Six Spring Date Night Ideas at Farmington Station Park

Station Park is one of our favorite places to go for date night all year round. We love the atmosphere and being able to stay in one place for our entire date night. There are lots of great places to eat and play at Station Park, no matter the time of year! This year I want to share ideas for your date nights at Station Park for each of the four seasons. Below you’ll find a few ideas for spring fun!

spring date night ideas farmington, utah

Spring Date Night Ideas at Station Park in Farmington

Have a Picnic on the Green Space by the Fountains

I love sitting by the fountains during the warmer months, watching kids run around and families spend time together. Grab food from one of your favorite restaurants in the area and lay out a picnic on the “grass” between the fountains and the movie theater. Waffled, Madbrook Donuts and Farmington Franks are all great picnic food options around the fountains.

Oil and Vinegar Tasting at Redstone Olive Oil

If you’ve never visited Redstone Olive Oil, you’re missing out on a fun experiences! Redstone has a wide variety of olive oils and balsamic vinegar in their store. They allow you to create a combination and taste it before buying. They also sometimes host fun chocolate fountain events and if you follow them on social media you’ll find out when those are. On the back wall of the store you’ll find fresh and healthy recipes that you can purchase to take home and make with your new oils and vinegar.

Grab the Date Night Deal at Dough Co.

Dough Co. just opened at Station Park, over in the same building as Blaze Pizza, on the west side of the parking lot. Every Thursday you can get a large, shareable half baked for the price of an individual. It’s a great deal for a mid-week date!

things to do in davis county in the spring

Try Out a New Restaurant

There are so many new restaurants that have opened at Station Park in the last few months and even more coming soon! Whether you’re looking for something quick and budget friendly or want to splurge for your date night, you’ll find a variety of cuisine to enjoy! Visit Station Park’s website for a list of all of their dining options.

Make it a Mid-Week Morning Date

Have you ever been to Station Park on a weekday morning? I stopped by last year to grab a treat and it was quiet and a great place to relax. Stop by Waffled for one of their stuffed breakfast waffles or grab a drink from Fiiz, then sit at one of the tables around the fountains and enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful spring weather.

Stroll Around the Mall While Enjoying a Pretzel

On the block north of Fountain Square, there’s a Pretzelmaker. Stop by for a sweet or salty treat and your favorite cold drink. Rather than sitting to eat, enjoy your snack on the go. Wander around the mall, peeking in windows and making note of places that you want to be sure to visit in the future.

spring activities utah

Station Park has a lot of great places to eat and play for date night. These are just a few of our favorites that would make a great date for the current season. We’ll continue to share more activities and ideas every season throughout the year! Let us know if you try any of the dates on this list and how you like it!

10 Davis County Date Ideas to Welcome Spring

Raise your hand if you’re excited for spring to be here! (raises hand and waves it wildly in the air) We are SO excited that warmer weather is here and that we can get outside together more often. I’m antsy to break out the patio furniture and grill, but we need to stain our deck before I cover it in furniture to spend more time outside.

The list below includes a few of our favorite date night activities in the area perfect for spring weather! If you’re looking for even more spring date ideas, sign up for our mailing list on our sidebar and we’ll send you a free e-book filled with seasonal date ideas specific to Davis County. Happy spring and happy dating!

Spring Activities  Farmington, Utah

Spring Date Ideas in Davis County

Take a walk or go fishing at the USU Botanical Gardens - My office is located in the middle of the botanical gardens and I can’t help but admire the gardens every time I drive through. This week when I was there, I saw two pelicans in the middle of the pond and a family of ducks on the other side of the bridge, swimming and diving for food. There is wildlife everywhere and the paved paths make the gardens a great place to stroll and talk. There is also a lot of space to fish, and I see people there all the time with their poles.

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usu botanical gardens kaysville, utah

Go on a hike - A lot of hiking trails in the area are still covered in quite a bit of snow, thanks to the awesome moisture that we received this winter. I’ve seen people hiking Adams Canyon in the last couple of weeks, and there’s a great trail in Nicholls Park in Fruit Heights. You could even “hike” on one of the many nature trails on the west side of Davis County.

Try a new restaurant at Station Park - Station Park has welcomed some great new restaurants to the area over the past couple of months and all of them are worth trying! Slap Fish and Dough Co. are located over by Blaze Pizza. Sicilia Mia is just east of the movie theater and Santorini’s Greek Grill is over by Cafe Zupas. There’s also a new hot dog restaurant, Farmington Franks, in the food court pavilion west of the fountains. You can’t go wrong no matter where you decide to eat at Station Park, but if you’re looking for something you might not have tried before, these are some great options to start with.

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Take a tour of your town - Do you know everything that your town has to offer? Are their museums? Mom and pop restaurants you’ve never tried? Historical locations? Trails or nature areas that you didn’t know existed? Pull up Google maps and scan your town for things you might want to check out or see. Look up sites on the county’s historical registry, then go out and explore and learn new things about where you live!

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Chalk art festival - The Bountiful Chalk Art Festival has quickly become one of our favorite traditions each year. For an entire week, you can stroll down both sides of Main Street and enjoy watching local artists create their drawings and then marvel at their talent after they’re all completed. This event takes place each May and is really a lot of fun! We suggest stopping at one of the many great, locally owned restaurants on your route for a bite to eat while you’re out.

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bountiful utah main street

Go biking on Legacy Trail - Have you ever ridden the length of Legacy Trail in Davis County? The views are gorgeous and it makes a great date activity for spring. After you’re done riding the trail, stop at one of your favorite dessert places for a treat.

Mini golf - Cherry Hill’s mini golf course opens the last week in March and is a really fun activity to enjoy for date night. You can find discount coupons in local mailers. Grab some hand pies from the Pie Pantry after you’re done playing a round or two together.

legacy trail davis county, utah

Worth the Trip

Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point - It’s a bit of a drive, but the Tulip Festival is stunning and worth the trip! You’ll find tulips in every color and great trails to walk.

Brunch at Top Golf - This will always be one of our favorite date activities, no matter the weather. We love playing at Top Golf and have come to love the food just as much as we love the venue.

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Top Golf Salt Lake City, Utah

Hogle Zoo - We love to go to the zoo when the weather has warmed up just a bit but it still cooler. The animals are more active and you don’t leave sweaty and sunburned.

farmington canyon utah

Whatever you choose to do for date night over the next few months, make a purpose to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather. Get your Vitamin D and enjoy the fresh air together. You’ll be happier and your date night routine will thank you for freshening things up!

What are your favorite spring date night activities that get you outside this time of year?

Valentine Date Nights in Davis County

This post will be updated as we become aware of more Valentine's date night worthy events going on around the community. Bookmark it and come back to check as your date night gets closer.

The fun thing about Valentine's this year is that you have the opportunity to celebrate a couple of different times. You can choose to celebrate the weekend before or after Valentine's day and then do something smaller at home as a couple on the holiday. Or you could go out mid week and celebrate on the holiday while still maintaining your weekend date night routine. Whichever way you choose to celebrate, extra date nights are always a win!

Valentine's Date Ideas

Valentine’s Date Night Ideas in Davis County

Click here for our list of romantic date night locations around Davis County. This post was written for anniversaries but these date night ideas are perfect for Valentine's day as well. You'll find great suggestions for dining out, fun activities and a few ideas that won't require you to spend a penny.

The Northern Utah Marriage Celebration is a great opportunity to reconnect and learn with your spouse. Workshops will be provided by professionals from northern Utah including topics such as intimacy, communication and staying connected, and a keynote presentation will be given by Darin Adams. This event takes place the weekend before Valentine's if you're looking to celebrate early. Click here for more details.

Farmington City is hosting their first annual Sweethearts Dance the weekend before Valentine's Day. Click here for more details.

Caffe Torino is hosting a romantic date night dinner on Valentine's. The menu includes Insalata Caprese, Chicken Marsala, Cesar Salad and Pana Cotta. Text inquiries to Michelle (801.430.8896)

One of my favorite Davis County spots is Beyond Spa. They never fail to deliver with holiday specials and they definitely didn't disappoint this year. Check out their list of seasonal specials here and pick one of the couples packages for a relaxing and romantic date night this month.

Dartside in Layton has a Date Night Special every Saturday this month. Buy 1 get 1 50% off, must be 18+ years old.

Layton City is also hosting a Valentine's Dance for families this year. It will take place the day after the holiday. Click here for more details.

For a fun and romantic night at home, a lot of pizza places in the area make heart shaped pizzas, or you could mix up some pizza dough and make your own! Making pizza at home is always a fun date night activity. Click here for more at home diy pizza date ideas.

Another one of our very favorite at home dates is Lockbox Mysteries. Click here to read about having your own escape room date at home, either with just the two of you or with a group. You'll also find a discount code in the post!

davis county romantic dates

Gift Ideas

Valentine's gifts don't have to be the cliche stuffed animals, chocolate and flowers; unless that's what you like of course. I love to go beyond the usual and find gifts that will really mean something. With a romantic holiday like this one, I especially like to find a way to give the gift of love.

Click here for a post on how you can use your significant other's love language to pick the perfect gift this Valentine's and for your anniversary, their birthday and Christmas later this year.

I'm always a fan of gifting date night to the one you love. Pick up a gift card for one of the places on your date night bucket list or a restaurant or activity in the area that you know your spouse has been wanting to try out. You could also plan out a date, something fun like a concert and dinner or even an overnight getaway and wrap up all of the elements of your date to gift them with on Valentine's.

I mentioned Beyond Spa as a date, but it's great as a gift as well. They have a lot of great "for 1" packages and specials as well as some great services that you can purchase gift cards for. Send your significant other off for some pampering, they won't complain! Click here for all of their specials.

romantic gift ideas for Valentine's Day

We'd love to see what you end up doing for date night! Use #daviscountydates on your social media posts so we can check it out or comment below and let us know!

Visit the USU Botanical Gardens in the Winter

We aren’t really outdoor people during the winter, so this year I’ve been looking for things that we can do outside that are fun and that we might enjoy. We don’t do much skiing or snowboarding or anything like that, so we have to get creative because that’s everyone’s first suggestion for winter fun, especially here in Utah. I’d love to say that we’re adventurous and plan to go on winter hikes or snow shoeing but we’re not that exciting at this point in our life. We’re going to take some of our favorite activities and date night locations and adjust them to fit the colder weather and snow.

Where: USU Botanical Gardens (920 S 50 W, Kaysville)
Cost: Free
Hours: Ponds and trails are open from sunrise to sunset

winter date ideas davis county, utah

The USU Botanical Gardens have become one of my favorite places in Davis County. I love the calm piece of nature that’s right in the middle of town. Until this year, I’d never really seen it in the winter, but I think it’s almost more gorgeous when it’s cold than during the summer or fall. The pond freezes in places and everything is covered in snow. I’ve seen people fishing there, even when it’s cold and there’s a paved trail around the pond that you can walk on. You have a great view of the mountains and might catch glimpses of ducks and other wildlife that frequent the area.

usu botanical gardens in the winter

The gardens would be a fun place to spend walk and talk on a sunny winter day. It’s a quiet trail close to eating establishments and a freeway entrance. Make an entire date out of spending time at the gardens or include it as a portion of your date.

10 Davis County Date Ideas to Chase the Winter Blues Away

I don't know about you, but as soon as the new year comes, I eagerly await spring and warmer temperatures. Winter is fun for a little bit and adds to the festive feeling of the the holidays, but by mid-January, it starts to get old and dreary and I long for the those hot July days. I’m grateful to see snow so early this year, and that snow waited to make its appearance until after Thanksgiving. I’m not loving the frigid cold that’s come with it, but I’m hoping that we’ll be done with snow and move onto rain for our needed moisture by mid-March this year. If you’re less than a fan of winter like I am, I've come up with fun ideas for date nights and family activities that we can enjoy during the cold summer months, and I wanted to share a few of them with all of you!

winter date ideas in davis county utah

10 Winter Activities in Davis County

Ice Skating at Station Park - The skating rink and the fountains at Station Park provide the perfect romantic atmosphere for a date night. It's open through February 25th, hours can be found here. Skate rental is $6 for two hours for adults, but you can get your rental for half price if you use an America First card.

Lockbox Mysteries at Home - We loved our group date with Lockbox Mysteries earlier this year and are really excited because their newest crate is launching next month! This date is perfect for when you don't want to go out, but you don't want to do dinner and a movie at home either. Rent your crate here and use code LOCKBOXDATE at checkout to get $10 off.

Hot Chocolate Tasting - We love hot chocolate and are always on the lookout for a delicious cup. I have a goal to find the most delicious hot chocolate in Davis County this winter. It's a challenge that I'm really looking forward to. You can either grab a few flavors from the grocery store or you can stop by a few different places around town and get a cup of hot chocolate to go. Enjoy quality conversation while you decide which cup tastes the best. Click here for a list of our favorite places to get hot chocolate in the area.

fun winter activities

Progressive Dinner - I think progressive dinners are a lot of fun! If you're not familiar with them, you enjoy one course at each stop. Drinks, appetizer, main dish and dessert. This could be a fun way to try new restaurants or enjoy your favorite menu items at a few different locations. I also think it's a fun idea to do a backwards progressive dinner, starting with dessert and ending with the appetizer or drinks.

Cookie Skillets at Home - These cookie skillets are our favorite dessert. We love to make them on the grill in the summer and enjoy baking them in the oven during the colder months of the year. They're warm and gooey and comfort food at its finest. We like to enjoy them while we binge watch our favorite Netflix show or while we sit and talk.

Around the World Dinner - Another fun idea, sort of like the progressive dinner. For this date, you pick different international cuisines to enjoy. Asian, Indian, Italian, Mexican, whatever you're craving. You could even grab takeout from each and have dinner at home.

See a Show - There are three different theaters in Davis County. Centerpoint Legacy Theater in Centerville, Hopebox Theater in Kaysville and On Pitch Performing Arts in Layton. Each of these theaters has a great season coming up and great shows to choose from in the coming months. Pick one that interests you, purchase your tickets and enjoy! Click here for more information on our local live theater.

winter date ideas

Worth the Trip

Sleigh Rides at Hardware Ranch - Through February 26th, you can enjoy sleigh rides that get you up close and personal with the elk. Rides are $5 for each adult and you can get more information about hours here.

Spend a Day in Midway - A dream winter date in my mind involves an overnighter in Midway and lots of winter fun. See the ice castles, go tubing at Soldier Hollow, take a swim in the Homestead Crater, eat at one of the local restaurants, then stay overnight at one of the cozy inns or bed and breakfasts.

Top Golf - One of the best things about Top Golf is that the bays are temperature regulated. You can enjoy golfing in the middle of winter, when it's below freezing outside! You can enjoy food while you hit some balls. It's like bowling for golf. Their menu is worth checking out as well, starting with their amazing brunch!

romantic winter activities

I hope you're able to enjoy your date nights this winter, whether you're a winter sports fan or not! And let's all hope that spring comes sooner than it's looking like it will.