Where: CenterPoint Legacy Theatre (525 N 400 W, Centerville)
Cost: $18-$27 (dependant on day of the week and seat location)

elf the musical at centerpoint theatre centerville utah

The magic begins the minute the curtain rises, with Buddy and all of the other elves dancing and singing in Santa’s workshop. The elf costumes may have been my favorite of the entire show! The magic continues as Buddy makes his way to New York, helps decorate the department store for Santa’s arrival, goes ice skating with Jovie and tries to help people believe in Santa again.

Director, Maurie Tarbox, wrote in the director’s notes that “Christmas is a beautiful time to be with family, to offer whatever we have to give to those around us and to forgive and repair relationships that have been strained.” CenterPoint’s production of Elf inspired me to do just that. Although the show is based closely on the movie that we’ve all come to love, this rendition of Elf has its own unique situations and opportunities to be inspired by the storyline and the characters.

The set and costumes were amazing for this show. One of my biggest questions going into the show was how if the elves would be shorter than Buddy or if we’d just have to use our imaginations. Buddy being taller and different than the other elves is such a huge part of the show, it seemed like a critical detail. But CenterPoint thought of everything and created magic that you’ll have to see in person! There was an ice skating rink on stage for Buddy’s date with Jovie, a floating iceberg for his trip from the North Pole and even a magical sleigh.

But my favorite part by far were the hand drawn illustrations projected on the back of the stage. They changed throughout the show and provided a whimsical backdrop for every scene and location in the show. Those drawings pulled you into the story being told and set the stage for the magic that CenterPoint had created.

christmas activities davis county utah

If you’re looking for a fun holiday date night that will take you away from the hustle and bustle and remind you what’s really important this holiday season, CenterPoint Theatre’s production of Elf is a must see!

Add Culture to Your Date Nights with Community Theater

For the first few years of our marriage, we were season ticket holders at one of the local community theaters. Those dates when we would grab dinner and then sit down to watch a show together were some of my favorites and being season ticket holders meant that we had six date nights already planned for us each year. When we started to miss more than one show a year due to our schedules or things that came up with the kids, we decided it was time to set aside our regular theater attendance until we hit the next stage of life.

I miss those dates and getting to see musicals on a regular basis, but we still make an effort to attend one or two shows a year at the local performing arts centers. Davis County has three different performing arts centers where you can go to enjoy local talent in one of your favorite musicals or plays. They are all great places run by amazing people who have a goal to keep music and the arts alive in our community. They would all make a great addition to your next date night!

CenterPoint Legacy Theatre in davis county utah

Musical Theater in Davis County

CenterPoint Legacy Theatre

Where: 525 N 400 W, Centerville
Cost: $15-$27 per ticket depending on the stage and day of the week you see a show

CenterPoint has two stages and two season line-ups each year. Both stages offer a great theater experience and we’ve enjoyed seeing shows on both of them.

Leishman Performance Hall
The Leishman Performance Hall is a smaller stage and theater that offers an intimate experience. Tickets are $15 a piece, no matter when you attend or where you sit. They put on four shows each season and each of them are fun and definitely worth attending.

Barlow Main Stage
The Barlow Main Stage is what most people are familiar with when the buy tickets for CenterPoint. Their season includes a line up of six shows and each one is Broadway quality. Ticket prices for those shows range from $17.50 to $27 per ticket. If you attend on one of the less popular showtimes (Tues, Wed, Sat Matinee), tickets are a few dollars less than other nights. The closer you sit to the stage, the more you will pay for your ticket as well.

live community theater centerville utah

Hopebox Theatre

Where: 1700 S. Frontage Road, Kaysville
Cost: $10-$15 per ticket

Hopebox Theatre was founded to give back to those dealing, struggling with, or a survivor of cancer or other life-threatening ailments. Their 2019 season will have six shows, all of which look like they will be a lot of fun! Shows are on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays in general during their run.

On Pitch Performing Arts

Where: 587 N Main Street, Layton
Cost: Starting from $10, depending on the show.

The 2019 season at OPPA! includes 6 main stage shows, 3 children's shows, 5 summer showcases, 2 Show choir spectaculars, and 1 touring educational show. Their summer show, Newsies, will be performed on the Kenley Amphitheater stage outdoors. On Pitch Performing Arts isn’t just focused on performing for the community, they are also dedicated to educating the next generation of actors, designers and directors. They give kids the opportunity to learn about every aspect of

live musicals davis county utah

There are a few cities in Davis County that put together their own community shows throughout the year; Farmington is one of them. Other cities only put on one show of their own each year, generally in the summer. We try to put those on our Upcoming Events page when we find out about them, so keep an eye on that in the coming year if you’re looking for a fun show to go to and want to support the local community arts.

Where is your favorite place to watch live theater in the community?

Take a Historical Tour of Davis County

There are a few different scavenger hunt/adventure apps and companies out there that put together and activity to help you explore a big city near you. After looking into a few of those, I realized that you could plan something similar of your own to explore the area that you live in. Below I’ve provided a list of historical stops and museums in Davis County. Pick an area or a few stops that interest you and make an afternoon of it. Learn all that you can about where we live. You’ll be more grateful for where we live!

historic davis county

Where: Various Locations
Cost: Free

Historical Sites in Davis County

Bountiful Historic Museum - The Bountiful museum recently moved a new location on the corner of 300 N and Main Street. You can check it out on Wednesday or Saturday afternoons.

Whitaker Museum - This museum is a prominent part of Centerville Main Street. Not only can you take a tour and learn more about Centerville’s history, they host fun events throughout the year as well. Click here to find out more about each event.

Farmington Historic Museum - Farmington’s historical museum is located on Main Street and 100 N and is open for tours every Wednesday afternoon.

Farmington Historic Main Street Trail - You can take a self-guided historical tour down Farmington Main Street. You will see pioneer-era and other historic sites. Most of them are now private residences, so you will not be able to go inside, but you can still read about the history on the National Register as you go. Click here for more information and instructions on the tour.

farmington ut main street

Layton City Heritage Museum - The museum was built in 1972 as a place to store cultural heritage items of Layton’s history. It is open daily and the hours hours can be found here .

Adams Cabin - If you are up for a long, difficult hike with lots of switch backs and a climb straight up the mountain, you can check out the cabin of Elias Adams, the settler of East Layton. You can find out more about this hike in this post from The Salt Project.

Fernwood Cabin - Another hike in Layton will take you to the Fernwood Cabin, which is currently available for public use. You can find out more details about the hike and the cabin in this post from The Salt Project.

Syracuse Museum and Cultural Center - This museum seems really cool! Displays highlight agriculture and dairy production. You will also find replicas of a general store and the town’s first fire truck. This definitely seems worth checking out! It’s open three days a week from 2pm-5pm. Click here for more details .

syracuse museum

Hill Aerospace Museum - At the heart of Davis County is Hill Airforce Base. This is an Air Force field museum filled with history and displays. Admission is free but donations are appreciated to keep the place running and help with upkeep. It’s a fun place to take kids or explore on your own.

Check out this site for a list of all of the sites in Davis County that are on the National Register of Historic Places. You’ll find houses, city buildings, and even a few rides at Lagoon on the list.

Historical sites in Davis County UT