The Best Places to Get Hot Chocolate in Davis County

Drinking hot chocolate together has been one of mine and husband’s favorite things to do since early on in our relationship. It can be a quick way to get some quality time in together at the end of a long day, when you have an afternoon off work together or after the kids have gone to bed. Whether you're stuck at home, have a couple of hours to spare or are looking for something fun to fill an entire afternoon, a hot chocolate tasting would make a really fun date night!

For a fun hot chocolate tasting date activity, make a list of places that serve hot chocolate you want to try. Break the list up and try a new location every week so you don’t get burnt out on hot chocolate too quickly. Find some time for a mini date, or go out and get a cup you can bring home and enjoy together before bedtime. At the end of the season, decide for yourselves which cup of chocolate you prefer.

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The Best Place to Get Hot Chocolate in Davis County

Locally Owned

Caffe Torrino - If you haven’t visited this quaint shop on Farmington’s Main Street yet, you need to stop by! Caffe Torrino used to be located in Station Park, but made a the move to Main Street recently and expanded their menu. The Chocolatto isn’t technically hot chocolate, but it’s one of my favorite things on the menu. This drink is the consistency of pudding and its warm and delicious. They also have hot chocolate and steamers on their menu and those are yummy as well.

Last Course - Not only does Last Course have amazing dessert and ice cream, they have hot chocolate as well. You can get a cup of European hot chocolate in milk, dark or white flavor. Take your treat up a notch with a Hot Chocolate Float, adding a scoop of ice cream to the cup. This is my favorite way to enjoy European hot chocolate!

Chain Restaurants

Dunkin’ Donuts - This is by far one of my favorite, lower cost cups of hot chocolate out there. It’s perfectly chocolatey and stays warm for quite a while. We miss the store in Bountiful and living a few blocks away so we could grab a cup on our way to work most mornings. There is a store in Layton and I plan on stopping by for a cup and breakfast to go a couple of times this winter.

Maverik Gas Stations - We live right next to a Maverik, so when the craving hits, we’ll drive the block to the gas station and grab hot chocolate to enjoy with a Redbox. I love adding a pump of hazelnut syrup to my cup before I leave.

Worth the Trip

Hatch Family Chocolates - A few years ago, I discovered this fun, family owned chocolate shop in The Avenues of Salt Lake. Someone suggested that I try their hot chocolate and I immediately fell in love. I try to get down to drink a cup at least two or three times every year. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a sad thing that I don’t live closer so that I can stop by every week for my favorite chocolatey treat. Click here to read more of my thoughts on Hatch’s delicious hot chocolate.

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Where is your favorite place to get a cup of hot chocolate in Davis County?

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The best cup of hot chocolate in Davis County Utah