Anniversary Date Night Ideas in Davis County

This month was our anniversary and I know a lot of couples are celebrating their anniversary during the summer as well, so I thought I'd put together this post. Although I'm writing it with our anniversary and other summer anniversaries in mind, I hope that it becomes a resource for couples celebrating their anniversary all times of the year.

We used to feel like we needed to go to Salt Lake to find something that felt special enough for our anniversary date night. Now that I know everything Davis County has to offer, I know that I was wrong. There are so many fun and unique things to do in our area and I wanted to share them with you. Whether you're looking for a romantic dinner or a fun adventure, one of these ideas below is guaranteed to fit your anniversary date night needs.

Anniversary date ideas in Davis County

Anniversary Dinner Locations in Davis County

Each of these have great food and the perfect atmosphere for a special occasion.

ti amo wood fired pizza - North Salt Lake - Their atmosphere is romantic and cozy, and they serve authentic Italian pizza. Ti amo is the phrase used when you love someone deeply, perfect for an anniversary celebration. Please note that they're only open for dinner, check their hours before you go.

Joy LuckBountiful - Delicious Contemporary Chinese Cuisine in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. We love to order their Classic Family Dinner because we love the full meal that includes appetizers, soup/salad and two different entrees that we can share.

MikkadoBountiful - Sushi and other Japanese cuisine. We have yet to try sushi (I know, crazy) but I've been told that this is one of the best places to go to get it. I also know that sushi is a food that a lot of people eat when they want to celebrate something. Click here for more of the best places to get sushi in Davis County.

Twigs BistroFarmington Station Park - The atmosphere here is definitely perfect for a special occasion. The tables are all situated in a way that you feel comfortable talking without anyone overhearing any of your conversation and you are about to focus on each other without potentially being distracted by other diners around you.

Tortilla Union - Farmington Station Park - I have yet to take my husband to this restaurant, but I went with a friend and was really impressed with the atmosphere and the food. If you're looking for a more casual date night location, this is a restaurant worth checking out.

Settebello PizzeriaFarmington Station Park  - Authentic Italian pizza and gelato, a great atmosphere, a patio for those who want to eat outside and the fountains right outside the restaurant to finish off your date. 

Parkstone Wood Kitchen - Farmington Station Park - Wood fired cuisine that you'll both enjoy. I suggest ordering different things and being willing to share what you've ordered so that you can each have a taste of everything on the table. We got seated by the kitchen once and it was fun to watch them cook our foot, plus we were apart from the rest of the restaurant so it was a more intimate dinner.

Cracker Barrel - Layton - This is a great option for a breakfast date if you're interested in that kind of anniversary celebration. 

Corbin's Grille - Layton - We love this place for our date nights, it's one of my husband's favorites. The booths are secluded and the food is delicious and splurge worthy.

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Fun Anniversary Date Ideas in Davis County

Whether you're looking for adventure, something fun or a little romantic fun, you'll find it on this list.

Powersports Rental - If you're looking for a fun adventure for your anniversary, consider renting some equipment and getting out together. You can rent side by sides for exploring in the mountains, water machines to take out on the lake, snow machines for during the winter months and more. Check out MAX Recreation, TRAX Powersports, and Peak Adventures, all located in Bountiful.

Centerpoint Legacy TheaterCenterville - There are usually two different shows running at this theater. One is usually a musical and the other is a play. Pick your favorite and check it out for your next date night. 

Hands on Art 4 EveryoneFarmington - Schedule a spot at one of their paint nights and get creative together.

As You Wish PotteryFarmington Station Park - Pick out a piece of pottery each and enjoy talking while you paint. Then you can come back in a few days and pick up your completed pieces.

LUSHFarmington Station Park - I wasn't sure where to put this on the list, but it seemed fitting here. Pick out a bath bomb and enjoy it together as part of your date.

Cherry Hill - Kaysville - Play a couple of rounds of mini golf, play in the water, and grab a couple of mini pies from the Pie Pantry.

Great Room EscapeLayton - Solve clues and puzzles together to escape before time is up. You may be placed in a room with other couples if you don't come with a group of your own.

Dartside - Layton - Laser darts and fun. It's a great new way to compete with each other or on the same team.

The ImprovablesCenterville - Late night laughs while you watch local talent put on a hilarious improv show.

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Free Anniversary Dates in Davis County

Bountiful OverlookBountiful -  Just north of the Bountiful LDS Temple, at the end of 500 N, just east of 1300 E, there's a little parking lot with a great view of the valley. Watch the sunset while you enjoy a picnic together or turn on your music and dance. 

North Canyon ParkBountiful - This park is gorgeous, has great places to enjoy a picnic, trails to walk and talk and tennis courts for an active date.

Fountains at Station ParkFarmington Station Park - There are a lot of different places to sit around the fountains, whether you want to sit at a table, next to each other in chairs or share a couch. We love to watch the fountain shows and people watch. If you're there late enough, they play some great songs that you can get up and dance to.

Flag RockFarmington - A great, simple hike for an active date. Pack a picnic and enjoy the sunset after you reach the end.

Adam's Canyon TrailLayton - This is a popular hike that is a little more challenging and ends with the great site of a waterfall.

Great Salt Lake Shorelands PreserveLayton - There are a lot of bugs, but this is a gorgeous location that would be perfect for taking some romantic anniversary photos together.

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What's the best anniversary date night you've ever had?

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The best places to celebrate your anniversary in Davis County