The Best Place for a Firework Date Night in Davis County

One of the best things about July, in my opinion, are the firework shows! I love cuddling up under on a blanket, watching the fireworks and listening to music, and then sticking around to stargaze for a while afterward. With two little kids, we won't get to go somewhere to see the fireworks for the next few years, but we are lucky because a private golf course behind our house puts on a show on the 4th of July. We can watch from the comfort of our own backyard while those kids sleep inside.

Where: Locations listed below
Cost: Free

davis county firework shows

Check out this post to find out if a festival is involved with the firework show that you are choosing to attend. If it is, you will be able to find food vendors for dinner, snacks and treats to enjoy during the show. If you are choosing to watch the show from another location, pull up Google Maps and see what there is in the area, grab some food to go and enjoy a picnic while you wait for the fireworks to start.

Disclaimer: I do not know where each show is being shot off from. Some of the locations noted below may not be available for viewing because of that location. 

4th of july fireworks

Saturday June 29

Syracuse Founders Park - Dusk - Syracuse City: If you don't want to join the crowd at Founders Park, consider watching from one of the open fields at Canterbury Park

Wednesday July 3

Centerville Smith Park - 9:45pm - Centerville City: Founders Park is a great place to watch this firework show, with entertainment prefacing the show. You could also watch tailgating style from the parking lot of Walmart Supercenter.

Eaglewood Golf Course - 10pm - North Salt Lake City: The Golf Course offers a lot of space for watching the show. You might also check out Wild Rose Trailhead Park or Deer Hollow Park.

West Bountiful City Park - 10pm - West Bountiful: If you're able to grab some grass on the east side of Frontage Road in Centerville, just across the freeway from the park, you might have a great view and you can grab food or a treat from the restaurants just down the street.

Thursday July 4

Barnes Park - 10pm - Kaysville City: This is a newer location for this firework show and I haven't heard any great suggestions for where to watch the show. There is a lot of space in the park, so you might not have too hard of a time finding a place to watch. There is also an industrial park just north of the park where you might find some space to sit your camping chairs and watch the show.

Oakridge Country Club - 10pm - Farmington: Every year, Oakridge hosts a party for their members that ends with a firework show over the golf course. Only members of the country club can attend, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the show. Heritage Park in Farmington (1591 N 1075 W, Farmington) has a large field area and is a great place to relax and watch the show with your family.

Friday July 19

Mueller Park Jr. High - 10pm - Woods Cross/Bountiful City: There is a lot of open space around the junior high and neighboring park. You could also try to watch the show from Eggett park.

utah firework shows

One of my very favorite things to do is to find an overlook that we can drive to in the mountains and have a view of the entire valley while fireworks are going off. You may not have the very best seats in the house for the big shows, but now that aerial fireworks are allowed, it's fun to watch them popping up across the valley. Click here for more details about a great hike that overlooks the entire valley. Watch the sunset from the viewpoint, then stay for the fireworks!

Most big shows have music being played in the park or area where the fireworks are being shown. If you choose to watch the show from somewhere other than the main show area, bring your own music! Put together a fun playlist or pull up your favorite station on a phone app. Create your own atmosphere for the fireworks and then shift to some more romantic songs while you look at the stars afterward.

local 4th of july celebrations

A big thank you to Randy Burgoyne for the use of the photos found in this post. Randy took these pictures during 2016's 4th of July festivities.

Where is your favorite place to watch fireworks in Davis County?

Free Summer Concerts in Davis County

Check our Upcoming Events page for concert times and performers each week.

I love summer for a lot of reasons, but one of those are the outdoor concerts and other events. The concerts in Davis County are a great way to spend your evenings together. They are free to the public and provide an opportunity to support local talent. Go to dinner beforehand or bring a picnic to enjoy during the concert. Make sure you're prepared to ward off any mosquitoes and bring a sweatshirt in case it gets chilly.

Summer Concerts in Davis County

Free Summer Concerts in Davis County

Bountiful Music in the Park

Concerts will be held at the Main Stage at the Bountiful City Park: 400 North and 200 West. All of the concerts are listed on Bountiful's calendar.

Rock the Park

Every Thursday in June and half of July, from 7-9pm next to the Fountains at Station Park, you can enjoy local, live entertainment and bands. Grab dinner first or bring a picnic from home to eat while you listen. All of the concert details can be found here.

Concerts on the Hill

Concerts take place under the stars each Friday and Saturday evening on the Lucky 7 stage Cherry Hill's Grants Gultch (1325 South Main Street, Kaysville). Click here for more details and a schedule of performers. These concerts are located near enough to our house that we can stop off to listen after many of our date nights throughout the summer.

Sunday Concert Series

This free Sunday night concert series takes place at Ed Kenley Amphitheater in Layton (445 N. Wasatch Drive, Layton). Click here for more details and a schedule of performers. We are hoping to attend concerts on the evenings when we're not with our families.

summer concerts

There are also quite a few free concerts being put on as part of the county fair and summer festivals thrown by each city. Check our upcoming events page for more information.

Which of the concerts will you attend together?

Spend Your Day at the USU Botanical Gardens

In the middle of Davis County is a little oasis. There's something to love for everyone, whether you're an outdoors enthusiast or not. Spend the day there, a couple of ours or just 15 to 20 minutes. It doesn't matter how much time you have or what your plans are for the night, this is a fun place to escape and spend time together.

Location: 920 South 50 West, Kaysville (parking lot entrance is on west side of the street)
Hours: Ponds and Trails are open from Sunrise to Sunset
Price: Free

USU Botanical Gardens - view from parking lot

Fun Things to do at the USU Botanical Gardens

For three years, we've lived just minutes away from this amazing location and didn't even know it! Ok, that's a lie, I knew it existed because I could see the sign and the land from the freeway, but I wasn't aware of everything that it had to offer. A few weeks ago, after my mom and I took the kids there for Baby Animal Days, I decided that it needed to become a priority to explore the trails on the opposite side of the street. Monday morning, when I drove pas on the freeway and saw people camping and fishing, I decided that we were going to go that night.

We made this a family date, and I'm so glad that we did, but I plan to go back on a date, just the two of us, again soon. One of the things that I love about this area is how close it is to home but how peaceful and secluded it feels. There is a trail near us that is a nature preserve and it's one of my favorite places to go walking for this same reason. Having one more place to escape to and enjoy nature is exciting!

USU Botanical Gardens - ducks and pond

I love the benches that are scattered throughout the gardens, along the trails and around the ponds. They are perfect for sitting for as long as you would like to enjoy quiet conversation and each other's company. We love walking and talking, but sometimes it's nice to have a place to sit and not be distracted by people watching opportunities. If you want, you can walk the trails in either direction and stop on one of the benches to chat halfway through. Or you can walk just a few hundred feet down from the parking lot and find a nice place to sit without having to trek too far.

Some things to check out while you are at the botanical gardens include the 9/11 memorial, information area just north of the parking lot, Wetland Discovery Point and Utah House. The last two are open from 1pm-5pm Monday-Friday, so plan accordingly. The USU Extension also hosts some educational classes and fun food tastings throughout the month. Check out their calendar or our Upcoming Events page for more details.

USU Botanical Gardens - secluded bench

If you've ever been to the USU Botanical Gardens, what are your favorite things to do?

The USU Botanical Gardens are nestled in the heart of Kaysville and are a quiet and beautiful place to escape to.

Budget Friendly Italian Date Night at Station Park

Spend a romantic evening together, with an authentic Italian dessert and a fun atmosphere. Settebello offers a variety of flavors of gelato and even allows for some taste testing before you settle on the flavor you want to buy.

Location: 901 West Clark Lane (In Farmington Station Park. South of Fountain Square, next to the theaters)
Price: $2.50-$5 (dependent on the size of gelato you order)

Dessert Menu - Settebello - Farmington Station Park

Dessert Date at Farmington Station Park

Like most couples, we are on a budget. Our marriage is something that we want to invest in, and we do that through date night, but we have other responsibilities and places our money needs to go. It would be great if money were no object, we would fly to Italy one weekend to enjoy an authentic Italian meal and multiple cups of gelato.

Instead, we stop by Station Park, get ourselves some gelato and enjoy our time together relaxing in front of the fountains at Fountain Square. My favorite flavors of gelato are chocolate, hazelnut and pistaccio.

Gelato case at Settebello - Farmington Station Park

The fountains at Station Park are one of my favorite places to hang out for date night in the summer. I love the atmosphere and the ambiance, the people watching and the fountain shows. There is comfortable seating on the north side of the fountains, chairs and tables on the southwest edge by the playground and a few seats surround a fireplace in the corner on the northeast side of the fountains. It's a great place to relax and unwind together, enjoying quality conversation and enjoying the music and fountain displays.

I remember one summer after Station Park had first opened, we were hanging out in Fountain Square with some friends late one night. The place was practically deserted because it was after 9pm, but we were enjoying our conversation and didn't want to leave. A song from Michael Buble started playing and a few couples near the fountains started to slow dance to the music. Grab a babysitter for after the kids have gone to bed one night, enjoy your gelato and the fountains and end your evening dancing together.

The Fountains at Farmington Station Park

Date nights don't always have to be elaborate or cost a lot of money in order to be memorable and/or beneficial to your marriage. Make every date night count, even if you don't have a lot of time or money to put toward it.

Splurge on a Night in Italy at Farmington Station Park

Enjoy authentic Italian Pizza and Gelato without getting on an airplane or even leaving the county. Settebello's Pizza Napoletana is as Italian as you'll get without being in Italy. The Vera Pizza Napoletana charter and a handmade artisan oven brings the authenticity here to the states. It's not your traditional pizza, but I tell everyone that they should try it at least once!

Location: 901 West Clark Lane (In Farmington Station Park. South of Fountain Square, next to the theaters)
Price: Antipasti dishes: $5. Pizza: $10-$15 each and one pizza feeds one person. Gelato: $2.50-$5

Settebello - Farmington Station Park

The Best Pizza at Station Park

Atmosphere is one of my favorite things about Settebello. We love to eat outside on the patio during the summer months because each table feels secluded and has a view of Fountain Square. For our most recent date night at Settebello, we were seated on the back patio, and it was perfect. We were in the shade but the weather was warm so we were comfortable throughout the entire meal.

The staff at Settebello is friendly and knowledgeable and never rush you to finish your food and leave. There were families and couples enjoying their meals when we arrived and they were still there talking and enjoying one another's company when we left to continue our night elsewhere. The atmosphere alone makes this the perfect date night location for any occasion.

Settebello Menu - Farmington Station Park

My husband and I were not very adventurous in our pizza choices on this date, but we have plans to go back and experience even more of the menu. The top pizza in the image below is Joe's, he ordered the Pizza Carbonara. The bottom pizza is mine, I ordered the Margherita, my classic favorite. When we ordered, we planned on splitting the pizzas in half, but we each ended up enjoying our own so much that we only shared a slice with the other person. On our next date, I plan on ordering the Margherita DOC with Prosciutto Crudo added to the top.

Authentic Italian Pizza - Settebello - Farmington Station Park

If you're not full after dinner, you might consider splurging on a Nutella Pizza to share. We like to get a small cup of gelato to go and find a seat in Fountain Square where we can sit and eat it. I love the pistaccio or hazelnut gelato and I can usually guarantee that my husband will go for the Nutella.

We loved our Italian night out and know that you will too!