Lockbox Mysteries - An At Home Escape Room Experience

Just over a year ago, we were introduced to the newly launched Lockbox Mysteries. It was one of the most fun group dates we’ve ever had and we knew that we’d need to rent their next mystery crate as soon as it was released. That crate, Infected: Zombie Nation, was released earlier this year and over six months later, we’d still hadn’t gotten a chance to solve the new Lockbox mystery. My husband’s birthday was coming up and I decided it was the perfect opportunity for some Lockbox Mysteries fun! I secretly invited some of his closest friends to our house for dinner and surprised him with their visit and the escape room style crate. We had a lot of fun and are hopeful that more crates are in the development stages and will be released in the future!

Where: the comfort of your own home
Cost: $45 crate rental + $50 fully refundable deposit
Discount: Receive $10 off of your box rental when you use the promo code LOCKBOXDATE at checkout!

lockbox mysteries davis county utah

My favorite thing about this date activity is how easy it is to prepare for and clean up after. All I had to do was pick up the crate from Tia’s house and return it after we were done. No setup on my end because everything we needed to solve the mystery was provided in the crate. And clean up was simple as well because you aren’t required to put everything back together. just make sure it all gets back into the box and returned to Tia when you’re finished.

at home escape room farmington utah

Both times that we’ve used Lockbox Mysteries for a group date activity, it’s gotten rave reviews from everyone in attendance! We were truly immersed in the experience of the crate and had the best time with both groups that we solved our mysteries with. Tia thought of every single detail down to the fake blood splatters on the props in the Zombie box. She is a true genius when it comes to her escape room crates! I can’t even begin to wrap my brain around all of the thought and planning that goes into these mysteries and I know you’ll be just as amazed by Tia’s skills when you rent your crate.

escape room davis county utah

Both crate themes were different but a lot of fun! My husband and I agreed that the Zombie Nation crate was a little more difficult than the Sherlock Holmes crate but we were able to solve both mysteries and felt like they stretched our critical thinking a bit. Tia suggests 4-6 people working together to solve each mystery and I agree. We had six people both times we rented a crate and it was the perfect number to work quickly through the mystery but not get too bogged down with too much going on at once.

zombie escape room davis county utah

You can find out more about both of the crate themes here and don’t forget that you can get $10 off of your box rental when you use the promo code LOCKBOXDATE at checkout!

This fun at home escape room experience will take your next dinner party or group date night to the next level.

Six Things to Love About Cross E Ranch's Fall Festival

This was only our second year attending Cross E Ranch’s Fall Festival, but it is a family tradition that I know we will look forward to for years to come. I loved every feature of the fall festival at Cross E last year but they went bigger and better this year in a way that I didn’t even know was possible.

Where: 3500 North 2200 West, Salt Lake City (take the Center St. exit in NSL and drive west)
When: September 21 - October 29
Cost: $9-$12 (children 0-2 are free)

cross e ranch fall festival

Things to Love About Cross E Ranch’s Fall Festival

Hill full of slides

The biggest change this year is the way that Cross E set up their slides. Last year there was one big slide that came down the side of a tall hay bale tower. This year they’ve build up a hill of dirt and put three different levels of slides together. Our kids loved the smaller tube slide on the the back side that had nobody on it and were quickly scaling the hill and sliding down on their own. We had lots of fun taking them down the largest slide and grabbed a couple of gunny sacks to help us slide faster. There are a couple of medium sized slides that looked like lots of fun as well but we didn’t try them out. The slides thrilled the kid in all of us!

fall festivals utah

Homemade Donuts

Our favorite part of the festival last year continued to be a hit this year! Cross E boasts some of the most delicious homemade apple cider cake donuts. The price of the donuts isn’t included in your admission but they’re more than worth the $1 each that you can grab them for at the donut shop. My only regret is that we didn’t grab a dozen to bring home and enjoy throughout the week.

In addition to the homemade donuts, you can grab some delicious caramel applies from Millie’s Caramel Apple shop on the weekends and delicious burgers made with fresh beef from the farm or one of many other things they have to eat at The Cross E Grill. We enjoyed lunch after our morning playing at the festival and I ended up taking more than my fair share of bites from the kids hand dipped corn dogs. Plan a meal as part of your visit, you won’t regret it!

homemade donuts cross e ranch
homemade caramel apples davis county utah

Hay ride and farm history

Every hour the hay ride leaves from the north east corner of the farm. It’s a quick 15 minute ride to view the cows and the property and hear a history of Cross E Ranch. This has been one of my favorite parts of our visit the last two years. I love to hear how the farm started, the changes it has seen and how the family has worked to maintain the rich history to this day. You’ll learn how the farm operates day to day and what they do when they’re not putting on fun festivals for the public.

fresh beef salt lake city, utah

Kids mini wagon train

Our oldest kept begging to “ride the front loader” again every few minutes, clear until we got home. The highlight of his visit to Cross E is anything that involves a tractor. He loves the hay ride, climbing on old equipment and being pulled in the train cars behind the front loader. These train rides run every hour or half hour depending on the need and they’re a lot of fun for the kids. It’s a slow ride and only lasts a few minutes but they enjoy every single second of it.

mini wagon ride for kids, north salt lake utah

All day pass

Cross E has a Festival Pass and Annual Ranch Membership that we’re hoping to take advantage of next year when we have time to go more than once, but this year we really loved the day pass. I planned for an entire day spent at the ranch. We got there right after they opened and stayed until nap time. We had planned to go back later that night for a date in the corn maze. I think it would have been fun to bring the kids back for more fun after their naps, then come back ourselves to find our way through the corn maze in the dark during date night. All of that fun is possible with one general admission day pass and I love that we can come and go as we please, especially having young kids who would get tired if we were there for a long day without any breaks.

cross e ranch

Supporting local farmers

When you visit Cross E for a festival or purchase meat from the store, you are supporting local farmers. This family has been part of our community for years and is doing a lot to contribute to the local economy. Their festival prices are some of the best in the county and you get a lot during your stay. I really love this family and their farm and love the opportunities we have to support them each year!

fall fun davis county, utah

These are only a few of the amazing things that Cross E Ranch has at their Fall Festival this year. We try to visit a lot of different festivals and fall activities in the county each year, but Cross E’s fall festival is always at the top of our list and always a priority for us to visit.

I’d love to hear what your favorite part of Cross E Ranch’s fall festival is, whether it’s listed above or not! Leave a comment below and share!

Six of our favorite things about Cross E Ranch's Fall Festival

Pumpkin Patch and Decorating Date Night

One of the first things that comes to mind when I think of October is pumpkins! I'm sure your family has a tradition of picking out pumpkins and carving them as a family. I see the pictures all over social media this time of year. In our six years of marriage, we've never decorated pumpkins together and only one or two years have we gotten pumpkins to add to the fall decor on our porch. How sad is that? I'm determined to change that this year. 

When I envision a pumpkin patch date night, I remember just how much I love the fall season, even if I'm not too excited about Halloween and scary things. Stop by one of the pumpkin patches in Davis County (listed below) and support our local farmers. After you've picked your pumpkins, head home and have fun carving unique designs or funny faces. Then sit down together on the porch to drink hot chocolate while you watch your jack-o-lanterns glow.

davis county pumpkin patches

Davis County Pumpkin Patches

Cross E Ranch

We visited Cross E Ranch for the first time last year and I'm already eager to go back. I'm hoping for a date night to enjoy some food from their concession stand, wander through the corn maze and maybe pick out a pumpkin or two. Click here for pictures and details about the pumpkins that are available for purchase at Cross E Ranch. And seriously, plan a visit today, you won't regret it!

Pack Farms

I took my toddler on a mommy and me date to walk through the hay maze, wander through the pumpkins and pick some of our own a couple of years ago. We had a lot of fun and they had some great pumpkins to pick from. Their little carts are fun and perfect for filling with pumpkins. We’re planning a family night to pick out pumpkins and play at the farm this year and we can’t wait!

Sleepy Hollow Farms

I heard about this patch from The Salt Project and The Real Moms of Insta. Everything that I've heard about it is great, but I have yet to experience it for myself. It sounds like their patch is relatively new and not well known, so it may be a great patch to visit if you're looking for something quiet and not picked over.

Day Farms

This pumpkin patch has been newly opened to the public and sounds like it’s lots of fun! For $5, you can can take a hayride through the pumpkin patch and pick out a pumpkin of your choice. Day Farms is located right next to Cherry Hill.

Hours, location and pricing for pumpkin patches can be found by clicking here.

pumpkin carving date night ideas

Click here to visit Pumpkin Patches and More for even more information about local pumpkin patches and farms.

Our kids are old enough to enjoy squishing their hands through the scooped out pumpkin, but not to enjoy the actual carving so I think this year we will decorate our pumpkins with fun kits like these (affiliate).

Corn Maze Dates in Davis County

One of the most popular fall date nights is a visit to the local corn maze. When we were at Cross E Ranch last year, we saw a few groups of high school students on their day dates for homecoming come in and head straight for the corn maze. I would guess that corn mazes are right up there in the top three fall activities, after football games and driving through the canyon to see the fall leaves. A few years ago we drove all the way to Thanksgiving Point for our first corn maze experience because I didn't think that there were any local. Now I know that we can support local farms and have some fall fun all at the same time!

davis county corn mazes

Davis County Corn Mazes

Cross E Ranch

Cost: $10.95 per adult

Cross E Ranch has not one, not two, but THREE different corn mazes. All three mazes are part of the same field, have different trail lengths and don't connect. One trail is .5 miles (great for kids), the second has just shy of 2 miles of trail and the other has 3.7 miles of trail. If you're a corn maze fanatic, you might plan an entire day to spend explore all three of the corn mazes. Maybe take a break in between each for some of their fresh donuts! They also have some fun hay mazes for the little kiddos.

Black Island Farms

Cost: $11 per adult for Corn Maze and Courtyard, $16 per adult to add the Hay Ride to your ticket.

Black Island Farms boasts Utah's larges corn maze, over 26 acres. They also have multiple mazes with varying difficulty and lengths so there's fun for all. Because we haven't been to this location before and they don't post an aerial view of their corn maze online, I can't tell you what it's like. I have heard from a few other people who have been so far this year that it is a lot of fun though. If we get a chance to go this year, I'll update this post with those details.

Davis county corn fields

Pack Farms

Cost: FREE hay maze (other activities may cost extra)

Pack Farms doesn't have a corn maze, but they have a fun little hay maze that I thought you might like to know about. I took my toddler on a mommy and me date a couple seasons ago and we had a lot of fun wandering through the hay. It was the perfect height for kids, tall enough that the kids aren't able to see over the top, making it fun and challenging for them but not too tall so the adults accompanying them can see the way out in case anyone gets lost.

corn maze date

After you've found your way out of the corn maze stop by Johnny O's in Layton and grab yourselves a cup of hot chocolate and half price spudnuts (every night from 8 to close). The perfect fall treat to end your fall date night!

Serious question... does anyone know what the protocol is for making sure nobody is still lost in the corn maze when the farms close every night?

Festivals and Fun for Fall Date Nights

My very favorite season officially starts this weekend, although the weather has started to feel a bit like fall already. I only wish that Utah would let these perfect fall days stick around for just as long as winter, the few weeks that we get to enjoy aren't nearly long enough. Most people seem to wait until October hits to start their autumn activities, but I've decided that fun needs to start sooner, so that we can take full advantage of opportunities for fall fun and romance. A lot of pumpkin patches, corn mazes and other fall festivals start this weekend. I wanted you to have all of the details so that you can start enjoying your fall date nights then as well!

fall activities davis county

Davis County Fall Festivals

Cross E Ranch Fall Festival

When: September 21 - October 29 (M-TH 4-8:30pm, F 2-10pm, S 10am-10pm
Where: 3500 North 2200 West, Salt Lake City
Cost: $8-$11 (children 0-2 are free)

Activities Included: 14 acre corn maze, hay rides, animals, corn pit, mini train ride, mini straw maze, hay pyramid, fire pits, movies on the barn, hay slides, photo ops, farm picnics, Western dancing and live music. 

For an additional cost you can purchase pumpkins from the 12 acre pumpkin patch, enjoy fall food from the concessions stand, and enjoy donuts, hot chocolate and apple cider. 

Black Island Farms

***Please note that Black Island Farms has moved to a new location this season***
 September 21&22, September 28 - October 31 (M-TH 4-10pm, F 4pm-12am, Sat 10am-midnight, Sun 11am-5pm
Where: 2075 South 4000 West, Syracuse
Cost: See below based on activity

Harvest Hayride - Take a ride through the pumpkin patch in a tractor pulled hay wagon. Each hayride ticket includes one pumpkin picked yourself from the pumpkin patch.
Cornmazes (plural) - Three phases make up a combined 16 acres.
Courtyard - Over 20 attractions for all ages! Includes corn box, animal alley, bonfires, bounce house, cow train, corn cannon, grain shoot slide, straw mountain, giant straw slide, pig races and more.

Cornmaze + Courtyard - $11 for adults
Cornmaze + Courtyard + Hayride - $16 for adults
Harvest Hayride $8 for adults

corn mazes davis county utah

Pack Farms

When: Daily September 29-October 30 (M-TH 3-8pm, F 1-9pm, S 9am-9pm)
Where: 1700 West Glovers Lane, Farmington
Cost: $6 per person or in a family pack (see website for details)

Activities Include: Free mini hay maze, pumpkin patch, PVC Roller Slide, pumpkin tether-ball, pumpkin games, tractor tire playground, corn hole, pumpkin slingshot, corn box, giant connect four.

***Pack Farms has also hinted on Facebook that they have a new surprise coming this year. No word of what it will be, but I’m excited to check it out for myself and see!***

Day Farms

When: October 12-October 27 (M&F 4-7pm and Sat 1-7pm)
Where: Cherry Hill - 1325 South Main Street, Kaysville
Cost: $5 (ages 2+)

Activities Include: A hayride through the pumpkin patch and one pumpkin of your choice with each ticket purchase.

Scary Hill

When: September 28-October 30
Where: Cherry Hill - 1325 South Main Street, Kaysville
Cost: $9.99 (ages 5+)

Activities Include: Scary Hill miniature golf, Bone Yard tractor rides, Junior Jungle Boats, Spooky Maze, Hamster Haven, Spider Aeroball, Rock Wall, Battlestar Blasters, Bug Bounce House and the Pie Pantry.

davis county pumpkin patches

Pumpkin Palooza

When: October 27th
Where: Davis County Fairgrounds, Farmington
Cost: FREE Admission

Activities Include: Pumpkin carving contest, costume contests, scream scenes, magic shows, live reptile shows, indoor trick-or-treating, outdoor movie in the park, halloween karaoke contest.

Fall Leaves

The leaves in the mountains are already starting to change colors and it's the perfect time to take a hike or go for a drive. Check out this post from Play in Davis for three suggestions of where to view the best fall leaves in Davis County. One of my favorite places to drive when the mountains are filled with fall colors is up 1800 South in Bountiful, toward Mueller Park. As you round the corner heading east toward Bountiful Blvd., you get a stunning view of the canyon.

fall leaves in davis county

Fall Picnic

Picnics are popular in spring and summer, but as the weather get cooler, people tend to spend more time indoors. Put on some layers, grab a flannel blanket and head outside to enjoy some time together. A fall picnic would be the perfect end to your drive through one of the local canyons or after a hike on one of the Davis County trails. Check out this post to get more ideas for your fall picnic.

Caramel Apple Date Night/Party

Whenever I think of fall, I think of apples, cinnamon and caramel. It wouldn't be fall without a gooey caramel apple, topped with your favorite candies! The Dating Divas have put together this really fun date night to help you get your caramel apple fix for the year! This group date party pack includes printable invitations, tags and ideas for toppings, a fun game and great caramel apple recipes!

caramel apples

I already had a few fall date nights planned but after putting this post together, I'm ready to add a few more to the calendar. I'll be celebrating fall clear through Thanksgiving, so I have plenty of time to fit this all in!

As always, keep an eye on our Upcoming Events page for the most up to date information on things that are going on around Davis County. And watch our Instagram feed and stories to see what fun things we are up to!

Fall festivals and fun for date night in Davis County this season